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Monday, December 12, 2005

Old Dominion Blog Alliance

You Democrats are in big trouble now. That's all I gotta say.

The Old Dominion Blog Alliance, formed by the Commonwealth Conservative himself, now includes ... yours truly.

I should have asked permission to join before now but there were two things holding me back.

(1) Compared to One Man's Trash, Spark It Up!!!, Cathouse Chat, Sic Semper Tyrannis, SW Virginia Law Blog and the others, including Chad at the above named cite, I never felt my weblog was worthy.

(2) I remember the criteria for membership including a requirement that all members must be "right of center." Well, being right of right, I never thought I met that particular criterion.

Accepting the fact, therefore, that the Old Dominion Blog Alliance has lowered its standards in both areas, I proudly and humbly appreciate the opportunity to join a bunch of hard-hitting conservative bloggers.

I just hope I measure up. The pressure is immense.

Thanks to all you guys - and gal - for letting me be a part of this extraordinary team.

It Is Broken. It Needs To Be Fixed.

For those of you who believe everything is swell here in Southwest Virginia, I ask you to consider this:

Food bank in dire straits - Lack of donations may force agency to close
By TERESA MULLINS, Staff Writer, Coalfield.com

CLINTWOOD - If donations don't start coming in soon, the Dickenson County food bank may be forced to shut down for the season.

According to the Rev. Bill Cahill, Dickenson County Ministerial Association member and food bank volunteer, supplies and funds at the food bank are at an all-time low.

The problem has been ongoing for a while and continues to worsen. Food bank workers cite several reasons for the shortages. (link)
It's not widely known how much tonnage passes through the many food banks and charity clothing closets in the Appalachians. Trust me, the volume is staggering.

Or was.

And Christmas is approaching.

There are no bike paths that are going to fix this problem. No hiking trails. We need employers. And lots of 'em. Now. And a Congressional delegation that quits focusing on silly notions like horseback riding trails and brings about positive change that makes it more conducive for those employers to thrive.

The Story Within The Story

I read the following headline in the Richmond Times-Dispatch and immediately smelled a rat:
Wal-Mart policies target of protest
Group wants giant retailer to improve its salaries and benefits
By Candace Moore, Times-Dispatch Staff Writer (link)
I knew instantly that a labor union had to be behind this "protest."

So why did I have to scan through nine paragraphs to read this?
WakeUpWalMart.com is a project of the United Food and Commercial Workers International and is funded by the union.

Let me rewrite that headline for you, Candace (I know someone else actually wrote it there at the RTD but you must have gone along with it since you didn't consider the union factor to be relevant either).
Wal-mart policies target of protest
Union front group protests wage and benefit policies; wants giant retailer to unionize
Everyone read the article. Then look for the rest of the story here. Tell me my headline isn't far more accurate.

And While We're Talking About RTD Headlines ...

There was a day when a crowd would assemble outside the local jail with the intention of stringing up some miscreant housed within. When I read the following headline in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, I thought - for a brief moment - that we had returned to olden days.
Demonstrators rally at Richmond City Jail (link)

But no. Here's the subheading:
On Human Rights Day, they decry prisoner treatment in U.S., abroad
Everyone who frets over "prisoner" treatment at Richmond's City Jail please raise your hand.

Good grief.

Good News Out of Iraq?

Kilo over at Spark It Up!!! has bad news for the Democratic National Committee: There's good news coming out of Iraq. (link)

Good stuff, Kilo.