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Thursday, March 16, 2006

General Sherman Had It Right

"I think I understand what military fame is; to be killed on the field of battle and have your name misspelled in the newspapers.” William Tecumseh Sherman

A correction in today's Roanoke Times:

Gaurav Raja recited 8,784 digits of pi in a Pi Day competition at Salem High school. His name was misspelled in Wednesday's paper. (
Apparently Sherman's understanding of military fame carries over to mathematics fame as well - minus the killed part ...

The U.N. Is Hopeless

Kofi Annan knew he had a problem with the United Nations' Human Rights Commission so he put wheels in motion to scrap it and come up with a replacement that will be made up of fewer human rights abusing member countries. The U.N. General Assembly voted for the creation yesterday of a new Human Rights Council that will be made up of the same human rights abusing member countries:
U.N. assembly OKs creation of new rights panel
By Betsy Pisik, The Washington Times

NEW YORK -- The U.N. General Assembly voted yesterday to create a new human rights body over the objections of the Bush administration, which said the rules of admission are not stringent enough to keep out repressive regimes.

The world body voted 170-4 to establish the Geneva-based Human Rights Council after five months of often rancorous negotiations. U.S. Ambassador John R. Bolton stressed that the United States would work with the new council despite the reservations. (link)

The United States, which pays 1/5th of the U.N.'s dues, was one of the few countries that voted against this travesty that will allow for Cuba, Syria, North Korea to all be on the Human Rights Council in the future.

This bunch is hopeless. Get out of the United Nations. Now.