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Friday, March 03, 2006

Would Someone Wake The Old Bat Up?

I hope, when my case involving mistaken identity, wrongful imprisonment, and a sentence of death by hanging comes before the Supreme Court, someone will reach over and ever so gently wake Ruth Bader Ginsburg up!
Court: Redrawn Map Hurt Texas Minorities
By Gina Holland, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - A key Supreme Court justice said Wednesday that Texas Republicans appeared to hurt minority voters when they redrew congressional boundaries that helped the GOP entrench its power in Congress.

But despite Justice Anthony M. Kennedy's misgivings, it did not appear there was broad support on the high court to throw out the entire map promoted by former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas to help Republicans win six more seats.

The subject matter was extremely technical, and near the end of the argument Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dozed in her chair. Justices David Souter and Samuel Alito, who flank the 72-year-old, looked at her but did not give her a nudge. [my emphasis] (link)
To think, the lives of our children and grandchildren are in her hands.

We're doomed.

Cigarettes And HOV Lanes

I was outbound (well, no, I was actually sitting motionless) from Washington DC yesterday evening on I-66 watching the few cars that were able to use the HOV lanes* whiz past me on the left when the thought came to me: The same mean-spirited legislators who have made it the law that smokers be required to stand outside their places of employment in a driving snow storm in five degree temperatures with a windchill of minus seventeen, in order to smoke a cigarette are the same bunch that created High Occupancy Vehicle lanes on the highways around several of our major cities; the same yobbos who take perverse satisfaction in the traffic congestion, the road rage, and the chaos that has resulted. They're going to save us from ourselves, dammit, whether we go along with it or not.

The purpose of the HOV lanes was originally to entice people to carpool to work. Many, many years ago. "Want to make that commute more quickly? Get a couple of people to ride with you each morning and we'll reserve a lane on the interstate just for you." It was to cut down on congestion. Save gas. Reduce pollution.

So I'm sitting motionless on I-66 watching all this vehicle exhaust boiling up as thousands of cars with average EPA mileage ratings of 17 miles per gallon, every one of which had only one occupant, are burning fossil fuels like crazy. Wasting gas. Polluting the atmosphere. Worsening the inexorable global warming problem.

Two westbound lanes were jammed and the HOV lane was virtually unoccupied. Pristine. I think I saw weeds growing.

At what point do the vindictive politicians who created this catastrophe - one that has brought on more pollution, more congestion, and has exhausted more precious fuel than any SUV designer in Detroit could have ever dreamt of - revisit their misguided attempt at changing the lifestyle habits of the American people and fix the problem they created?

Probably the same day they decide they've given enough smokers pneumonia, allow them to come back inside out of the blizzard conditions they're currently forced to stand out in, and allow companies to create well-ventilated smoking break rooms for them.

Which means: When hell either freezes over or gets clogged with the exhaust emissions belching from tens of thousands of cars sitting at idle in jammed lanes on the interstate brought about by taking three perfectly good outbound lanes on I-66 in Washington DC - at rushhour - and cutting them down to two.

Or when we demand that our politicians be less mean-spirited and more intelligent, whichever comes first.

* HOV - High Occupancy Vehicle. Only vehicles with 2 or more occupants may use these lanes for travel. All other vehicles - the 99% that don't qualify at any given moment on any given day - are ticketed if caught there.

Ever Changing Global Warming Theory

Don't pay attention to what the experts were saying yesterday. Look only at their theories today. At least until tomorrow, when they'll change again.

Here's today's entry for those of you logging all the expert guesses relating to global warming:
Loss of Antarctic Ice Increases
ANDREW C. REVKIN, The New York Times

Two new satellite surveys show that warming air and water are causing Antarctica to lose ice faster than it can be replenished by interior snowfall, and thus are contributing to rising global sea levels. (link)
So the sea level is rising. Perhaps.
The studies differed significantly in estimates of how much water was being added to the oceans this way, but their authors both said that the work added credence to recent conclusions that global warming caused by humans was likely to lead to higher sea levels than previous studies had predicted.
"Data from these studies don't agree with data produced in previous studies but our conclusions are the same." Good grief. And these guys expect to be treated like they are credible.

If only that were true. The widely varying conclusions are "evolving" as well:

The earlier projections presumed that snowfall over Antarctica, as well as Greenland, would increase as warming added moisture to the air, compensating for the losses of ice from crumbling or melting along coasts.

"Snowfall will matter less and less," said Robert Bindschadler, an expert on polar ice at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration who was not involved in either study. "We know that warmer climates eventually lead to less ice."

Snowfall will increase. Snowfall will decrease. Well, actually snowfall won't matter. Measurements show snowfall is compensating for the loss of ice. Well, no it isn't compensating for the loss of ice. In any case, we are the experts and know what we're talking about.

The globe is warming. We say so.

I'm left with only one conclusion. All scientists must die.

You Don't Wanna Make Her Mad

I think we all remember the stories coming out of the White House in the 90's about Hillary, in fits of rage, throwing lamps and such at her husband. Knowing that, he will probably want to rethink his Dubai policy - if he values his life as much as he does graft. From the Detroit News :
Conflicted Clintons

Maybe the Clintons should hold a family meeting. While Sen. Hillary Clinton was blasting the Bush administration for the United Arab Emirates port deal, former President Bill Clinton was urging his buddies in Dubai to hire his former aide to lobby for the deal. The sheikdom has paid Clinton $600,000 for speeches and helped bankroll his library. (
This reminds us of those good old days when Clinton's foreign policy could easily be bought by our enemies - like Communist China.

In any case, Bubba may be swayed by the opportunity to gain additional wealth but he'd better be thinking about his physical well-being. Hillary can, has, and will hurt him.