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Friday, December 02, 2005

Say It Ain't So!

I was prepared to drive up to New York and vote for this woman. To campaign for her. Wash her car. Have her children. I guess it'll never be ...
By Fredric U. Dicker, The New York Post

ALBANY — Embattled Republican Senate hopeful Jeanine Pirro will hold an "emergency summit" with Gov. Pataki today as she weighs pulling out of the race against Hillary Rodham Clinton.

A leading Republican official said Pirro was "weighing her options, weighing her future as a Senate candidate." (link)
I know this comment is sexist to the core but ... people! You could have had a gorgeous AND talented United States senator. Instead you're stuck with the wife of a former president (who has a butt the size of a bus - you pick which one I'm referring to).

It is a sad day.

Photo courtesy of the Westchester County District Attorney's Office

And Speaking of Moose Butt

I was going through airport security in Boston recently when suddenly a woman in line in front of me was pinched for having what appeared to be manicure scissors in her purse. As the TSA people were debating whether to wrestle her to the ground, throw her up against the wall, or just shoot her and get it over with (they let her and her scissors go), I looked at her and said, "When they confiscated my pocketknife a few months ago, I thought I was going to prison. God knows what a pair of scissors warrants."

Now TSA is thinking about relaxing its silly requirement that people not bring such things as manicure scissors on board a plane - and Hillary Clinton, in a blatant attempt to deflect criticism of her nebulous and ever-changing position on the war on terror, is not happy about it.
By Ian Bishop, The New York Post

WASHINGTON — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is fighting mad over the Transportation Security Administration's idea of permitting scissors, screwdrivers and other sharp objects back aboard airlines beginning today.

And she's demanding that the controversial plan be cut.

In a letter sent yesterday to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and obtained by The Post, Clinton blasts the agency's effort to speed up security checkpoints as nothing more than "finding a way to reintroduce dangerous items onboard aircraft."

Homeland Security officials say fortified cockpit doors would prevent terrorists from gaining control of planes with scissors or boxcutters, and that the rule change would speed passengers through checkpoints.

To which Clinton said, "It is unclear how allowing such previously prohibited, dangerous items onboard aircraft will assist the TSA in making the flying public more secure." (link)
Well, lady, let me explain it to you.

We were caught off guard on September 11, 2001 by a bunch of fanatics who were driven to kill themselves along with everyone around them on board those planes that slammed into the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and that farm field in Pennsylvania. We will not allow that to ever happen again. I - WE - are willing to risk being sliced up (or manicured) just before we get hold of the scumbags who are hell-bent on killing our children and grandchildren and rip their freeking eyes out.

You needn't worry about boxcutters or manicure scissors ever again, Hillary. I'd be more concerned about all your pals in the Democratic Party who are demanding that we surrender to the terrorists before they even have to draw their scissors.

While Rome Burns ...

You been wondering what plans are being formulated to stave off the collapse of our once-proud and daunting manufacturing base here in Southwest Virginia? Worry not. Every economic development organization in the area - the best that money can buy - is working feverishly to create a bikepath. Can prosperity be just around the corner?
Plans for regional bikeway picking up steam
Paul Dellinger, The Roanoke Times

FAIRLAWN -- The pieces of a regional biking and hiking system are starting to come together as planners seek ways to link existing trails in the New River Valley. (link)
"Planners." Good God. Why don't you all plan on creating conditions such that we grow the number of area employers rather than poverty-stricken, maggot-infested bikers?

The list of participants in this project is staggering:
  • "Abigail Convery, a planner with the [New River Valley Planning District Commission], said the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation will help negotiate with Norfolk Southern on a possible trail extension crossing rail right-of-way in Pulaski County."
  • "Shawn Utt, representing Radford, said the city is getting ready to extend its existing trails system to a point near McHarg Elementary School and starting the engineering process for taking it from Bisset Park west to the Intermet Corp. area. "
  • "'It took us seven years to complete the first three miles. We now have five with our extension through Bisset Park,' said Radford City Council member Laurie Buchwald."
  • "Assistant Christiansburg Town Manager Barry Helms outlined possibilities for connecting to Radford's trails system. "
  • "Another biking possibility is limited access to parts of U.S. 460. Virginia Department of Transportation Resident Engineer David Clarke said there are obvious traffic problems but his office is looking into how other states handle biking on major traffic corridors."
  • "Shane Sawyer, a planner with the Roanoke Valley Alleghany Regional Commission, said his region is updating its Metropolitan Planning Organization bikeway plan and looking into extending it into rural areas."
  • "Bruce Mahin -- president of Pathways, which has been successful with bike trails in Radford -- said members of the group agreed in August to extend its focus beyond the city to the New River Valley. "

A bike path. At least those 344 employees of Valleydale, who were told Tuesday - just before Christmas - that they're losing their jobs, will be able to bike to Pittsburgh to look for work.

It now becomes clear that nobody is "planning" on stemming the tide of devastating manufacturing job losses in the area. Our planners are all focused on connecting bike paths.

So turn out the lights, the party's over.

Turn out the lights, the party's over for you.

This time is the last time, never be a next time.

Tonight I wanna dance to rock and roll.

I guess it must-a been you were so caught up

That you didn't even notice we were fallin apart.

Now you played the game, now you play the fool.

I don't need nobody like you.

I don't want it. I don't need it.

No, no, nobody like you. All I got to say. (*)

GM Is Taking My Advice

I gave what I considered to be sound advice to a struggling General Motors about a year ago (free of charge). The advice was this: You are trying to sustain too many brands. Drop several. Starting with Saturn. Then GMC. Pontiac. Apparently GM has taken my advice to heart and is beginning that process:
Lofty Promise of Saturn Plant Runs Into G.M.'s Fiscal Reality

SPRING HILL, Tenn., Nov. 29 - This was the factory that was going to revive the American automobile industry, proving that Detroit could build quality cars and win back buyers who had defected to the Japanese.

Opened when auto companies were closing plants and cutting hundreds of thousands of jobs, General Motors' Saturn plant here was a rare opportunity for the company and its workers to literally leave the industry's old ways behind and embrace some of the lessons that Japan was teaching, with an American twist.

Now, Saturn is in danger of falling victim to the fate this plant was intended to avoid. (link)
When I heard on the radio that the Spring Hill plant was one slated to close, I knew that Saturn's days were numbered. It had to happen. Toyota, which may overtake GM for the first time in history next year in total automobile sales in the USA, has a total of one brand. GM has - from Chevrolet to Cadillac - too many to count.

There was a reason for Detroit to offer a mulititude of offerings many years ago when Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors ruled the world. The auto industry realized the the opportunity - and necessity - to get away from the days when, in Henry Ford's famous quote, "We offer every color of vehicle you could ever want, as long as you want black."

Those days are gone.

And so is GM if the auto giant doesn't get its house in order. Pronto.