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Sunday, January 29, 2006

ODBA Roundup

Well, let's see what's going on this weekend within the Old Dominion Blog Alliance. Any common point of interest? A recurring theme? No. But diversity is what makes this bunch so readable as a group. Anyway, here's the most interesting of this week's postings:

Chad over at Commonwealth Conservative brings us a snippet (here) of a fascinating article written by David Brooks (didn't he write for the New York Times way back when?) that has to do with social conservatism, economic conservatism and which may be of more importance to the average folk. My opinion? Both are equally critical for the USA to continue to prosper.

Kilo Sparks It Up!! with a piece relating to the regionally renowned Barter Theater and its history. Ever wonder where it got its name? Ask Kilo ...

The hardest working attorney in Southwest Virginia, Steve Minor at SW Virginia Law Blog has a post that (... I can actually comprehend and that ... ) touches on the Alito and Roberts nomination processes and the self-flaggelating debacle that the inept Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee brought upon themselves (here). Steve links to a Terry Eastland article that has it dead on. Roberts and Alito were successful (fingers crossed on that second one) because they stood - intellectually - head and shoulders above their inquistors. Good stuff.

Fellow Southwest Virginian Alton Foley at ImNotEmeril has ... nothing posted this weekend. I'm beginning to worry about the man. He's putting in too many hours at work and his health is at risk. Slow down, dude. That engineering stuff will be there tomorrow when you get to work.

A man who secured a special place in my heart when he eloquently - and aptly - termed the Roanoke Times "fish wrap," Norm Leahy (One Man's Trash) addresses the upcoming DNC snoozefest featuring none other than Tim "ImNotWilliamJenningsBryan" Kaine as guest responder to President Bush's State of the Union address. As if "fish wrap" wasn't catchy enough, the title of his post, "Eyebrow Control," is fabulous.

Old Zack at Sic Semper Tyrannis reveals (here) that I'm not alone in saying I'll never vote for Hillary Clinton, no matter the opponent (I'll sit out the election if McCain runs against her). Apparently a majority of Americans won't vote for her under any circumstances. That in itself means the Democrats will probably nominate her. Thanks, Old Zack, for the info.

Doug over at Below The Beltway has more on Hillary. Read it here. She's apparently decided to join the Alito filibuster bandwagon - if it can be called that. So far, the wagon is loaded down with such heavyweights as John Kerry and ... well, Hillary. That's pretty much it so far. Some load. Doug's post is really well written. Check it out.

What an entertaining and talented bunch of bloggers. I can't wait until tomorrow morning when they'll all be pounding the keyboard once again.