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Friday, February 03, 2006

Don't Even Think About It

According to Deborah Orin, writing for the New York Post, we're starting to like John McCain:
McCain Gains On The Right
By Deborah Orin

February 3, 2006 -- Republican conservatives are really warming up to Sen. John McCain as they look ahead to 2008 — and one reason is they are starting to see him as the best person to beat Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Conservatives loved the poll that showed McCain would trounce Clinton by 52 to 36 percent in a White House. It came along just as they were reminding themselves that McCain really is a true-blue conservative. (link)
If we are going to return to the days of picking a candidate who "can win," we might as well trot out Bob Dole again. He was nominated in 1996 for the very same reason. And we all know how that turned out.

The Democrats can tell us how well that plays come election time too. The powers-that-be thought John Kerry was "electable" (and compared to Screamin' Howie Dean and Al Sharpton, he was). But you see where such "strategy" gets you.

Let me make this as clear as I can: I am a fiscal and social conservative who tries my best to be a Republican. If the Republican Party nominates John McCain, I'll either vote for an opponent (third party?) or I'll skip the presidential race when I go to the polls.

I and hundreds of thousands of like-minded conservatives will never vote for McCain. Ever.

I'll not again go into all the reasons why McCain has forfeited the conservative label. I'll just mention his enthusiastic support for tax increases over the years and
his shameful leadership in the most egregious assault on our First Amendment freedoms in my lifetime as two examples.

So here's a warning to the RNC: You nominate John McCain, I stay home. And Bill Clinton returns to the White House.

Think it through.

On Those Mohammed Cartoons

Here's the news in this morning's New York Post:
By Andy Soltis

February 3, 2006 -- Hundreds of Palestinian gunmen seized diplomats' offices in the Gaza Strip yesterday, cops braced for riots in Copenhagen, a terrorist group threatened "bloody war" and supermarket shelves were empty in Cairo.

All this because of a few cartoons.

The 12 drawings by Danish artists — one shows the Prophet Mohammed wearing a turban in the shape of a bomb with a lit fuse — have touched off a furious debate about blasphemy and freedom of speech. The hysteria has stretched from Malaysia to Berlin and recalled the "death sentence" imposed on author Salman Rushdie. (link)
There appears to be a movement afoot - a kind of "in your face" response to these radical Islamist nutcases - for bloggers everywhere to reproduce the "blasphemous" cartoons, to show solidarity in the free world with the European news organizations (and now the E.U. offices in Gaza) that face the threat of retaliation. As much as I think these morons deserve it (actually they probably all deserve it), it is wrong to disparage Mohammed - just as it is wrong for the left in this country to - routinely - mock Christ and Christianity.

The difference between Islam and Christianity in this regard is only in the reaction of the adherents. Here in America, perhaps because we are accustomed to attacks from the godless left, we control our outrage and react by heaping ridicule upon the evil-doers in weblogs. In the Middle East, Islamist radicals kill them. And do their fatwah thing. I prefer our method.

So. Condemn the Islamist idiots who want all infidels to be slaughtered but leave Mohammed alone. As the saying goes, "Do unto others ... "