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Sunday, November 20, 2005

How Cool Is This?

Everyone out there who knew Cadillac made a fire truck in 1939, raise your hands.


Check out the fantastic photos of one over at Roanoke Firefighters.

A Portent of Things To Come

The liberal wing of the Republican Party here in Virginia has a different take on Jerry Kilgore's election debacle. Despite the fact that he blew a large lead by running from his record and trying to placate "the middle," the "spend-like-there-ain't-no-tomorrow" wing of the party - a small but influential group - thinks Kilgore spent too much time placating his base.
Why was Kilgore defeated?
Conservatives in GOP say he failed to talk taxes; moderates see loss of independent voters
By Tyler Whitley, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

Conservative Republicans are arguing that Jerry W. Kilgore lost the governor's race because he wasn't conservative enough, particularly on taxes.

As the Republican Party debates its future after its second gubernatorial loss in a row, moderates argue just the opposite - that Kilgore did not reach out beyond the conservative base to bring in moderate and independent voters.

Discussing the election results, U.S. Rep. Thomas M. Davis III, R-11th, who may be considering a future bid for statewide office, said: "Our problem right now is not as much with the Republican base, who I think is in some cases overfed, but independent voters who have been leaving us in droves. . . . We have to recognize that independent voters right now are very turned off." (
You keep thinking that, Tom and your thoughts of "a future bid for statewide office" will dry up faster than Jerry Kilgore's lead. If you run a campaign where your stance on taxes is nuanced, your position on abortion becomes muddled, and your campaign focuses on (largely) non-issues (illegal immigration, like it or not, did not move the needle here), you too will lose.

And with your spending record in Congress, you could manage to lose big.

So. Stay up north, Tom. Let that overfed Republican base deal with the mess your buddies created.

You Disagree?

Some of you probably took umbrage at my referring to Rep. Tom Davis being a liberal Republican. How would you label a man who considers Mark Warner - the man who oversaw the largest tax increase in state history, one that has resulted in our state being awash in money our liberal legislature is having trouble spending fast enough - a strong presidential contender because of the latter's "governance"?

M. Warner 'presidential,' T. Davis says
Congressman praises governor, discusses political landscape

By Peter Hardin, Richmond Times-Dispatch Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON -- In the week that Gov. Mark R. Warner tested the presidential waters in New Hampshire, he won praise near home from an unlikely source.

U.S. Rep. Thomas M. Davis III, a past chairman of the GOP arm devoted to electing more House Republicans, saluted Democrat Warner for his governance.

Davis, an unusually candid congressman, said Warner's job as governor was effectively validated when voters picked his lieutenant governor, Democrat Timothy M. Kaine, to succeed him.

"Mark Warner has earned a spot as a leader in the Democratic Party and as presidential material," Davis said Wednesday in response to a question at a breakfast for political reporters held by The Christian Science Monitor. (link)

Does anyone sense any outrage over that tax increase? Is Davis concerned that spending here in the state has gone through the roof and Warner and his cronies in Richmond are whining that we haven't done nearly enough?

No. Tom Davis is part of the problem. We had better be deciding on a solution.

Tech Students Protest CIA, or Something ...

Big news on the Virginia Tech campus. A "teach-in" was held to protest the possibility that the CIA is operating secret prisons oversees somewhere and is conducting some kind of secret stuff and is possibly doing secret things to the prisoners that some think are being held there.

The news from Collegiate Times:

Protesters hold anti-CIA event
Jenna Licursi, Associate News Editor
An unidentified professor and several Ph.D. students speak out against the U.S. intelligence angency

A recent report published in the Washington Post concerning the Central Intelligence Agency’s covert network of secret prisons and interrogation centers has caused a coalition of concerned graduate students and campus organizations at Tech to stage a “teach-in” last evening to protest CIA recruitment on campus.

In a statement released by Nicholas Kiersey, environmental design and planning Ph.D. student and Devin Stone, junior economics major, prisoners at these facilities are held indefinitely and often in isolation, without due process of the law. Interrogators at these sites are permitted to use the CIA’s approved “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques,” some of which are prohibited by the U.N. convention and by U.S. military law.

“The purpose of the teach-in is to try and raise awareness of the actions of the CIA as an apparatus of the American government. The real point is that CIA representatives will be coming here to take student’s questions concerning recruitment,” Kiersey said. “No student should attend such a session unless they are in full awareness of the facts.” (
Fair enough. I too think it wise that "no student should attend such a session unless they are in full awareness of the facts" - unless their intention in attending is to obtain the facts. People sometimes do that. Why, I hear some even attend teach-ins in order to do that very thing.

But Nick might want to do a little work on his message - if the information provided in the article is accurate. He cites the graffiti problem on the Virginia Tech campus [?] as a sure sign of ... something.

Kiersey referenced the fact that there have been recent acts of racially motivated graffiti on Tech’s campus, causing University President Charles Steger to evoke the Principles of Community to protect issues of human rights and dignity. “We want the campus community to look more carefully at that document. If we agree to these values, are we not then responsible to do something about this situation?” he asked.
Say what? What does the "N" word scrawled on a door have to do with CIA prisons?

It would appear that Mr. Kiersey has the same campaign manager that Jerry Kilgore hired to get him elected governor:

Kiersey said individuals can make their own decisions, but he said a prohibition should be placed on CIA recruitment on campus.
Clear? If you're a Tech student, you should be allowed to decide for yourself, but we intend to decide for you. I wonder how Kiersey feels about rolling back that outrageous tax increase?

This is the kind of intellectually profound thinking that you'll only find on America's college campuses today - now that Jerry Kilgore has been dispatched.

And Nicholas Kierney is a PHD candidate ...

It is a good thing that these guys never venture off the reservation.

Lost In The Fog

Lest our recent history be distorted beyond recognition, Norman Leahy over at One Man's Trash prods us back into reality:

Unless I missed something, the Commonwealth did not dissolve into anarchy, nor were pensioners and orphans sent to the workhouse during the supposedly dark budgetary days of the Warner Administration. If the [Daily Press] cared to notice, they would see that Virginia's budgets routinely increased even during the most harrowing moments of fiscal crisis. And as for the tax cuts that brought us to the edge of Armageddon...the blame for that sits squarely on those in the legislature who did not reduce state spending while taking on a massive new obligation in the form of car tax relief.

And of course, the DP either cannot or will not admit that maybe -- just maybe -- the 2004 tax hike wasn't necessary. Doing so would undermine their narrative, not to mention setting back their desires for bigger government. (link)


Only On a College Campus

While on the subject of intellectual transcendence on college campuses today, here's another dude working on his PHD in stupid:
College probes teacher who urged fragging by GIs
By Joyce Howard Price, The Washington Times

A community college in northwestern New Jersey is investigating a part-time instructor who vowed to intimidate students who host conservative speakers at the school. The teacher also called for U.S. soldiers in Iraq to kill their superiors.

At issue is a personal e-mail written by John Daly, adjunct instructor in writing and developmental English at Warren County Community College in Washington, N.J. He sent it to a student after she asked him and other faculty members to announce that a veteran of the war in Iraq would appear at the school.

Mr. Daly also charged that "capitalism has killed many more people" than communism and that the "poor and working-class people" are recruited to "fight and die for Exxon and other corporations."

"I will continue to expose your right-wing, anti-people politics until groups like yours won't dare show their face on college campuses," Mr. Daly wrote.

He added: "Real freedom will come when [U.S.] soldiers in Iraq turn their guns on their superiors." (link)
Tax dollars at work. You can count on the entire university system to come to the support of this slimeball. Such a shame.