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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ah, Kids With Time On Their Hands

You can tell school must be out for the summer. The kids from Virginia Tech are letting air out of tires, dangling from bridges, and making a spectacle of themselves for otherwise bored workers at area power plants.

Oh, and they're saving the planet:

Protesters gather at power plant
Kathy Still, Bristol Herald-Courier Staff Writer

Nearly 50 protesters blocked the only access road to an aging coal-fired power plant in Russell County Monday morning and demanded its shutdown.Young men and women from Earth First! and Rising Tide North America used the demonstration at the Appalachian Power Co. plant to call for a nationwide stop to strip mining and a need for cleaner energy sources. They also demanded an acknowledgement of global warming.

One protester tied a chain to a bridge, then suspended himself over the Clinch River. Two others, including a Dickenson County resident, chained themselves to a coal truck. Others chanted, held signs, sang and formed a human chain.

The plant continued operating during the four-hour, non-violent protest. (

A reliable source reports the singing to have been atrocious by the way.

Expect more of this kind of social activism as the summer progresses. Rumor has it that the students are also upset about deforestation and are going to boycott Scott, Charmin, Kleenex, and other toilet tissue manufacturers ...