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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Uh, Roanoke Fire Chief ...

Memo to whomever it is that is in charge of the Roanoke fire department:

If you find yourself in a 5-alarm situation requiring that you call out 145 firefighters to battle the blaze, as did the Louisville, Kentucky department last night, please excuse Jarrod Fuhrman from duty. His father does not want him hurt.

Jerry Fuhrman

To everyone else, check out the spectacular photos of this conflagration starting here.

Gov Kaine Comes a'Slummin'

The city of Galax, Virginia is reeling from a series of recent plant layoffs that have decimated the local economy, the latest of which was announced Wednesday. Governor Kaine, feeling the pain of the local citizenry but not having a clue as to how to stop the area's implosion because he doesn't know the first thing about economic matters and is unable to grasp the fact that he personally is contributing to the acceleration of the economic devastation, is showing up in Galax next Tuesday with hugs for the displaced and a promise of more layoffs in the future. From the Galax Gazette:

Governor to open "relief center" in Galax

Gov. Tim Kaine will travel to Galax on Tuesday to sign legislation creating an Economic Crisis Strike Force and setting up an "economic relief center" in the city to help laid-off workers get federal, state and local assistance.

Kaine announced his plans last Friday, just two days after Sara Lee Branded Apparel said it would shut down the textile operation at its National Textiles plant in Galax in May, costing 332 workers their jobs.

The governor will sign the legislation at 4 p.m. Tuesday at the Crossroads Institute in Galax. (link)
How sweet. The state government does its part in driving local businesses overseas with its inexorable need for more tax revenue and an uncontrollable urge to foist burdensome, costly regulations on our employers, and then the political leadership dons its shining armor, leaps astride the white steed, and comes galloping in with welfare checks for all. And Kaine's popularity soars.

I wonder, when all of Southwest Virginia becomes one big "economic crisis," - in the next year or so - if Governor Tim Kaine's pathetic and degrading Economic Crisis Strike Force will employ the tens of thousands of laid-off workers who've been thrown into economic crisis by the very actions of politicians like ... Governor Tim Kaine.

This is an ongoing and worsening outrage.

Salem Plant To Lay Off 113 Employees

Another day, another plant closing here in Southwest Virginia:
Valleydale will close sooner than expected
The Salem plant's closing date has been moved up from July to May, a spokesman said.
By Duncan Adams, The Roanoke Times

The final curtain will close sooner than predicted for Valleydale Foods in Salem, where the plant's 113 remaining workers learned Friday that they'll lose their jobs in May instead of July.

In November, Smithfield Foods executives announced plans to close the company's Valleydale Foods plant in two phases and predicted the shutdown would be complete in July. More than 200 workers lost their jobs in January, but others stayed on the job, processing boiled ham, diced ham and bacon bits. (link)
Thank God for the area's burgeoning tourism industry. These 313 laid-off Valleydale employees should have no problem finding gainful employment - as long as they are willing to dress up in ante-bellum costumes, paint their faces black, learn to strum the banjo, and sing Old Black Joe to the northerners who'll be tossing quarters at them.

The Games People Play

Controversy swirls around this doodling. Is it a Picasso or isn't it? The world holds its collective breath while experts debate:
Picasso's Daughter Says Drawing Is a Fake

Maya Widmaier-Picasso, a daughter of Picasso who authenticates works attributed to him, said yesterday in Paris that a $40,000 drawing purchased by a California man through Costco last year was a fake.

Ms. Widmaier-Picasso, 70, was asked to view a digital image of the 1970 drawing three days after she pronounced two other Picassos inauthentic that had been offered by the same American dealer who sold the drawing. (link)
Pablo Picasso was a gifted artist. But he had this annoying penchant towards the lazy. This scribbling represents well the kind of "art" he often turned out. Whether it is actually a Picasso is of less importance than is the fact that the man created a reputation that allows for this scrawl to even be considered one of his "masterpieces."

Photo courtesy of the New York Times
Click on image to enlarge.

How Humiliating

The Republican Party is being criticized by the big-government folks at the Roanoke Times for ... being the party of big spenders:
That's trillion, with a 't'

"Our leaders must make sure that the growth of the federal government remains in check," the scribes wrote in their party platform. "Let us be clear: If government is to meet the most pressing needs of our time and still maintain fiscal discipline, government leaders must set priorities and stick with them."

Please, O wise Reagan, let us not be like those spendthrift Democrats.

The lords granted their wish, but with a twist. Republican fiscal policy isn't a gold touch; it's a gold card.

To think just a few years ago the Clinton administration was running a surplus. (link)
You know something is awry when the rabidly liberal Times can get away with (legitimately) scolding the GOP for being the party of out-of-control spending.

How did we let this happen?

Quote of the Day

The Bend of History

"President Bush sketched an expansive vision last night of what he expects to accomplish by a war in Iraq. Instead of focusing on eliminating weapons of mass destruction, or reducing the threat of terror to the United States, Mr. Bush talked about establishing a 'free and peaceful Iraq' that would serve as a 'dramatic and inspiring example' to the entire Arab and Muslim world, provide a stabilizing influence in the Middle East and even help end the Arab-Israeli conflict."--editorial, New York Times, Feb. 27, 2003

"One prominent neoconservative, Francis Fukuyama, asserts in a new book that the administration embraced democracy as a cornerstone of its policy only after the failure to find unconventional weapons in Iraq. The issue was seized upon to justify the war in retrospect, and then expanded for other countries, he says."--New York Times, March 17, 2006

James Taranto, "Best of the Web Today," March 17, 2006

Now You Can Buy

If you were paying attention to my advice yesterday, you held off on buying GM stock. The worst is now over. Get your wallet out:
GM's stock tumbles by nearly 5 percent
Restatement of losses, disclosure of accounting errors send investors for the exits
Sarah Karush, Associated Press

DETROIT -- General Motors Corp.'s disclosures that it lost $2 billion more last year than previously reported and needs more time to sort out accounting errors in the finance business it wants to sell gave investors fresh reasons to worry about the world's biggest automaker. They sent GM's shares down nearly 5 percent Friday, shaving more than $600 million off its market value. (link)
So why would I now recommend that you buy GM stock on such bad news? Because GM took its hit. And the only way is up from here.

There'll be no charge for this advice, by the way. Consider it one of the many rewards for reading this weblog.

Killing In The Name Of Love

Planned Parenthood is world-renowned for its ability to quickly and efficiently slaughter children. What it is becoming known for as well is its knack for killing women. The most recent cases:
After 2 More Deaths, Planned Parenthood Alters Method for Abortion Pill
By Gardiner Harris, The New York Times

WASHINGTON, March 17 — After receiving reports that two more women died after taking abortion pills, Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest provider of abortion and contraceptive services, announced that it would immediately change the way it gives the medicines.

The change partly resolves a long-running dispute between Planned Parenthood and the Food and Drug Administration over the safest way to provide pill-based abortions.

The F.D.A. has now received reports that six women in the United States died after taking RU-486, or Mifeprex. A seventh died in Canada. The two most recent deaths and two of the previous four underwent their procedures at Planned Parenthood clinics, a spokeswoman said. (link)
Politics in this country allows only one corporation to get away with the systematic killing of young innocent women. If Merck or Pfizer was murdering women in such large numbers, you can bet there'd be more of a reaction than "Well, we are going to have to change the way we administer the abortion pill." They'd be put out of business and their executives would be behind bars.

But Planned Parenthood, because of the good work it is doing in making the world a better place (for the elitists who support it - it is, after all, mostly poor and disproportionately black women who frequent their clinics), will continue to slaughter women who blunder into its facilities.

This is so shameful.