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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Can you imagine an attorney sending an email to a client advising him to lie under oath?

Steve at SW Virginia Law Blog links to the story (here).

Something I learned years ago in the corporate world: Be careful when you email anything to even your closest allies. What you may intend to be viewed by their eyes only can soon be read by all eyes on the planet.

I also learned that a decent server can retrieve all your correspondence going back to the beginning of time - whether you and the recipient of an email deleted it or not. That goes for all that porn you send and receive as well.

So beware. And don't be stupid.

Quote of the Day

THE Christian Peacemaker Team's Web site says its "violence reduction" project in Iraq "accompanied the Iraqi people through the U.S.-led 2003 war and continue during the post-war occupation to expose abusive acts by U.S. Armed Forces and support Iraqis committed to nonviolent resistance." Four members of the group are now being held hostage in Baghdad — and the group blames President Bush and Britain's Tony Blair.

OK, anyone held hostage by terrorist thugs deserves sympathy — even those willfully blind to ongoing terrorist atrocities.

But it's hard to ignore the gross miscalculation that grips such nonviolent, anti-war delusionists — who believe that the beheaders, bombers and baby-killers can be "assuaged" into giving up their violence.

This is hubris disguised as humanitarianism — for, without the freedom provided to much of the world by American blood and treasure, their "mission of peace" becomes Mission Impossible.

Arnold Ahlert, "Antiwar Sheep." The New York Post, December 1, 2005 (link)

We Should Heed His Advice

Dominique de Villepin is warning the United States government against cutting and running:
Post Wire Services

PARIS — French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, one of the harshest critics of the U.S.-led liberation of Iraq, yesterday said Washington should not pull out troops without regard to regional security.

Villepin said a badly planned withdrawal could cause chaos.

He said any withdrawal "should be coordinated with the local situation in Iraq and the regional situation." (link)
President Bush would do well to listen to this guy's advice. After all, nobody has more experience with retreating in the face of the enemy than the French.

Imagine no more ...

The New York Times (along with Michael Jackson, or was it John Lennon?) is of the belief that the world would be a better place if there were no guns:
A Police Death in Brooklyn

Gov. George Pataki responded to the fatal shooting of Officer Dillon Stewart this week with a call for reinstating the death penalty.

Rather than increasing the potential consequence of a shooting, it would be far better to remove the gun. (link)
The crime problem in New York would be meliorated if the city was completely evacuated too and everyone there was herded into concentration camps. That is about as likely to happen as for the tens of thousands of criminals walking city streets (who are armed to the teeth despite the most restictive gun laws on earth) to turn in their guns.

What beanbrains.

I Have A Suggestion for TSA

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is about to change the manner in which passengers are screened:
Significant Changes in Air Passenger Screening Lie Ahead
ERIC LIPTON, The New York Times

WASHINGTON, Nov. 30 - The Transportation Security Administration is making some of the most significant changes in the screening of airline passengers since procedures were revamped after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The changes include a new type of random search, a revision of the pat-down process and the end of a ban on small scissors and certain other sharp tools in carry-on luggage. (link)
I was walking past the screening area at Washington Dulles airport one day last week and witnessed a TSA screener wanding (using a detecting devise that searches out metal objects on one's person) a little black girl who could not have been six years old. The poor little thing couldn't understand what the TSA employee was asking her to do as the woman was coaxing her to raise her arms in the air.

Now I'm no trained expert like the TSA people are, but the kid did not look like a terrorist. Obviously I don't have enough expertise in the area.

I picked up my pace so that I could get far away. My fear was that the child would not be able to comply to the security woman's demand to "raise your arms in the air" and the lady would open fire.

Here's my suggestion. If TSA is contemplating changes in the screening regulations, perhaps they could start by axing the wanding of little children. A strip search, it seems to me, would work just as well.

As for changing the patdown process, I kinda enjoy it when the female TSA guard runs her fingers inside my waistband searching for bombs or ... whatever it is she's searching for.

You Get What You Pay For

It passed without much notice in the recent gubernatorial race here in Virginia that Tim Kaine picked up the endorsement of the Virginia teachers union. Was anyone shocked?

Well, Tugboat Phil, who hails from Floyd picked up on a news item on the radio yesterday that should make the union membership pleased as punch that they poured all their hard-earned cash into the Kaine candidacy. He writes in an email:
I listen to a lot of AM radio and while home, 710 Blacksburg and 810 Dublin. Don't remember which I had on this morning, but the top of the hour news had a story about our Gov-Elect. It said that he was shocked at the disparity in teacher evaluations from one county to another ... SHOCKED???

Hasn't he been the number two man (appropriate title) in the Commonwealth for the past 4 years? Why would he be shocked? Is he slamming Warner? Of course, no one will make anything of thecomment.

But this is the man that had a plan for everything, and then held town meetings to develop a plan to take care of the transportation problems. Notwithstanding that he had a plan during the campaign, but he needed to build a consensus....which is what a leader is for...huhhh??
I was in the Washington DC area yesterday and heard the same news item on the radio. I chuckled in my contemptuous sort of way - the bastards are about to get what they deserve - and moved on.

Here's the story from the AP:
Kaine 'shocked' at variations in teacher evaluations
By Bob Lewis, Associated Press Writer

RICHMOND, Va. -- Gov.-elect Tim Kaine said Tuesday he is shocked by the disparity from one school district to another in evaluating its teachers.

In a speech to the Virginia Chamber of Commerce and comments to reporters afterward, Kaine said he wanted the state to impose more rigorous standards on teacher job appraisals and make them more standardized.

"I have been to school systems all over Virginia ... and I am shocked by the tremendous variation in evaluation practices," Kaine said. (link)
During the campaign, Kaine savaged his opponent, Jerry Kilgore, for proposing that the state create a merit pay system for teachers. But if Kaine wants standardization of teacher evaluation, can his merit pay plan be far behind?

I'm going to enjoy watching the Democrats as they proceed to eat their own.