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Monday, December 19, 2005

Virginia Blog Carnival Is Up

It's that time again. The Virginia Blog Carnival is up over at Sons of the Republic. Check it out. Great stuff.

Biodiesel: Fuel of the Future?

We should all try to learn something new every day. I think I picked that up watching "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood." Regardless, this is interesting and is news to me:

Biodiesel comes to Johnson City
News Channel 11

Tennessee's department of transportation is taking the wheel on alternative fuel.

The Johnson City and Knoxville maintenance fleets are testing out b-20...a biodiesel that's made with soy.

The fuel is about the same cost as regular diesel gas but is much cleaner burning and can help open up new markets for local farmers.

Biodiesel is a blend of petroleum, soybeans, french fry oil and other waste.

Daimler Chrysler has just introduced the Jeep Liberty CRD, a diesel SUV, and Volkswagon has brought back the TDI.

Editor in Chief of "Car and Driver Magazine" Csaba Csere says, "When you buy a diesel whether its fueled with conventional diesel fuel or bio-diesel fuel you get a good fuel economy bump.

Usually it's 30-35 percent improvement and that's substantial." (link)

For those of you who are reading this and asking, "Did this guy just fall of the turnip truck?" I apologize. I was only vaguely aware of biodiesel technology.

But what's up with that "other waste" phraseology? Human waste? Animal waste? The imagination runs wild when we get to thinking about topping off the tank when we have to go to the john.

Biodiesel sounds kinda cool, though, doesn't it?

(On a totally separate note: How about that name, Casaba Csere? I'm going to name my nextborn Csaba Csere ...)

Breaking News: Everything Normal

Here's a rather bizarre headline (from Tricities.com):
Tri-Cities Police Using Tasers Responsibly (link)
Well. OK.

What's Up With Lions Fans?

Since when do Detroit Lions fans expect to have a decent team for which to cheer? The Lions have sucked since ... well, Alex Karas was a wee lad and "Night Train" Lane was giving George Halas and the Bears fits. But it seems there's something going on in the Motor City. The fans are restless. Who'da thunk it?
Lions fans hope march will bring ouster of general manager
By TOM KRISHER, Associated Press Writer

DETROIT (AP) -- During Chad Sweet's 33 years, the Detroit Lions have rarely given him anything to cheer about.

So on Sunday, he drove more than 60 miles from his home in Tecumseh to a downtown bar to join a pregame march demanding that the Lions fire President Matt Millen.

The march, sponsored by a local sports talk radio station, drew about 500 people at its start, but the crowd grew to about 1,000 as the fans walked the five blocks to Ford Field, where paid attendance for Sunday's game was 61,749. (link)

Well, I'll be. I'm not so surprised that the Lions drew nearly 62,000 people to see the team get crushed - again. Everyone there fully expected that to happen, I'm sure. It's the thought that there are 1,000 Detroit fans who actually think the team could actually be better some day that surprises.

Such dreamers.

But What About Global Warming?

You guys are getting it all wrong. It's the scourge of global warming - and George Bush's complicity in its growing menace - that is going to end life on planet Earth as we know it.

Not chickens.

But some people in this world can't be satisfied with just one humankind-ending catastrophe. Danger lurks around every corner. Beneath every rock. In every cigarette pack. In those insidious video games. Tom Delay. And since the hysteria surrounding rainforest depletion is on the wane, as is the gnashing of teeth over acid rain, and Big Mac-induced child obesity doesn't seem to be catching hold, well, we might as well settle on Asian birds as the peril du jour.

From Newsweek:

Doctor braces world for possible plague
The physician charged with preparing the world for a flu pandemic reflects on the threat.
Geoffrey Cowley, Newsweek

As the United Nations' senior coordinator for avian and human influenza, [Dr. David] Nabarro is up against one of the worst health threats imaginable: a human outbreak of avian flu. So far, doctors have recorded just 133 cases and 68 deaths, mainly among people exposed to infected birds in Asia. But if an infection that deadly started spreading from person to person, it could quickly claim tens of millions of lives. Nabarro's job is to prepare a half-dozen U.N. agencies -- and 191 member states -- for a seamless international response. (link)
There's always that disquieting "if" word.

Whatever happened to the good old days when the only potential world-ending catastrophe we had to fret over was nuclear annihilation?