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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gay Bashing

Just when I thought it was acceptable in cultured circles to be homosexual, I find out that it's really not. The elitists over at the New York Times are revolted by Mark Foley's suggestive emails to young male Congressional pages:
The Foley Matter

That House leaders knew Representative Mark Foley had been sending inappropriate e-mail to Capitol pages and did little about it is terrible. (
Really? What's so terrible about it? For that matter, if nobody was being harmed, what was inappropriate about the emails? Is there a bit of prudishness coming through here?

I'm getting more satisfaction out of this story than I should. You see, it's these very people who attempt on a regular basis to try and separate out homosexuality from other deviant behaviors by arguing that nobody is being harmed in a gay relationship, it therefore gets an exemption.

Or not.

Maybe these holier-than-thous who decry Jerry Falwell's scriptural lectures on morality are of like mind after all.

Either that or they're just utterly confused.