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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Latest From Tallmansville

I picked up some good news from Kilo over at Spark It Up! regarding Randal McCloy, the only survivor of the Sago Mine disaster:

Mine Blast Survivor Moved Out of ICU

By Vicki Smith, Associated Press Writer

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - The sole survivor of the Sago mine disaster was moved out of the intensive care unit at Ruby Memorial Hospital on Tuesday as his condition continued to improve.

Randal McCloy Jr., 26, was transferred to a step-down unit with less intensive monitoring because his condition, while still serious, has become more stable, said Dr. Larry Roberts.

But McCloy, the only miner on a crew of 13 to survive the Jan. 2 explosion and its aftermath, has not yet regained consciousness.

Roberts said McCloy's heart and liver functions were recovering slowly, but he remains on dialysis because of his kidney damage. McCloy, of Simpson, has been breathing without assistance for several days. (link)
We're all rooting for you, pal.

And While I'm On The Subject ...

Looking for a few chuckles?

Kilo has somehow managed to stumble upon the few remaining socialists in the entire country, and has proceeded to piss them off. They think the Sago Mine disaster is a result of ... well, you gotta read it for yourself - here. I particularly enjoyed the comments going back and forth with regard to mine safety violations and such. It was especially interesting reading the thoughts of one person who seems to have some personal knowledge and experience with the subject matter going at it with people who ... well, don't.

Now before you socialists suck me into this e-debate, I want you to know up front that I have absolutely no experience with MSHA or mine citations.

I can however relate my extensive experience with being cited by the federal government for other kinds of safety/work-related infractions. Lots and lots of infractions. I was the poor schmuck in my younger days who had to follow the OSHA inspectors around with the clipboard, taking notes as they found fault with the damnest stuff. All of which had to be fixed forthwith. And there'd be no argument.

The whole process was actually bizarre. We could see half a dozen inspectors make their rounds over time and not one of them would find fault with a particular piece of equipment, and then the seventh guy walks in and cites his arcane interpretation of some obscure OSHA regulation, an interpretation that no inspector before or after ever dreamt up, and gets out his pen and starts writing. It was my job to say, "Yassuh. I'll get right on it, suh." And of course we got right on it because you didn't screw with the federal government. But they were like gnats at a picnic. We were trying to make production, turn a profit, keep the boys employed, and feed our families. These guys would blow in, give us a to-do list and we'd stop doing what we were doing and go clean this and upgrade that. Hang a sign here and put a step-stool there. Change the wattage on a lightbulb here and paint a bathroom wall there. All were considered violations of OSHA regulations.

Truth be known, and at the risk of sounding like I'm trivializing the problems that may have existed in the Sago Mine, the 200 or so violations that the coal company was cited for over time pale in comparison to what I racked up.

Sometime over a pitcher of beer I'll tell you all my OSHA stories. They are a hoot and make for great drinking fun.

As for you socialists, I think it would do you well to broaden your knowledge-base. Get a job. Get a life. Then wax indignant about the cruelties of capitalism and such crap. Until then, you'd do well to read Kilo's weblog. The man knows of that which he speaks. He lives it every day. And he'll teach you the ways of the world.

That is, if you haven't made him mad.

Here's An Odd Headline

From today's Roanoke Times:
Impact, yes, but not on sales
Bookstores around Roanoke report modest demand for books by and about Martin Luther King Jr., even by blacks.
Even blacks are demanding books ... Imagine that.

And here I've been accused of being a racist.

Struggling To Cope With His Loss ...

Al Gore just can't get past the fact that had he 19,000 supporters in the state of Florida who were smart enough to punch holes in a paper ballot, he'd be president today.*

How pathetic ...

... in so many ways:

Gore accuses Bush of illegal wiretaps
By Donald Lambro, The Washington Times

Former Vice President Al Gore yesterday accused President Bush of "repeatedly and insistently" breaking the law by using warrantless electronic surveillance methods to intercept phone calls to and from suspected terrorists abroad.

In a sharp attack on the presidentially approved secret spy program operated by the National Security Agency, Mr. Gore said the use of warrantless global satellite intercepts represented "a truly breathtaking expansion of power" that threatens "the very structure of our government." (link)
Life obviously came to a standstill for Crazy Al in November 2000. How else to explain the fact that Gore has completely forgotten that his administration was involved in the very same electronic surveillance he's accusing President Bush of having conducted.

Poor Al. Stuck in a time warp that will never end.

* I'll never forget the pathetic old fella on TV who was filmed crying, "I think I voted for Pat Buchanan by mistake!"

What, Do They Want Their Illegals Back?

What is up with this?
Mexican military incursions reported
By Jerry Seper, The Washington Times

The U.S. Border Patrol has warned agents in Arizona of incursions into the United States by Mexican soldiers "trained to escape, evade and counterambush" if detected -- a scenario Mexico denied yesterday.

The warning to Border Patrol agents in Tucson, Ariz., comes after increased sightings of what authorities described as heavily armed Mexican military units on the U.S. side of the border.

Rafael Laveaga, spokesman for the Mexican Embassy in Washington, denied that Mexican military personnel are crossing into the United States.

"I strongly deny any incursions by the Mexican military as inaccurate allegations," Mr. Laveaga said. "The Mexican military is a well-respected institution with strict rules on how to control Northern Mexico. (
"... strict rules on how to control Northern Mexico." You gotta love that. Hundreds of thousands of illegals pass through the area every year on their way to their new jobs in hotels and restaurants in the USA and Laveaga says his people are in control.

Control of what is the question ...

"Get in line, you people." The bus for Lubbock, Biloxi, and Boston will be leaving in 10 minutes."

Don't Trust Democrats To Keep Their Word

The Democrats in Congress are working to burnish their stellar reputations for honesty, doing what's right, and carrying through on their verbal agreements.

Not ...
Democrats abort deal on Alito vote
By Charles Hurt, The Washington Times

Senate Democrats have scrapped a "good-faith" agreement they made two months ago to allow the Judiciary Committee to vote today on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr.

"This is a new low in our confirmation process," said Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican. "Not only because it is virtually unprecedented, but also because it reflects a breach of trust."

Under the terms of the November arrangement presented to reporters by Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter and ranking Democrat Patrick J. Leahy, Republicans agreed to conduct the confirmation hearings after the holidays and Democrats agreed to allow a committee vote on the nomination today.

The only conditions for violating the agreement mentioned at the time by Mr. Leahy was "if something extraordinary comes up that neither Senator Specter nor I anticipate or expect."

Yesterday, Mr. Leahy was not claiming that anything extraordinary had come up. The only explanation he has offered is that Democrats didn't want to cut short their Martin Luther King Day holiday. (link)
You will want to remember this come election day. Believe nothing these people say. They are not to be trusted.

More On The Roger Keith Coleman Case

For those of you who want to know more about the Grundy murder/capital punishment story that almost handed Governor Mark Warner the White House, read "Guilty Again!" by William Tucker in today's American Spectator. It provides a great deal of background to the case as well as perspective you won't read in the mainstream press, including:
Bunch of hillbillies, small-town prejudices, inept cops thinking they got the right man just because he was an obvious candidate. Scopes trial, lynchings -- all that stuff. What do you expect from small-town America? (link)
A must read.

Quote Of The Day

... that's the heart of the problem with our party and its angry activist base. It's not so much that we're living in a parallel universe, but that we have dueling conceptions of what's mainstream, especially on abortion and other values-based issues, and our side is losing. We think that if we simply call someone conservative, anti-choice and anti-civil rights, that's enough to scare people to our side. But that tired dogma won't hunt in today's electorate, which is far more independent-thinking and complex in its views on values than our side presumes.

That point was driven home in an incontrovertible analysis of the 2004 election results by Bill Galston and Elaine Kamarck. They found that the American polity has undergone a great shaking out, where conservatives now vote almost universally for Republicans and liberals for Democrats, and that Republicans have won the presidency twice in a row because they're doing a better job of pulling moderates/independents their way -- in particular married women and white Catholics who are uncomfortable with the Democrats on values issues. Judging from the dreadful tack our party took in the Alito process, it's clear that we haven't yet internalized these political realities -- most likely because our anger at George Bush continues to blind us to them. Many Democrats just don't want to acknowledge that he's president and is going to pick conservative justices -- let alone that the two we got, John Roberts and Samuel Alito, are about as good as we could hope for.

Dan Gerstein, "Base Dogma," The Wall Street Journal, January 16, 2006 (link)

Waiting For The Axe To Fall ...

Governor Kaine is laying the groundwork for the most massive state tax increase since ... well, since his predecessor put through the most massive tax increase in the history of the commonwealth:
Kaine hits roads
The new governor's speech to Virginia's lawmakers focused principally on establishing transportation as a priority.
By Michael Sluss, The Roanoke Times

RICHMOND -- Gov. Tim Kaine told state lawmakers Monday night that he will propose a long-term transportation investment plan in the coming week "to reduce congestion, promote economic development and keep Virginia moving forward."

Kaine said the public demand for sweeping change was evident in each of the 11 town hall-style meetings on transportation that he held throughout the state between his November election and his Saturday inauguration.

"The message from Virginia is clear," he said. "It is time for action. It is time for a new approach -- one that will focus on accountability and protecting the dollars families pay for transportation; one that changes the way we do business; and one that addresses our most critical priorities." (link)
Let's see. I wonder what that "new approach" is going to involve. My guess is ol' Tim isn't going to propose lemonade stands or bake sales. Is there anyone reading this who believes our new governor's "new approach" involves something other than raising taxes?

For those of you who are outraged by this chicanery, I ask you to remain calm. Think of the greater good:

It's more important that our state government maintain that billion dollar surplus than that my children be able to send their children to college ...