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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Do you suppose the editors of the New York Times sometimes sit and giggle uncontrollably when they insert crap like this in the paper? I get the distinct feeling that someone there has a howling sense of humor.
Americans Are Cautiously Open to Gas Tax Rise, Poll Shows
By Louis Uchitelle and Megan Thee

Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to a higher federal gasoline tax, but a significant number would go along with an increase if it reduced global warming or made the United States less dependent on foreign oil, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. (link)
Americans would be willing to pay 2 cents a gallon to save the planet. I'm shocked.

My guess is, if the genius who devised this poll asked the same people if they would be willing to pay a few bucks more in gas tax if it cured cancer, they'd reply in the affirmative as well. Or if it got rid of herpes. Or ended poverty. Or brought the dead back to life. Or made Michael Moore go away forever.

And I wouldn't be surprised if some politician - Hillary! - tried to use the threat of global warming as an excuse for raising taxes. They've used about every other scare tactic (come on over to Virginia where our highways are crumbling, commuters in the DC area are dying from the long traffic backups, where the state treasury is depleted of funds, and where we have a crisis on a scale that Moses would run in fear from).

Would you be willing to pay 2 cents to save the planet from certain destruction? Good grief.