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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

They're Only Doing Their Jobs ...

The sheriff over in Spotsylvania County is regularly sending his deputies down to the local "massage parlor" and having prostitutes there perform unmentionable sexual acts on them in order to ... uh ... investigate wrongdoing. Now that's creative:
On-duty sexual activity defended
Spotsylvania sheriff: It helps the county's detectives build cases
By Kiran Krishnamurthy, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

SPOTSYLVANIA -- Spotsylvania County authorities yesterday defended their practice of allowing detectives to engage in sexual activity while investigating suspected illegal massage parlors.

Spotsylvania Sheriff Howard Smith said the measures are needed to bring felony sex charges rather than misdemeanors. He compared the practice to drug stings in which undercover officers buy illicit narcotics from suspected dealers.

"I don't see a lot of difference," he said after The Washington Post cited court documents in reporting that Spotsylvania detectives allowed women to perform sexual acts on them and once left a $350 tip during an investigation of an establishment called Moon Spa. (link)
Did the sheriff ask for volunteers? Was there a waiting list? A sign-up sheet? Were the deputies in uniform and were they heavily armed? Were the hookers in uniform and were they heavily armed? How many times each day did each deputy run down to the brothel and have "investigation" performed on him? Who was protecting the citizenry while the entire sheriff's department was down at Moon Spa doing their undercover work with the working girls? And what bit of acrobatics prompted that $350 tip?

So many questions left unanswered.

I Warned You

I have on two occasions made mention of the fact that investors are running up the price of Google only because they expect more investors to invest in the stock. Fundamentals be damned. It's the 90's "tech bubble" all over again. Now those same investors are waking up to the fact that those other investors come ...and ... go ...

From today's Wall Street Journal:
The Nasdaq Composite Index slid by 22.07, or nearly 1%, to 2239.81, its lowest closing level so far in 2006.

Shares of Google continued to drop, sliding 4.7% after a critical Barron's article that said shares could fall by more than half due to increased competition and concerns about fraud in the online-ad market. Google's shares are down 27% since their all-time closing high of $471.63, set on Jan. 11. The drop has sliced nearly $40 billion off its market cap. The search engine's decline steepened after it missed fourth-quarter earnings forecasts widely two weeks ago. (link requires subscription).

Shares will fall by more than half. I said so. A year ago. You need to listen this time. Or go ahead and blow your childrens' college fund. It's up to you.

That's More Like It

I wrote on Friday the following, with reference to Governor Tim Kaine's failing attempt at raising taxes:
You're doomed by the facts, Tim. Give it up. Move on to more inviting opportunities. Another smoking ban is always a safe bet ... (link)
I should have been paying closer attention:
Va. Senate Passes Indoor Smoking Ban
By Rosalind S. Helderman, Washington Post Staff Writer

RICHMOND, Feb. 13 -- The Virginia Senate voted Monday to ban smoking in restaurants and virtually all other public places ...

... its passage on the floor of the Senate ... signaled mounting popular support for smoking restrictions. (link)
Increase penalties on "hate crimes." Pass resolutions on renaming the state insect. Go after litterbugs. Rename a road in honor of ... someone. Make the folks back home think you're actually doing something constructive.

Leading Virginia into the next millenium ...

The Media And Dick Cheney

It's rather fascinating to watch the mainstream media worked up into a frenzy over the fact that Dick Cheney called 911 before he called them. I wonder if they have any clue as to how foolish they often come across these days. Here's the New York Times' hissy fit:
White House Shoots Foot

Let's see. The vice president of the United States accidentally shot someone while bird-hunting on a Texas ranch. It took the White House nearly 24 hours to share that information with the rest of the nation because Dick Cheney thought it would be better for the ranch's owner to give the story to the local newspaper first. And by the way, it was all the victim's fault.

The vice president appears to have behaved like a teenager who thinks that if he keeps quiet about the wreck, no one will notice that the family car is missing its right door. (link)
" ... behaved like a teenager ... " ... said the "adults" at the New York Times