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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Gov Kaine Comes a'Slummin'

The city of Galax, Virginia is reeling from a series of recent plant layoffs that have decimated the local economy, the latest of which was announced Wednesday. Governor Kaine, feeling the pain of the local citizenry but not having a clue as to how to stop the area's implosion because he doesn't know the first thing about economic matters and is unable to grasp the fact that he personally is contributing to the acceleration of the economic devastation, is showing up in Galax next Tuesday with hugs for the displaced and a promise of more layoffs in the future. From the Galax Gazette:

Governor to open "relief center" in Galax

Gov. Tim Kaine will travel to Galax on Tuesday to sign legislation creating an Economic Crisis Strike Force and setting up an "economic relief center" in the city to help laid-off workers get federal, state and local assistance.

Kaine announced his plans last Friday, just two days after Sara Lee Branded Apparel said it would shut down the textile operation at its National Textiles plant in Galax in May, costing 332 workers their jobs.

The governor will sign the legislation at 4 p.m. Tuesday at the Crossroads Institute in Galax. (link)
How sweet. The state government does its part in driving local businesses overseas with its inexorable need for more tax revenue and an uncontrollable urge to foist burdensome, costly regulations on our employers, and then the political leadership dons its shining armor, leaps astride the white steed, and comes galloping in with welfare checks for all. And Kaine's popularity soars.

I wonder, when all of Southwest Virginia becomes one big "economic crisis," - in the next year or so - if Governor Tim Kaine's pathetic and degrading Economic Crisis Strike Force will employ the tens of thousands of laid-off workers who've been thrown into economic crisis by the very actions of politicians like ... Governor Tim Kaine.

This is an ongoing and worsening outrage.