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Sunday, January 22, 2006

From Bad To Worse

Bristol Compressors has announced that it is going to lay off 290 of its employees by March. And the parent company, Johnson Controls, is hinting at more drastic measures:
Bristol Compressors to lay off 290 employees
RICK WAGNER, Bristol Herald Courier Reporter

BRISTOL, Va. - The bad news is the largest employer in the Bristol, Va., area is laying off 290 people in March. The good news, officials said Friday, is they know of no plans to shut down the plant, which will retain about 1,360 employees after the layoffs.

Bristol Compressors will lay off about 290 of approximately 1,650 total employees by early March, Johnson Controls Inc. spokesman Darryll Fortune said Friday afternoon. (
And there's this:

Bristol's largest employer faces uncertain future
Bristol Herald Courier Staff Reports

BRISTOL - Bristol Compressors, the Twin City's largest employer, faces an uncertain future.

Less than two weeks after announcing 290 layoffs at the Bristol Virginia plant, parent company Johnson Controls announced Friday it "has begun exploring various strategic alternatives for its Bristol Compressors business," according to a statement Friday morning on PRNewswire. (link)
The loss of 290 jobs in Bristol is going to be a severe blow to the local economy. If the plant shuts down completely, it would be devastating.

I'm reminded, by the way, that Governor Tim Kaine proposed a series of tax hikes the other day, some of which will increase our employers' cost of doing business, in order to improve the roads up in Alexandria, the end-result of which will be more Bristol Compressors stories.

A never-ending spiral into the abyss.

Reactions Start Pouring In

This from Chad Dotson over at Commonwealth Conservative with regard to Governor Tim Kaine's having decided - as we predicted over and over again - to raise taxes after all:
Perhaps we should have listened to Jerry Kilgore when he told you that Kaine would raise your taxes. (link)

Chad is being too conciliatory. I think the myriad tax hikes that Kaine has proposed should be levied only on the "we" who voted for the weasel and who are now regretting it.

How Far Are You Willing To Go?

When you start dropping barriers and advocate for the social acceptance - we call it tolerance in this our oh-so-tolerant era - of perversion, you cannot ever again argue that some perverse acts are okay but others should be banned.

Same-sex marriage is all the rage in liberal circles. Exponents argue that sex behind closed doors between two consenting adults is a matter for those two consenting adults and that Christians should keep their morality to themselves. They tell us that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality and morals shouldn't enter into the debate.

I've said for years that to be accepting of sex between "two consenting adults" is in itself a moral judgement. Actually three: Sex is acceptable between TWO people if they are CONSENTING and those people are of a certain age to be considered ADULTS.

If you truly believe that morality shouldn't be factored into the equation, then it stands to reason that you would have to allow for sex with children. Beastiality. Polygamy.

You scoff.

Matrimonial multiplication
By Debra J. Saunders, The Washington Times

When social conservatives argue legalizing same-sex "marriage" could lead to legalized polygamy, same-sex "marriage" advocates either laugh or sneer. It's a scare tactic, they say. It'll never happen.

Last year, however, as Canada legalized same-sex "marriage," Prime Minister Paul Martin commissioned a $150,000 study to debunk the polygamy argument. Big mistake: The study confirmed the scare tactic by recommending Canada repeal its anti-polygamy law. (link)
So what propels the thinking behind the recommendation?
"Why criminalize behavior?" asked Martha Bailey, one of the study's three law-professor authors. "We don't criminalize adultery."
There you have it. All moral judgements have been excised. Behavior should not be criminalized. There should be no more rules. No guidelines. No morality.

The learned professor, having removed morality from consideration, concludes that every deviant act is permissible. Or so she must.

Be afraid for your children. Be very afraid.

An Update On The Beaver Story

Remember the other day when the Blacksburg, Virginia town council decreed that two beavers that had taken up residence - frolicking, nuzzling, dipping, diving, doing beaver sexual stuff - in the local park were to be slaughtered? And Paula wanted them punished? (the town council members; not the beavers). Reread the horrific story here.

Well now they've got my mother angry at them too.

I wrote the other day that you don't want to get the women-folk mad. Well, you really don't want to get my mother mad. She will kick your ass. While she's cooking breakfast. And she'll not drop her cigarette while she's doing it.

She wrote me an email yesterday expressing her outrage that the little beavers were killed rather than relocated to the nearby Jefferson National Forest (not enough room is my guess) or the Shenandoah National Forest (probably an overpopulation of beavers there already), and advised that she would have taken the critters in there on her rural property over near Louisville, KY.

But I'm sure the law wouldn't have allowed that either.

Virginia code (§ 8.01-44.5) defines beavers as mutated rats and must, therefore, when captured, have their furry little necks wrung.

Sorry, Mom. It's the law.