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Friday, February 10, 2006

I Don't Think It's Going To Work

I read this headline in the Roanoke Times this morning:

WSLS dispels talk about weatherman (link)

Appearing separately is this:

Lawyer: 'Lamarre was supplied heroin'
An affidavit said an unnamed victim had no pulse when paramedics arrived at his apartment.
By Lindsey Nair

A Detroit man is being held on federal charges in connection with the near-fatal heroin overdose of former WSLS (Channel 10) meteorologist Marc Lamarre, a Salem defense attorney said. (
Somehow I think whoever wrote that first headline should have coordinated with the person who wrote the second. Perhaps a more realistic headline would have been:
WSLS thought it could dispel talk about weatherman


Are Republicans in the Virginia General Assembly going to be rolled again by a Democratic governor and The Washington Post? Does the GOP majority have the strength and courage to stand together and employ the kind of hardball politics that will be necessary to defeat Tim Kaine's breathtaking tax increase proposal? Will we see the same handful of turncoats emerge to undermine Republican efforts to bring fiscal sanity back into the budget process? Take heart. These guys are serious - this time 'round. And they're out for retribution:
GOP rejects Warner nominee
By Christina Bellantoni, The Washington Times

RICHMOND -- House Republicans yesterday rejected the nomination of one of their former colleagues to the Board of Visitors of the College of William & Mary -- a rare move seen by most as political retribution. With no debate, the House voted 51-45 to reject former Gov. Mark Warner's nomination of former Delegate James Hardy Dillard II, a William & Mary graduate.

Many Republicans long thought that Mr. Dillard, a pro-choice legislator who consistently voted for higher taxes, had left their party.

Last year, Mr. Dillard campaigned for Democrat Dave W. Marsden, instead of Republican Michael J. Golden. Mr. Marsden, a former Republican who once was Mr. Dillard's aide, won the election.

Mr. Dillard voted in favor of a $1.38 billion tax increase in 2004. [my emphasis]

Some of the new and more conservative members of the caucus felt the strongest about rejecting Mr. Dillard, 72.

They had to coerce the senior leadership to support the vote and later cheered the decision as a show of backbone from a caucus that has shied away from such polarizing votes in the past. (link)
Backbone indeed. This is heartening news. We may yet see the mess in Richmond that was created by our former governor cleaned up by our faithful band of brothers - and sister.

If Rhode Island Can Do It ...

While Tim Kaine and the Democrats in the General Assembly plot and scheme to raise our taxes - again, Rhode Island, traditionally one of the most heavily taxed states in the union, is contemplating just the opposite. From The Wall Street Journal:
Rhode Island Revelation

Let's hope James Carville, Robert Rubin, Nancy Pelosi and other national Democrats are all sitting down for this one: The Rhode Island legislature is considering a flat tax, and the proposal comes from its majority Democrats.

That's right, last week Ocean State Democratic leaders proposed an optional flat rate income tax of 5.5% as an alternative to the current "progressive" tax schedule, which imposes rates ranging from 3.75% to 9.9% for the highest earners. The flat tax is part of a more comprehensive reform plan that would also include a sales tax holiday weekend in August and a full week of relief on "energy efficient" items in March 2007 from the state's 7% sales tax.

Rhode Island's high tax burden is damaging its economy. Just as the countries of the former Soviet bloc have passed flat taxes to make themselves more competitive, Rhode Island politicians are hoping the idea can help them stop their most talented workers and growth industries from going elsewhere [my emphasis]. (link requires subscription)
" ... help them stop their most talented workers and growth industries from going elsewhere." Sound familiar?

We have experienced devastating losses in our manufacturing base over the last several years here in Southwest Virginia because we are unable to compete in the global marketplace. Our legislators respond by raising taxes (none of which will be paid by the Chinese or Hondurans or Guatemalans) and worsening the situation. Rhode Island - Rhode Island! - on the other hand, understands that tax relief will ensure competitiveness so legislators there are going to radically alter their tax structure.

Can we put our legislators on a bus bound for Providence? It's time they learned firsthand how economic growth and prosperity are nurtured and sustained.

Stick a Fork In It

Tim Kaine's feckless attempt to follow in his predecessor's footsteps and foist a massive - and completely unwarranted - tax increase on the hard-pressed people of Virginia is rapidly going down in flames. If a reinvigorated and powerful opposition weren't enough to seal his fate, Kaine now has to deal with this news:
Kaine Administration Scrambles to Explain Tax Figures
By Bob Lewis, AP Political Writer

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - A Census Bureau report showing state taxes per person increased 55 percent from 1994 to 2004 in Virginia sent Gov. Timothy M. Kaine's administration scrambling Wednesday to explain that the increase reflects prosperous times, not runaway taxation.

For Kaine, on the eve of a series of town hall-style meetings, the report presented problems in pushing his package of transportation reforms and the fee, fine and tax increases necessary to generate nearly $1 billion more a year to pay for them. (link)
Kaine's Finance Secretary Jody M. Wagner attempted to explain the facts away, suggesting the figures are misleading. Those pesky figures. Secretary Wagner would probably argue that the $1 billion in surplus revenue amassed since Mark Warner raised taxes is misleading too. Nice try.

You're doomed by the facts, Tim. Give it up. Move on to more inviting opportunities. Another smoking ban is always a safe bet ...

Terrorism? What Terrorism?

Just at the point where Democrats were becoming comfortable in saying that we weren't vulnerable any longer to a terrorist attack here in the USA and that 9/11 was a one-time deal, and their decrying our President's efforts to intercept telephone calls between Al Qaeda fiends overseas and their compatriots here in this country creeps ever more closely to acts of sedition, George Bush smacks them down like the pesky insects they are with this:
By Deborah Orin, Bureau Chief, The New York Post

WASHINGTON — President Bush yesterday revealed new details of a thwarted 9/11-type plot to fly a plane into the tallest skyscraper in Los Angeles — and said America stopped it, thanks to international help.

In October 2001, just weeks after the Twin Towers were hit, 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed had already "set in motion" a plot to have terrorists hijack a plane and use shoe bombs to blow open the cockpit door, Bush said.

He said they plotted to fly the plane into "Liberty Tower." Aides later corrected that to Library Tower, now officially named U.S. Bank Tower. It's the tallest building west of the Mississippi at 1,017 feet. (link)
This disturbing news should be enough to scare the bejeebers out of the average American. It should also give pause to the leftists in our midst who have been saying the relentless talk of another attack was nothing more than a Republican scare tactic, but it won't. We can expect the Democrats to continue to fight for Osama's civil liberties to their very end.