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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Looking Down Upon The Rest Of Us

Next time you hear John Kerry, or any other Democrat for that matter, lament the loss of American lives in Iraq, ask why?

Kerry Belittles U.S. Troops

A contemptible disgrace of a human being.

The Church Of 'Inclusivity' Drives Another One Out

The Episcopal Church (USA) is becoming more inclusive every day. At least by its own standards. Another of its rapidly dwindling number of congregations has departed:

Mission Parish Quits Episcopal Church
Associated Press

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - A congregation in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia has broken away from the denomination and started a new parish aligned with the Anglican church in Uganda.

Christ Our Lord, a mission church in northern Virginia that has operated since the early 1990s, voted to dissolve as an Episcopal parish and return its Lake Ridge building to the diocese.

The vicar of the church said his parishioners made the move because the Episcopal Church has shown what he called "profound disrespect for Scripture and biblical teachings."

In 2003, Episcopalians consecrated their first openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, causing an uproar among other Anglicans worldwide. (

Feel the love.

Trying To Make Sense Of It All

There are days when I just shake my head in bafflement. Like when I hear people try to defend a position in which they decry sexual deviance, authoritatively and unequivocally, stridently and unambiguously, except where homosexuality is concerned.

Similarly, there is a real disconnect going on here:

Charges expected in baby's death at abortion business
By Bob Unruh, WorldNetDaily.com

A lead investigator into reports that a baby was born alive at a Hialeah, Fla., abortion business, then killed, has told WND he believes charges will be filed in the case, and that announcement could come as early as a mid-November.

"My goal is to see that charges are filed," said Hialeah Deputy Chief Mark Overton yesterday. "The evidence reflects that this was a homicide. We're moving forward with that mindset. I believe our evidence has indicated (and) I think we have probable cause to bring charges." (
Earth to America: The abortion clinic did what abortion clinics are paid (with taxpayer money) to do. They killed this child.

One moment it's considered a mass of flesh heading to the garbage pile; the next it's a human life worth saving at all costs.

Some days I don't understand you people.

As Long As I'm Not Paying For It

There are so many questions I need answered before I die. On that mile-long list ain't this:
Who's That Pretty Pachyderm?
Mirror Test Reflects Well on Elephants
By Rick Weiss, Washington Post Staff Writer

Elephants can recognize themselves in a mirror and use their reflections to explore hidden parts of themselves, a measure of subjective self-awareness that ... (
I shake my head in complete bewilderment.

Fire In The Belly

Republican Bill Carrico is running to unseat 9th District Congressman Rick Boucher this year in Southwest Virginia. By all accounts, he's just the man this area needs to fix the many problems we face. He has the resumé for it. He has the right ideas. And he's right on the issues.

But Bill, you gotta come across like you want it, man.

As I was heading south yesterday, I heard the latest Carrico radio spot. What was said was perfect. He came across like he knows what needs to be accomplished and what to do when he gets to Washington. But his manner suggested he was talking to a deaf person reading his lips. Plodding. Leaden. Bored.

Not that Boucher's any better. His delivery is that of a Methodist minister with a Sunday morning hangover. But Boucher's got what Carrico needs to take away. Rick does advertising only because he's got wads of cash on hand, and it makes him feel powerful, if only for a brief moment.

Let me do your radio spots for you, Bill. I'll light things up. Boucher may want to track you down and kick your ass afterwards but you'll (finally) get the attention of your (potential) constituents.

This isn't the lotto. You get only one shot at the prize. Don't miss it.

Show Me The Money

If Bill Carrico didn't have an uphill battle because of Rick Boucher's firmly entrenched incumbency and name recognition, there is also the little issue of MONEY. As the Roanoke Times lays it out this morning:

9th District long shot may pay off even without win
By Tonia Moxley

Larry Sabato, director of University of Virginia's Center for Politics, wrote in an e-mail this month that "Boucher is secure in this seat for as long as he wants it, assuming no massive GOP wave in a future election or significant scandal -- neither of which seems likely."

Even Larry Linkous, who chairs the Montgomery County Republican Party, doubts Carrico can win.

"People really respect Bill Carrico," Linkous said. "But he hasn't been in the House long enough to be well-known across the district. Every time you open a mailbox, Boucher is there."

Nowhere is the disparity more apparent than in campaign contributions. So far, Carrico has raised just over $66,000 compared with Boucher's war chest of more than $1 million. (

What's interesting about the pile of cash that Boucher has amassed is what it reveals. Those with the cash get his support, regardless of political position or persuasion. Knowing that cash is king, he is on the side of every major PAC that donates money to candidates,* be they conservative or liberal. Here's a partial list of the 9th district incumbent's strange bedfellows (and the amount each has contributed to his campaign in recent months):

Campaign money flows in from a far-left abortion rights group (NARAL) and from a right-leaning gun rights group (NRA); an auto manufacturer and from an auto workers' union; the largest non-union corporation on the planet and (if you check the entire list) a whole host of other unions; coal companies and coal miner unions.

The list goes on and on.

Is there a common thread to all this? Yes. Money. Regardless of position, philosophy, or of need, Boucher is there to take the money. And get re-elected. That's how it works.


* The big dog, AARP, is missing from this list only because it doesn't donate to political campaigns.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Not To Be Left To Amateurs

It's not easy to be witty. To wit:

Shining Light on Moonshine
WSLS NewsChannel 10

The Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Department confiscated eight gallons of moonshine as part of a drug bust a week ago.

It's a problem of our area's past that's still tough to swallow. (
... still tough to swallow.

Kids with keyboards. There ought to be a law ...

Someone Get Their Priorities Straight

Transportation crisis? What transportation crisis?

VDOT to hold meetings on bicycle and pedestrian program
By VDOT (via NRVToday)

The Virginia Department of Transportation will hold four informal meetings in southwestern Virginia to provide information about its bicycle and pedestrian program and allow people interested in bicycling and walking to discuss the program with VDOT representatives.

VDOT's bicycle and pedestrian program was formed to ensure that bicycling, walking and other modes of non-motorized transportation receive the same consideration as motorized transportation in the planning, design, construction and operation of Virginia's transportation network. (link)

A Virginia Department of Transportation meeting to talk about trails and footpaths. I'll certainly mark the dates on my calendar.

This goes a long way toward explaining how it is we have as many bike paths and walking trails in Southwest Virginia as we have roads. It could also be a portent of what our required mode of transportation is going to be in the future if we keep these guys in charge.

And they demand a transportation tax increase ...

When Economists Become Prognosticators

The chief economist of Great Britain has become a soothsayer. He's predicting massive floods and drought (at the same time) and is calling for ... drumroll ... a boatload of new taxes:
Report to tell consumers to brace for 'green' taxes
By George Jones, London Daily Telegraph

LONDON -- Britain's consumers will be told today to prepare for new "green" taxes on cars, fuel, air travel and consumer electronics to curb pollution and avert a looming global catastrophe caused by climate change.

A report drawn up by Nicholas Stern, the government's chief economist, says that ignoring global warming could lead to economic upheaval on the scale of the 1930s Depression and turn 200 million people into refugees as their homes are hit by drought or flood.

Ministers plan to use the report to pave the way for "eco-taxes" to persuade people to adopt less-polluting lifestyles. (
"Less-polluting" lifestyles. As in the Dark Ages. The Black Plague. A life expectancy of 35. Rampant tuberculosis. Disease. Famine. Pestilence. Malnutrition.

But clear skies and babbling brooks ...

... And It Won't Make Any Difference Anyway

So much for the Kyoto Protocol on Global Warming. While Britain is poised to tax its citizenry back into the Stone Age in order to reduce the warming threat, or so the tax-raisers claim, other nations signed the agreement, blamed the USA for ignoring the looming crisis, and then went on polluting anyway:
Global warming gases on rise again despite Kyoto Protocol
The Associated Press

BONN, Germany (AP) -- The industrialized world's emissions of greenhouse gases are growing again, despite efforts under the Kyoto Protocol to cap them and stave off global warming, the United Nations reported Monday.

Emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases declined in the 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet bloc and the shutdown of polluting factories and power plants in eastern Europe. But now those economies are rebounding, contributing to a 2.4 percent rise in emissions by 41 industrialized nations between 2000 and 2004. (

What we learn here is that if our economy goes into complete collapse, we help the environment, as did the Soviet bloc when it met its ruin.

Reduced carbon dioxide in the stratosphere ... mass starvation. Can we vote on that?

The Paranoia Begins To Set In ... V

This bit of psychosis is at least creative:
Remember to Vote, Hope It Counts
By Michael Waldman, Wendy Weiser, and Open, N.Y., [sic] The New York Times

On Nov. 7, many voters will encounter new voting machines, new computerized voter lists and new rules regarding registration and ID requirements. As primaries earlier this year demonstrated, local officials and poll workers are overwhelmed by all the changes — some of them engineered by mischievous partisans who have passed laws and rules that would block many eligible citizens from voting.

There is a silent disenfranchisement afoot — one that could affect hundreds of thousands of voters. That’s bad for democracy. In the 2004 presidential election, some states were decided by less than 1 percent of the vote. This year, dozens of Congressional races could be close enough that vote suppression would affect them.

What follow are examples of ways the vote could be suppressed next week ... (
It could be. But then again, it could not be.

I'll save you having to look at the accompanying graphic. It says, "Peope are stupid. Especially the poor, the elderly, and minorities."

My God.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

On that 'Inclusivity' Thing

Remember a few weeks ago the Cargill employee who was fired up in Harrisonburg because he had a pro-marriage amendment bumper sticker on his car? If not, bone up here. The reason for his dismissal? He was, and I'm not making this up, intolerant:

"Although he is clearly entitled to believe whatever he wants, he doesn't have a right to act in the manner he did," says Mark Klein, a Cargill spokesperson.
For that, Cargill is to be admired for having given new meaning to the word "tolerance." They've taught their employees a valuable lesson, one that could go well on a bumper sticker: You Want Intolerance?! We'll Show You Intolerance!

Not to be outdone, the College of William and Mary over in Williamsburg has taken "tolerance" to a new level. Officials there have excluded the Christian cross from its campus chapel to allow for more "inclusivity."

W&M removes chapel cross to be inclusive
College officials cite chapel's use for many nonreligious events
Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff and Wire Reports

WILLIAMSBURG -- Officials at the College of William and Mary have removed a 2-foot-high gold cross from a campus chapel they say is increasingly used for nonreligious events.

"In order to make the Wren Chapel less of a faith-specific space, and to make it more welcoming to students, faculty, staff and visitors of all faiths, the cross has been removed from the altar area," read a recent e-mail to Wren Building employees. (link)
How it is that banning the cross breeds "inclusivity" and doesn't smack of exclusivity is beyond me. And, I'm sure, it's beyond those running the College of William and Mary as well. There was a way to foster inclusivity on campus but the Khmer Rouge approach ain't it.

The world's gone mad.

By the way, I don't want to give the geniuses at W&M any ideas but the definition of the word chapel is: A place of worship that has its own altar. How long before this chapel, built in 1699, gets renamed "House of Fools."

The Times Endorses Webb

The Roanoke Times today endorses James Webb for Senate because Webb wants us out of Iraq:
Jim Webb for U.S. Senate
The country needs a change. Send an independent thinker like Webb to Washington, D.C.

In Iraq and at home, America is on the wrong course, one mapped by the Bush administration and followed -- in lockstep, eyes forward, no questions asked -- by incumbent Republican Sen. George

Voters would be wise to select a better representative.

Democratic challenger Jim Webb is as independent a thinker as Allen is an administration parrot. Plus, Webb is feisty and smart.

Virginia and the nation will be served better by far if the commonwealth's voters elect Webb to the Senate on Nov. 7. (

"Feisty and smart." They just described my bay gelding.

It seems we should be looking for more in a candidate ...

Smoking Claims Another Victim

Red Auerbach: Dead at 89.

Photo courtesy of MSN Encarta

The Paranoia Begins To Set In ... IV

Let's see if I've got this straight.
  1. George Bush is a Republican.
  2. Hugo Chavez is a nut ... who runs Venezuela.
  3. Hugo Chavez hates George Bush.
  4. A Venezuelan company is part-owner of a software company that manufactures many of America's voting machines.
  5. Therefore, there is a real possibility that Hugo Chavez has rigged the coming election so that the Republicans, led by the man he hates most, will ... win.

You can't make this crap up:

U.S. Investigates Voting Machines’ Venezuela Ties
By Tim Golden, The New York Times

The federal government is investigating the takeover last year of a leading American manufacturer of electronic voting systems by a small software company that has been linked to the leftist Venezuelan government of President Hugo Chávez.

The inquiry is focusing on the Venezuelan owners of the software company, the Smartmatic Corporation, and is trying to determine whether the government in Caracas has any control or influence over the firm’s operations, government officials and others familiar with the investigation said.

The inquiry on the eve of the midterm elections is being conducted ... (link)

The election is rigged. You Democrats might as well stay home. All hope is lost.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Quote Of The Day

A new poll of Northern Virginia residents purports to show that "more than three-quarters say they wanted the opportunity to raise local taxes" to improve the road network.

Sure they do.

Also, that wasn't a cloud passing overhead. It was a flock of pigs.

Four years ago Northern Virginia voted on a referendum that would have let the region raise its own taxes to build more roads. Governor Mark Warner campaigned for it. So did a lot of NoVa big-shots from the business world. Yet it lost by a 2-1 margin.

Talk is cheap. When Northern Virginia's voters were asked to put their money where their mouths are, they buttoned up.

Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial, "Yeah, Right," October 28, 2006

The Enemy Within

Not only should he be in prison for voluntary manslaughter but he should be doing time for treason as well:
Kennedy-KGB collaboration
Washington Times editorial

In his new book, "The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism," Grove City College professor Paul Kengor sheds light on a letter written by KGB head Viktor Chebrikov to Soviet leader Yuri Andropov.

If Chebrikov's account of events is accurate, it's clear Mr. Kennedy was actively engaging the Russians to influence the 1984 election. He also seems to have genuinely believed that Mr. Reagan's policies were endangering U.S.-Soviet relations and that the best solution was to get Mr. Reagan out of office. The letter closes with Chebrikov saying that "Tunney remarked that the senator wants to run for president in 1988," possibly suggesting Mr. Kennedy had other, more selfish motives.

As Mr. Kengor concludes, "if the memo is in fact an accurate account of what transpired, it constitutes a remarkable example of the lengths to which some on the political left, including a sitting U.S. senator, were willing to go to stop Ronald Reagan."

We agree. Even in a jaded world, it is breathtaking to discover a U.S. senator -- brother of a former president -- actively and secretly collaborating with Soviet leaders in an attempt to undermine the president of the United States' nuclear defense policy during the height of the cold war. (link)
Collaborating with the enemy. Sounds disgustingly familiar.

Stll at it all these many years later.

And Shame On Them

About this there can be no argument:

By Arnold Ahlert, The New York Post

October 28, 2006 -- Is the Mainstream Media's coverage of Iraq balanced? Consider two names: Cindy Sheehan and Michael A. Monsoor.

Unless you're oblivious, you've heard of Cindy Sheehan. She is the poster girl for the anti-war Bush-bashing crowd. Virtually every move she makes gets national exposure.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor? Bet you've never heard of him. On Sept. 29, he died in Ramadi, falling on a live hand grenade to save the lives of two fellow SEALs. He has posthumously received a Silver Star for his bravery. Michael A. Monsoor was a genuine American hero.

Cindy Sheehan? Lionized. Michael A. Monsoor? Ignored. Balanced coverage? Spare me. (

Not that they care ...

Stop Them. Now.

Let's be clear about two things. (1) New Jersey citizens are now powerless to stop a handful of liberal judges from imposing, through judicial fiat, their twisted moral judgements and (2) we here in Virginia have the opportunity on November 7 to prevent the same travesty from occurring. The situation we do not ever want to experience:

New York Post editorial

October 28, 2006 -- Though the justices of the New Jersey Supreme Court insisted that they were being "careful not to impose our personal value system on 8 1/2 million people, thus bypassing the democratic process as the primary means of effecting social change in this state," that's exactly what they did this week in opening wide the door to same-sex marriage.

They gave the Legislature just two options, and a strict 180-day deadline: Either legalize same-sex marriage outright, or approve a civil-unions law vesting in homosexual couples all the legal rights of marriage. (
Remember this: The courts are not the final arbiter in such matters. You are. Always.

We have reached a point in time when judges rule with impunity and know it. They therefore, with the wave of a hand, rethink constitutional precedent and set centuries-old laws on their heads. Said one of the Jersey justices:

Our decision today significantly advances the civil rights of gays and lesbians. We have decided that our state Constitution ...
The Constitution of the state of New Jersey no longer means what it has meant to every judge in the history of the state. Social activists masquerading as judges.

Tyranny begins with such thinking. But tyranny requires power. And, thank God, the power is still in your hands. Exercise it. Stop this injustice from happening here in Virginia. Vote YES on Amendment 1 on November 7.

Rage On The Left

If only the left in this country got as worked up over the loss of innocent American lives:
Furor Over Cheney Remark on Tactics for Terror Suspects
By Neil A. Lewis, The New York Times

Washington, Oct. 27 — The White House found itself fending off questions on Friday about what Vice President Dick Cheney meant when he agreed with a talk-radio host that there was nothing wrong with dunking a terrorism suspect in water if it saved lives. (
O, the inhumanity.

Meanwhile terror attacks on school buses and the slaughter of innocent children get barely a fleeting AP mention ...


The Cookies

At an airport one night ...

With several long hours
Before her flight.
She hunted for a book
In an airport shop,
Bought a bag of cookies
And found a place to drop.

She was engrossed in her book
But happened to see,
That the man sitting beside her
As bold as could be,
Grabbed a cookie or two
From the bag in between,
Which she tried to ignore
To avoid a scene.

So she munched the cookies
And watched the clock,
As the gutsy cookie thief
Diminished her stock.
She was getting more irritated
As the minutes ticked by,
Thinking, "If I wasn't so nice,
I would blacken his eye."

With each cookie she took,
He took one too,
When only one was left,
She wondered what he would do.
With a smile on his face,
And a nervous laugh,
He took the last cookie
And broke it in half.

He offered her half,
As he ate the other,
She snatched it from him
And thought....ooh, brother!
This guy had some nerve
And he's also rude,
Why he didn't even show
Any gratitude!

She had never known
When she been so galled,
And sighed with relief
When her flight was called.

She gathered her belongings
And headed to the gate,
Refusing to look back
At the thieving ingrate.

She boarded the plane,
And sank in her seat,
Then she sought her book,
Which was almost complete.

As she reached in her baggage,
She gasped with surprise,
There was her bag of cookies,
In front of her eyes.

If mine are here,
She moaned in despair,
The others were his,
And he tried to share.

Too late to apologize,
She realized with grief,
That she was the rude one,
The ingrate, the thief!

Author unknown

Friday, October 27, 2006

Y'all Be Nice To The Strangers

A whole host of vaguely familiar faces came blowing through the area yesterday:
Warner, Boucher join Webb on campaign trail
By Clifford Jeffery, Kingsport Times-News

BRISTOL, Va. - With 12 days until the election, U.S. Senate hopeful Jim Webb made a stop Thursday morning at the Bristol train station.

Webb is running against incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. George Allen.

About 130 people - many of them members of the United Mine Workers of America holding signs of support for Webb - braved cold, wet weather to see Webb and former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner and U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Va. (
No need to worry yourself. Warner won't ever be able to raise your taxes again, Webb won't ever be granted the opportunity, and Boucher can't inflict much damage as long as the Republicans hold a majority in Congress.

And they left as quickly as they arrived. Boucher went back to his permanent residence in Washington, Warner went back to Hollywood, and Webb, it is rumored, will soon be going back to writing abberant sexual porn ...

Photo courtesy of the Kingsport Times-News

Two More Years!

Someone once said that money is the mother's milk of politics. That might go a long way toward explaining the lack of fight in this election season here in the "Fightin' 9th" Congressional district. Rick Boucher's got lots of it and Bill Carrico doesn't.

Money that is. Or fight, for that matter.

It's so bad that I can honestly - and sadly - report (and Paula even mentioned the same thing yesterday) a sighting of a Bill Carrico for Congress yard sign for the first time this year - at the Subway as you enter Bland from I-77. The only one I've ever seen. In all my travels.

I did hear a Carrico radio spot the other day. The first one. The script was solid but the narrator sounded like she was in a high school civics class reading her lines and Carrico sounded like he had just awakened from a long nap. Telling, I think.

Anyway, in related news, the Roanoke Times ... drumroll ... endorses Rick Boucher for Congress again:

Boucher in the 9th
Rick Boucher has been a tireless advocate for a district that has been buffeted by changes in the global economy.

If re-elected, Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Abingdon, will celebrate his 25th anniversary in Congress during his next term. The 9th Congressional District he has represented so ably should celebrate, too.

Boucher is a sensible pragmatist, a valuable remnant of a less partisan age in Congress.

Boucher has earned the opportunity to celebrate that silver anniversary, and we heartily recommend him to the voters of the 9th Congressional District. (link)

They got it half right. Boucher is indeed a remnant. In fact he's a remnant of an age when Democrats ran all of Southwest Virginia with an iron fist, worked diligently to elect one another and get re-elected, but did nothing to improve the circumstances of the citizenry here. Drive into Bland and you'll see the remnants of a textile factory and the remnants of an abandoned Ford dealership and the remnants of a car repair shop and the remnants of ...

And Boucher always gets a pass. As he did in this morning's Times endorsement:

Rick Boucher has been a tireless advocate for a district that has been buffeted by changes in the global economy.

Boucher recognizes the economic challenges that face his district, and he has worked hard to make sure the district has the tools to meet those challenges.

A buffeted district. Economic challenges. Let's call it what it is: Decline.

And then there's this bit of shuck-and-weave:

He has helped find funding for industrial parks in 26 of the 27 counties in his district. Boucher has been one of the driving forces behind the effort to expand broadband and other technological infrastructure throughout Southwest Virginia.
Those industrial parks sit virtually abandoned, broadband serves businesses only when there are businesses to utilize it, and as to "other technological infrastructure," I can only assume that Boucher is taking credit for the erection of cellular towers across the region because there ain't no other technological infrastructure going up around here. You go, Rick.

And the horseback riding trail in Scott County he paid for with federal transportation fund dollars doesn't count.

And then there's this:

Boucher says the net creation of 40,000 jobs in the district since 1983 is ample evidence of success.
Actually, in the TV commercial I saw him in last night, Boucher is claiming he created 41,000 net new jobs in the decades he's been in office. The number must have grown in just the last fews days. Astounding bit of luck on our part.

Former employees of Mack Truck, Ethan Allen, Celanese Acetate, Johnson & Johnson, Lear Corp., Tultex, Spring Ford Industries, National Textiles, Buster Brown, Natalie Knitting Mills, American of Martinsville, Virginia Glove, Virginia House Furniture, Lea Industries, ArvinMeritor, Alcoa Wheels, Rowe Furniture, VF Knitwear, Vaughan Furniture, Webb Furniture, Burlington Industries, Renfro, Hooker Furniture, Bristol Compressors, Stanley Furniture, Dana Corporation, Thomasville Furniture, Sara Lee Branded Apparel, Bassett Furniture Industries, and Pulaski Furniture were unavailable for comment.

Not explained is how Boucher can boast of having created 40,000 or 41,000 or 6 trillion new jobs and yet, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, since Boucher originally took office in 1983, Lee, Dickenson, Tazewell, and Buchanan counties have lost population and Scott, Pulaski, Patrick, Wise, Russell, and Smyth counties are, as I write this, losing population. I know Damascus is booming, what with the Virginia Creeper Trail now running alongside it, but an outfitters store, a bicycle shop, and two new fast food restaurants do not account for that 40,000 number. 16 maybe. But not 40,000.

In any case, the Times endorses Rick Boucher for re-election, Bill Carrico has gone back to that rudely interrupted nap, and Southwest Virginia will ... endure.

Finally, A Confession. Or Not.

I saw this blaring headline in the Washington Post this morning and immediately knew that the publisher had had enough of the paper's underhanded tactics as they relate to unseating Senator George Allen. Macaca. Confederate flag. Cowboy hat. Specious allegations of comments about black people from 40 years ago. Enough was enough:
Campaign Tactics Veer Toward Smear
Well, no. I turned to the article and it turned out to be about a number of Republicans around the country who have run ads that the staff at the Post didn't like.

I should have known.

Webb's Getting His Money's Worth

I saw this Raising Kaine post as I was perusing Virginia Political Blogs and had to shake my head. This puppy has to be 15,000 words. Jim Webb's perverse child porn novels aren't that long.

Do they think anyone is actually going to devote the rest of the day to reading their War And Peace-rivaling tome?

They must get paid by the word. That's the only thing I can figure ...

Our Governor. What a Guy.

Tim Kaine has found himself to be incapable of doing anything to fix the roads up in northern Virginia. Or to bring prosperity to Southwest Virginia - other than to create a website that implores our young graduates to return here from up yonder where there are actual jobs and a future.

So he does what's easy. He banishes smokers, just as winter is setting in, to sub-zero temperatures and frostbite-inducing winds:
Kaine bans smoking in most state offices
By Dionne Walker, Associated Press

RICHMOND -- Gov. Timothy M. Kaine yesterday ordered smoking banished from the majority of state offices and from all state-owned vehicles on Jan. 1, a move he hoped would set a health-conscious example in a state known for its tobacco industry. (
link) [my emphasis]
Let me rework that last clause so as to provide some honesty and clarity:

... a transparently superficial move he hopes will make gullible Virginians think he's not just sitting on his ass and getting nothing done.

Accuracy in journalism. A bold concept.

Tim Kaine. A bold politician.

Oh. What?

More clerics should emulate this guy. All us red-blooded males like women and meat:
Cleric likens women, meat
By Rohan Sullivan, Associated Press (
Oh. "Likens." I get it.

Actually I don't. And don't want to.

A Good Line

Los Angeles, Oct. 26 — This is a city where it is possible to not lay eyes on a police officer for three months and yet be assaulted by a dozen parking tickets in a week.

Jennifer Steinhauer, "The $164 Million Question: What’s Overdue in Los Angeles?," The New York Times

Today's Word

Dizzy. That's the word the New York Times is using to describe the Democrats' position(s) on the war on terror (as it relates to the battle currently raging in Iraq):
Democrats Are Divided on a Solution for Iraq
By John M. Broder, The New York Times

Washington, Oct. 26 — If the Nov. 7 election in the United States is a referendum on the Iraq war, what are the choices?

Democratic leaders and candidates are virtually unanimous in opposing the president’s conduct of the war, and most advocate American disengagement — either quickly or slowly. But most are not calling for an immediate withdrawal of American forces or offering a vision of what postwar Iraq should look like. They say they stand for change, but the variety of formulations is dizzying. (
link) [my emphasis]
Well, maybe the Times doesn't view Democrats as being dizzy. Just dizzying. But their positions on all matters foreign and domestic have been dizzying for a long, long time. We all know that.

This is news?

It Was Four Renegade Judges!

According to the New York Times, the issue of gay marriage has resurfaced because Republicans have schemed it so:

G.O.P. Moves Fast to Reignite Issue of Gay Marriage
By Sheryl Gay Stolberg, The New York Times

Washington, Oct. 26 — The divisive debate over gay marriage, which played a prominent role in 2004 campaigns but this year largely faded from view, erupted anew on Thursday as President Bush and Republicans across the country tried to use a court ruling in New Jersey to rally dispirited conservatives to the polls.

Wednesday’s ruling, in which the New Jersey Supreme Court decided that gay couples are entitled to the same legal rights and financial benefits as heterosexual couples, had immediate ripple effects, especially in Senate races in some of the eight states where voters are considering constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage. (link)
In Manhattan, where amorality reigns supreme, it's probably true that this issue wasn't on the radar screen. In the real world, however, the decay of our moral values has been uppermost on our list of concerns for many years. As is our concern that four renegade liberal judges can take it upon themselves to, willy-nilly, rewrite a constitution.

This is why we are going to say YES to Amendment 1 on the Virginia ballot next month, making it clear to liberals who think they can tamper with our most cherished documents that they'll never do it here.

Not here. Not now. Not ever.

A handful - four! - of damned Democrats will not override our God-given right to control our own destiny.

The Paranoia Begins To Set In ... III

Democrats are afraid black people will not vote on the 7th because of concerns about voting booths (manned by Democrats) and voting machines (supervised by Democrats) and voting officials (who will mostly be Democrats):

Democrats Fear Disillusionment in Black Voters
By Ian Urbina, The New York Times

For Democrats ..., black voter turnout will be crucial on Election Day. But despite a generally buoyant Democratic Party nationally, there are worries among Democratic strategists in some states that blacks may not turn up at the polls in big enough numbers because of disillusionment over past shenanigans.

“This notion that elections are stolen and that elections are rigged is so common in the public sphere that we’re having to go out of our way to counter them this year,” said Donna Brazile, a Democratic strategist.

This will be the first midterm election in which the Democratic Party is mobilizing teams of lawyers and poll watchers, to check for irregularities including suppression of the black vote, in at least a dozen of the closest districts, Ms. Brazile said. (
That's right. It's hopeless, you black people. When you go into the voting booth, the machine will detect your skin color and will not allow you to vote. So stay at home.

Let me say something to all of you, white and black alike: If you're so stupid as to believe this nonsense, do us all a favor and stay in the house and watch Oprah on election day. We don't need beanbrains deciding the future of our great nation.

Good grief.

Now That's Resolve

In a time of war, you want someone ordering our troops into battle who's resolute. Who's unhesitating. Who doesn't bend to the fury of the storm. Who stands strong while others cower.

Instead, you may get Hillary:
Absorbing Gay Pain & Praise, Clinton Says She's Evolved
By Paul Schindler, Gay City News

In an appearance early Wednesday evening in front of roughly three-dozen LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual] leaders, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton indicated that she would not oppose efforts by Eliot Spitzer, the odds-on favorite to become the new governor, to enact a same-sex marriage law in New York.

She also suggested that language she used when she first ran for the Senate in 2000 explaining her opposition to marriage equality based on the institution's moral, religious, and traditional foundations had not reflected the "many long conversations" she's had since with "friends" and others, and that her advocacy on LGBT issues "has certainly evolved." (
Hillary's position on gay matters has "evolved." And, as with her here-one-day-there-the-next stance on the war on terror, her interpretations will continue to "evolve." Do you want someone running the country who doesn't have a clear understanding of the issues of the day?

Ain't no training wheels or diapers allowed at the White House, babe.

Hat tip to Matt Drudge.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

We Were Never United

The following article first appeared in the Roanoke Times on September 21, 2006

Post-9/11 unity was shattered early
By Jerry Fuhrman

Sept. 10. A significant date in history in a way, the day many of us recognize now as one of innocence, when we were still able to see ourselves living in an insulated cosmos, a Bill Clinton world of make-believe in which those depraved Islamist souls who want us all slaughtered were still skulking in distant and isolated regions of the planet, gangsters -- seemingly -- who deserved only the occasional cruise missile and a word or two of disapprobation from our State Department. Sept. 10. The day before Clinton's fanciful world of illusion came crashing down.

It was on that same date, five years later, that columnist Frank Rich, writing in The New York Times, asked the following important question: "Whatever happened to the America of 9/12?" The first sentence in his thought-provoking article is most telling: "The destruction of post-9/11 unity, both in this nation and in the world, is as much a cause for mourning on the fifth anniversary as the attack itself."

In response to Rich's question, Fox News commentator Fred Barnes said, more out of indignation than thoughtfulness probably, that we, as a nation, have never in fact been united since 9/11, that the left in this country has been in opposition to our every move since that very day.

He has a point. But Barnes is wrong. It's fair to say, as Rich implies, that unity in this country did exist on 9/12/01 and that it was subsequently, rapidly, predictably destroyed. By Frank Rich's pals.

Just as significant as Rich's use of the word "unity" is his decision to tie it to the occasion of our mourning. For a time after 9/11, this nation truly was united -- in grief. Initially it was more shock than grief, followed quickly by an overwhelming sense of national sorrow. There was even a brief period of international bereavement, as expressed in Jean-Marie Colombani's famous Le Monde headline of Sept. 12, 2001, "We Are All Americans."

It is just as significant that Frank Rich is still in mourning five years after the tragic murder of innocents in New York City, Arlington and in a cornfield in Pennsylvania. For most Americans, feelings of grief were replaced with thoughts of revenge. Self-preservation. Our children and grandchildren. Defense of the homeland. Resolve.

We declared war. And we left the Frank Riches of the world in the graveyard.

The signs of disunity became apparent early on. While the fires still burned -- literally. Little more than a week after that fateful day, leftist columnist and New York City resident Katha Pollitt wrote in The Nation, "My daughter ... thinks we should fly an American flag out our window. Definitely not, I say: The flag stands for jingoism and vengeance and war."

A week later, another rabid leftist, Susan Sontag, wrote in The New Yorker, "The disconnect between last Tuesday's monstrous dose of reality and the self-righteous drivel and outright deceptions being peddled by public figures and TV commentators is startling, depressing. The unanimously applauded, self-congratulatory bromides of a Soviet Party Congress seemed contemptible. The unanimity of the sanctimonious, reality-concealing rhetoric spouted by American officials and media commentators in recent days seems, well, unworthy of a mature democracy."

Frank Rich might take note: Susan Sontag, presumably one of his Upper West Side cocktail party pals at the time, had only scorn for America's unity.

Want to know what happened to that unity of 9/12, Frank? Talk to your friends and neighbors.

The rest of us remember that those cries for disunity began before we fired a shot in retaliation for the 9/11 attacks. Before President Bush declared war on Osama bin Laden and the Taliban. Before Saddam Hussein was driven into a rat hole. Before we were able to recover the bodies of our 343 heroic firemen and 2,404 other innocent men, women and children.

At the same time that tens of thousands of America's best and brightest young men and women enlisted in the fight against those who seek the destruction of our way of life, Frank Rich's ilk turned their heads in contempt.

Yes, we are disunited. So be it. We will win this war in spite of their worst efforts.

We Cheer What We Can

Around these parts, we celebrate all our achievements, no matter how small:

One-of-a-kind landfill ready to help McDowell County shine
By Charles Owens, Bluefield Daily Telegraph

Welch –– McDowell County officials celebrated the long-awaited completion Tuesday of their new 175-acre landfill, and accepted their first $1 million payment on the project. (link)

You are all cordially invited to come down and see our latest commercial endeavor. Hard hat, steel-toe shoes, and breathing apparatus required, of course.

This Ain't Right

Where's Al Gore when we need him?
Snow hits region early
By Charles Owens, Bluefield Daily Telegraph

Bluefield –– An early blast of winter weather was blamed for slick bridges and overpasses across the region Tuesday morning, as area residents awakened to an early morning dusting of snow.

The early snowfall isn’t unusual for the region, Jeff Stewart, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Blacksburg, Va., said. (
Two mornings in a row now I've awakened to find snow covering my car. In October.

I'm willing about now to rethink this whole global warming thing ...

Klan Member Wildly Popular In WV

Wild and wonderful. That's apparently what most people over in West Virginia think of their senior senator, a Democrat, who also happens to be a KKK grand klingon:
Poll gives Byrd 60 percent approval rate
By Tom Searls, Charleston (WV) Gazette Staff writer

After months of negative advertising and intense campaigning against him, U.S. Sen. Robert C. Byrd still has an approval rating over 60 percent in West Virginia, according to one poll. (
Fascinating. Everyone in West Virginia knows that Byrd was once a leader of the now-infamous pack of white racists who burned homes, intimidated voters, and lynched young black men. And the people there support him anyway.

But lynchings aren't of great import. Perhaps if Byrd had been caught sending text messages to congressional pages or called someone macaca, an offensive slur known only to members of an obscure and little-known nomadic tribe in the Saharan desert and, fittingly, to Democrats in this country, he'd be thought of differently ...

We Beg Your Pardon ...

Don't you hate it when this happens?
Bad info blamed for botched porn raid
Bedford County authorities say an Internet provider gave them the wrong address.
By Reed Williams and Mike Allen,The Roanoke Times

Bedford County authorities blamed a communications provider Wednesday for a botched child pornography raid at which Shaquille O'Neal was present, but refused to answer any other questions about an incident that terrified the family of a Pittsylvania County farmer.

Investigators from Bedford and Pittsylvania counties searched the wrong house in Gretna on Sept. 23 because FairPoint Communications Inc. had given them the wrong address, said Maj. Ricky Gardner of the Bedford County Sheriff's Office. (
For the love of God.

Believe Or Believe Not

When it comes to religious fervor, I fall somewhere between Benny Hinn and this guy:

Atheist Evangelist
In His Bully Pulpit, Sam Harris Devoutly Believes That Religion Is the Root of All Evil
By David Segal, Washington Post Staff Writer

New York - There are really just two possibilities for Sam Harris. Either he is right and millions of Christians, Muslims and Jews are wrong. Or Sam Harris is wrong and he is so going to hell.

This seems obvious ... (link)

There is a great deal about this subject that I can honestly say I do not know or understand.

But I've always been fascinated - bemused really - by the fact that atheists don't simply question the existence of God; they know, somehow, that God doesn't exist. It is truly a spiritual belief to them.


When There's No New Filth To Print ...

What? No macaca moment yesterday?

Apparently not. So the Washington Post, in its relentless effort to use its "news" pages to oust Senator George Allen, flings fetid dirt:
An Ascent Shadowed By Questions on Race
By Bill Turque, Washington Post Staff Writer

In February 2004, Sen. George Allen was ... (
A "news" story. How utterly contemptible.

We Have Our Religion. They Have Theirs.

Most scientists believe in the theory of evolution. And, like most people who act on their religious beliefs, scientists vote:
Scientists Endorse Candidate Over Teaching of Evolution
By Cornelia Dean, The New York Times

In an unusual foray into electoral politics, 75 science professors at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland have signed a letter endorsing a candidate for the Ohio Board of Education. (
So why would these learned professors care about the makeup of the school board? Because they don't want a competing theory - that God created the heavens and the earth and all living creatures - to be given its due in the classroom.


We're Missing The 'Boat'

I wrote a column for the Roanoke Times recently extolling the virtues - and windfall tax revenues - of casino gambling in Southwest Virginia (Las Vegas brought in $14 billion last year alone). Others have jumped on the bandwagon ... er, riverboat:
Town Hopes Casino Brings New Gilded Age
By Michael Rubino, The New York Times

French Lick, Ind. — After a six-decade absence, casino gaming makes its return next month to this Southern Indiana valley, once famous for luxury resorts that attracted the nation’s elite.

Workers are putting the finishing touches on the restoration of the French Lick Springs Resort, one of two landmark hotels less than a mile apart that are being revived. There, as part of a wider $382 million project, artisans apply gold leaf to one of the building’s Beaux-Arts domes. (link)
Wow. A third of a billion dollars just for the construction trades. Where are all those union bosses who contribute mightily to Congressman Boucher's re-election campaigns?

Anyway, this is big, and getting bigger. Think of the possibilities ...

By the way, Indiana law requires that gambling casinos be located on water. That's why you see the odd architectural landscaping.

Photo courtesy of A. J. Mast for The New York Times

Consider Him Deterred

For those who still want to argue that the death penalty doesn't have a deterrent effect on crime, consider the case of Danny Rolling. This asshole won't be raping, mutilating, and murdering any more innocent young women:
Killer of 5 Florida Students Is Executed
By Abby Goodnough, The New York Times

Gainesville, Fla., Oct. 25 — The serial killer who gruesomely murdered five college students here in 1990 was put to death on Wednesday by lethal injection, and relatives of his victims said afterward that they could finally feel the beginnings of relief. (
Death will unarguably have a deterrent effect on any perversions he might have contemplated for the future.

Pass The Amendment Now!

Just yesterday the Roanoke Times offered up this (untimely) bit of wisdom:
Vote 'No' on Amendment No. 1

The proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage is not about protecting heterosexual marriage. Unions between a man and a woman are now legal and will remain so no matter what voters decide.

Proponents of the amendment contend that is not good enough because the courts might overturn the law. That outcome is extremely unlikely, and such flights of paranoia do not form the underpinnings of a sound constitution. (
link) [my emphasis]
Is it paranoia? Or are we simply able ro read headlines and understand what a small handful of liberal judges can do to our way of life? In today's news:
New Jersey Court Backs Full Rights for Gay Couples
By David W. Chen, The New York Times

Trenton, Oct. 25 — New Jersey’s highest court ruled on Wednesday that gay couples are entitled to the same legal rights and financial benefits as heterosexual couples, but ordered the Legislature to decide whether their unions must be called marriage or could be known by another name.

In a decision filled with bold and sweeping pronouncements about equality, the New Jersey Supreme Court gave the Democratic-controlled Legislature 180 days to either expand existing laws or come up with new ones to provide gay couples benefits including tuition assistance, survivors’ benefits under workers’ compensation laws, and spousal privilege in criminal trials. (
link) [my emphasis]
I've already seen attempts at spinning this ruling as being somehow a vote against same-sex marriage rights coming from those who have worked to kill Virginia's gay marriage ban amendment.

In fact, this edict is our worst nightmare. Four people - four - in the state of New Jersey, liberal judges all, have decreed that state legislators there must get together and rewrite laws relating to gay unions.

In a different world, legislators would tell the court to mind its own business. But not in this day and age (and certainly not in Democrat New Jersey). Legislators there will shrug their shoulders and decry the fact that they have no choice but to comply.

So, we the people must decide. Now. Either we give up on this whole notion of representative democracy and let a small oligarchy run things, or we set in stone - through a constitutional amendment - the limits beyond which we will not let activist judges go.


Affirmative Action On Display

How else to explain moronic sentences like this (in the form of a caption) that appeared in this morning's New York Times:

A newspaper report that German troops in Afghanistan played with a human skull came as Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales said the U.S. did a poor job of explaining its effort to prevent terrorism. (link)*
7th grade English Comp.

* The photo and caption won't be active long. The Times changes out its graphics throughout the day.

James Webb's New Home?

After writing yesterday about the Democrats' predictable paranoia setting in over those infernal electronic voting machines that have already been programmed to bring wins to Republicans across the country, and of the right-wing conspiracy to have Jim Webb's name truncated on certain voting machines in heavily Democratic cities here in Virginia, I receive the following email:


I'm writing from the webb headquarters. We just started a blog telling stories on all of these voter protection issues and covering the most recent electronic ballot rediculousness [sic].

Love for you to link to it...

We're using it not only to get the word out but also to recruit voter protection folks to help on the big day!


Ignoring the fact that my name isn't Hey ...

... and looking past the way the person identifies herself (Virginiaisforvoters?) ...

... and understanding that one can easily connect remotely to a server in New Haven, Connecticut from the jungles of Guatemala, or Richmond, Virginia ...

... and looking beyond the obvious need certain Ivy League schools have for remedial spelling classes ...

... wouldn't it be wise, if you want to convince me (Mr. Hey) that you're one of us, to not have an email address that ends in @yale.edu?

More importantly, how smart can you be when you send an email that fans the flames I've set to me of all people. Did you think you were going to win me over?

So the paranoia has spread to the campus of Yale University - Jim Webb's headquarters. Or perhaps it began there. Who's to say.

In any case, consider yourself linked.