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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Let's Wait And See

We were treated yesterday to a lecture from the Roanoke Times on the Republican Party's woeful record of collusion with "special interests," particularly on the part of its newly elected majority leader. Here's a snippet from the column:
Boehner's tenuous claim to reform
New GOP majority leader is hip deep in the muck pervading an ethics-challenged Congress. Only compared to the worst is he Mr. Clean.

The Roanoke Times

The fact that Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio -- who once handed out tobacco lobby checks on the floor of the House of Representatives -- was considered a "reform" candidate for the post of House majority leader says it all about the sorry state of political ethics in today's Washington, D.C.

Boehner ran as a reformer, but his credentials are suspect, at best.

Money and influence are the lubricants that make things happen in today's Congress, and Boehner has his hands on both spigots. (link)
Keepin' 'em honest, as only a hard-hitting newspaper editorialist can. Exposing potential improprieties where they may exist. How praiseworthy.

Well, let's see if the Times staff truly deserves that praise. The troubles afflicting the Republican Party in general and John Boehner in particular that they so eloquently brought to our attention yesterday are again in the news today - this time, though, involving potentially far more serious improprieties and the number one Democrat in the commonwealth of Virginia. The news:
$18,000 vacation puts Kaine atop gift recipients list
By Bob Lewis, Associated Press

RICHMOND -- Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, a Democrat, accepted an $18,000 Caribbean vacation last year, putting him atop the list of Virginia elected officials who in 2005 accepted nearly $315,000 in gifts, trips, concert tickets and other gratuities from corporations, interest groups and wealthy persons.

The newly elected governor's winter getaway on Mustique -- a private island playground for rock stars and royalty -- was paid for by Albemarle County investor James B. Murray Jr. (link)
The Roanoke Times editorial page has been seen by many to be nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party in recent years. This will serve as a test to see if that is, in fact, the case.

Much criticism was leveled by the Times against John Boehner for taking campaign donations from corporate contributors, but nowhere in the scathing editorial was he accused of benefiting personally from those donations. In Tim Kaine's case, however, a wealthy investor shelled out $18,000 on an all-expense-paid vacation in return for ... what?

We should all expect to read about this outrage in tomorrow's Roanoke Times ...

A Bit Of Good News In Smyth County

Smyth County, devastated in recent years by factory closings, is going to see 25 new good-paying jobs created there someday soon. It's not much, but they'll take what they can get. Here's the news:
Reline America to open plant, offer 25 jobs in Smyth County
The Roanoke Times

SALTVILLE, Va. -- A manufacturing company, Reline America Inc., will invest $4.9 million in a plant here, creating 25 new jobs in Smyth County, Gov. Tim Kaine said Friday.

Positions will include engineers and skilled manufacturing jobs, with an average annual salary of $38,000, Kaine said.

Reline America manufactures liners to repair sewer and other utility pipes without excavating. Resin-impregnated sleeves are inserted in the pipes and cured w
ith ultraviolet light equipment. (link)
All I've got to say is, Reline America had better come through with these promised jobs or I'll never buy my resin-impregnated sewer liners from them again.