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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What Was Jon Henke? A Potted Plant?

So the Democrats pull off an upset here in Virginia and it's due to the diligent efforts of bloggers who supported (and were supported by ...) the Webb campaign. As was touched on yesterday, some appear to think so:
GOP officials tout Internet to build party
By Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times

Several Virginia Republicans are exploring ways to harness the political power of the Internet to strengthen the party's message and attract voters.

State Sen. Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II wants to create seats on the state central steering committee for members who would focus exclusively on increasing the party's presence on the Internet.

The idea is in its early stages, but the Fairfax County Republican said in his online newsletter "Cuccinelli's Compass" that having presence on the Internet could help the party grow "in new directions and recruit Republicans that can help our campaigns get our message out and fight the political war going on every day in the virtual orld." (link)
Let's recall, the Republicans brought in one of the most influential bloggers in the commonwealth to shape George Allen's virtual message and to steer Republican weblog conduits toward a common theme.

Yes, Jon Henke was hired on after the macaca madness erupted so it's a bit dicey to conclude that the effort never moved the needle as it relates to the public opinion polls at the time. Perhaps, in fairness, Jon proved able to stem the bleeding that was, by all accounts, profuse and worsening.

But the needle nonetheless never moved.

Don't get me wrong (as some of you already have). If 10,000 people (a number that may include powerful and influential members of the media) here in Virginia regularly read the political weblogs, there are 10,000 voters who can be influenced by such an effort.

But realistically, at this point in time in our state's history, there is no reason to believe this is going to do any more for the GOP than did Mr. Henke's valiant efforts in the recent elections.

You want to influence the voters in a meaningful way? Convince the Washington Post to go back to being a newspaper and end its disgraceful practice of being a bomb-throwing, gossip-mongering, left-wing shill for the Democratic Party of Virginia.

I write this knowing that those 10,000 votes, if swayed in the last election, could have prevented the embarrassment that we're now having to live down that's wandering the halls of our nation's Capitol. Something to think about ...