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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

On The Mortality Of Will Vehrs

I was reading all the eulogies devoted to Will Vehrs' departure this evening and tears welled up in my eyes. I began to search for the appropriate words for the occasion and decided upon -
To Will: It is a far, far better place to which you set forth ... back to work.
To all others: Blogging is, by its nature, a temporary gig. I doubt that America's best-read bloggers with the highest traffic counts make any real income from it (unless you beg for donations to the tip jar like Andrew Sullivan). I've seen over the last ten years many come and many go. Some just burn out. Others lose interest. Still others are quickly shamed into oblivion. Some find that they really had nothing to say.

And then there are those whose weblog destiny is cut short by employment issues. Those are the unfortunate ones and there are, unfortunately, too many of them.

So Will is gone. He says for good. We'll surely miss him. But 200 new weblogs came online today to take his place ... and mine - when the time comes.

Such is the nature of this medium. Unlike those who write for the ages, we write for this day with no great expectations for tomorrow. And paychecks certainly don't confound things.

Our lot is much like that which Keats came to realize about his own place in the universe as he approached his last days. He took the time to write his own epitaph:

Here lies one whose name was writ in water
The world of the weblog. Bye, Will. We enjoyed you.