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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Consistency Would Be a Good Thing

Does anyone at the Roanoke Times read what he or she writes? Does the paper have an editorial page editor?

Here are the titles of two of today's editorials:
Virginia can't afford legislative sidetracks (link)
Recognize Virginia's tribes (link)
The author of the first editorial argues that the state legislature should not waste its time with unimportant "social" issues and should focus its attention on crucial matters like the environment, transportation, and education. In the second editorial, the writer argues for the federal government, in the midst of fighting a war on global terror, to divert its attention to the really pressing matter of recognizing Indian tribes that haven't existed as tribes in 200 years.

Two editorials, back to back, the underlying theme of the second being in complete opposition to the first.

For the love of God.