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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Smoking Banned In NJ*

From The New York Times:
Legislators Pass Smoking Ban in New Jersey

TRENTON, Jan. 9 - New Jersey lawmakers approved a far-reaching ban Monday on smoking in indoor public places that includes virtually all of the state's bars and restaurants but not the gambling areas of Atlantic City's 12 casinos.

The measure passed in the Assembly 64 to 12 with two abstentions after Acting Gov. Richard J. Codey, a strong supporter of the ban, beat back an 11th-hour effort to kill it. The Senate passed the bill last month, and Mr. Codey had said he would sign the bill before he leaves office next week.

New Jersey would become the 11th state with so broad a prohibition; among states in the region, New York and Connecticut passed similar laws in 2003. Four other states restrict smoking in either workplaces or restaurants but do not ban it in all indoor public places. (link)
I find two things worth pointing out in this regard:

(1) Next time a Democrat whines about President Bush systematically taking away our individual liberties, think about the fact that the New Jersey legislature, which is overwhelmingly Democratic, has made it illegal to put a match to a cigarette and to inhale the smoke in nearly every public building in the state.

(2) The state of New Jersey is rife with corruption. Of all the items on the agenda that the legislators there could be working on, you'd think they'd be attempting to get their own house in order and get rid of all the crooks in their midst. Instead they concern themselves with the citizenry toking on cigarettes in local taverns.

The people of New Jersey must be very proud.

* I don't smoke.

On The Go

I'm coming to you this morning from a hotel in the northern suburbs of Washington DC. I'm on my way to Baltimore, where I'll be spending a few days in the inner harbor.

Hey, someone has to do it ...

I'm running right now at 24 kbps on dial-up. It ... is ... so ... slow ... This hotel has neither wireless not a LAN connection. What's up with that?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a great day (any day in January where the temperature is above zero is a great day automatically). Wish you were here.