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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

'In The Eyes of the Beholder'

While we debate the aesthetic value of windmills in remote corners of Southwest Virginia, we ignore real issues like;
Illegal dumpsites still litter Virginia
Angie Arms, Richlands News-Press

RICHLANDS - With millions spent on advertising to keep litter in Virginia in check and two public garbage collection centers open in Tazewell County, not everyone’s getting the message that littering is illegal.

Shane Barton OSM/VISTA worker with the Upper Tennessee River Round Table, keeps busy these days inventorying illegal dumpsites along with the types of garbage they contain and how difficult is will be to clean up those dumps. (
I often listen to people complaining about the prospect of an unsightly cell tower or a monstrous windmill being constructed on some hillside near their homes and I wonder if they're blind to all the garbage strewn around the area.

Even along the abandoned stretch of Raleigh Grayson Turnpike that runs by my property, I find myself occasionally gathering up discarded beer cans, potato chip bags, and cigarette packs.

The thought crosses my mind that if the people who complain were as passionate about garbage as they are about technological "eyesores," maybe there'd be no garbage littering the countryside.

Just a thought.