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Thursday, March 23, 2006

NY Times Caught Again

This weblog, with an operating budget almost equalling the value of that cup of coffee you have in your hand, has not (yet) been caught even once this week in gross errors leading to the owner's unending embarrassment.

Which puts me two up on the lavishly funded - and arguably less prestigious - New York Times:
Another Bad Slip for 'NY Times': Katrina Victim Unmasked
By Editor & Publisher Staff

For the second time in less than a week, The New York Times today admitted to a serious error in a story. On Saturday it said it had misidentified a man featured in the iconic "hooded inmate" photograph from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Today it discloses that a woman it profiled on March 8 is not, in fact, a victim of Hurricane Katrina--and was arrested for fraud and grand larceny yesterday.

As it did in the Abu Ghraib mistake, the Times ran an editors' note on page 2 of its front section, along with a lengthy news article (this time on the front page of Section B). Again mirroring the Abu Ghraib episode, the newspaper revealed a surprising and inexplicable lapse in fact-checking on the part of a reporter and/or editor. (link)

I guess what we all need to become accustomed to is the fact that the Times staff's intent is more important than are the facts. It's clear that George W. Bush's destruction supercedes the maintenance of journalistic standards.

U.N. Adopts Murtha War Strategy

When rioting erupted in Ivory Coast in January, United Nations "peacekeepers" adopted the war strategy that Democratic Congressman John Murtha recommends the U.S. military embrace in Iraq. The U.N. forces fled the fighting and departed for safer environs.

Well, the rioting has subsided. And the United Nations warriors are returning to their bases:
UN troops return to west Ivory Coast after riots
By Loucoumane Coulibaly

ABIDJAN (Reuters) - U.N. peacekeepers have started returning to the west of war-divided Ivory Coast after abandoning their bases during anti-U.N. riots in January, the mission's military spokesman said on Thursday.

Several hundred blue helmets fled four bases during the riots across the government-controlled south, after shooting dead five youths who broke into their base in the town of Guiglo and tried to steal weapons. (link)
I'm sure the U.N./Murtha strategy - staging military units where no harm will come to them - provides a high level of confidence among the people of Ivory Coast. As it will if adopted in Baghdad when our generals try to convince a nervous Iraqi populace that the United States Army - fleeing to far-away Kuwait - will be there should they be called upon.


The Twisted Religious Left

Those three hostages (two Canadians and one Brit) who were being held for the last few months by Islamist terrorists in Baghdad have been freed by British and American forces. Read about the dramatic rescue here.

And here is the thanks their rescuers get from the organization that sent the three into harm's way:
"We believe that the illegal occupation of Iraq by Multinational Forces is the root cause of the insecurity which led to this kidnapping and so much pain and suffering in Iraq. The occupation must end.

“Today, in the face of this joyful news, our faith compels us to love our enemies even when they have committed acts which caused great hardship to our friends and sorrow to their families.

These idiots have only enough "love" for the Iraqi terrorists (who brutally executed their other hostage, American Tom Fox), it appears. They still harbor nothing but hatred toward the rescuers - and for the civilized world generally.

How despicable. How utterly depraved.

Aging Hippies To Perform At Virginia Tech

Want a blast from the past? For those of you who are old enough to remember (I'm sure you're not all dead yet) the heightened awareness days made legendary in the songs of such immortals as Joan Baez and Pete Seeger and wish to reminisce about what might have been, a couple of "musicians and social activists" are coming to Virginia Tech on the 28th to show the aging faculty there how to properly install their Depends. As for the rest of us, it should be a sight to behold:

Social activists to speak at Virginia Tech March 28
Jean Elliott, Virginia Tech News

Blacksburg, Va., March 20, 2006 -- Internationally known musicians and social activists, Guy and Candie Carawan, will perform “We Shall Overcome: The Sound of Social Activism” on March 28, 7 p.m., in the Chemistry/Physics building, Room 130, on the Virginia Tech campus.

This presentation is sponsored by Virginia Tech’s Residential Leadership Community, the Humanities Program, and the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. It is free and open to the public.

Guy and Candie Carawan have worked at the Highlander Center in Tennessee for more than 40 years ... (link)

All you old people out there who (in your more lucid moments) still consider yourselves to be activists fighting for political, social, and cultural revolution and who still want us out of Vietnam need to wheel yourselves onto campus to check out this alive-and-until-further-notice-kickin' entertainment.

When News Isn't ...

Headline in the Danville Register & Bee:
Fugitive for a year stays on the run (link)
Tomorrow's headline:
Sun expected to rise this morning.

Boucher Needs To Worry No Longer

Headline in today's Bristol Herald-Courier:
Pope Won't Run For Congressional Seat (link)
I hope the Pope reconsiders. This could have been a great opportunity for the GOP to capture the Catholic vote.

NY Times Protects Hillary's Backside

The New York Times has a piece this morning that attempts to find problems with the resume of one of Hillary Clinton's potential opponents in her upcoming senate race:
Questions Arise About Résumé of Challenger to Clinton
By Raymond Hernandez

When Kathleen Troia McFarland stepped forward as a Republican challenger to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, she was a relatively obscure figure with two intriguing claims to fame: She had worked on President Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars" speech and had been the highest-ranking woman at the Reagan Pentagon.

But interviews with former Reagan administration officials and a review of documents show her claims were not entirely accurate. (link)
The intention here is so transparent it's hardly worth mentioning. But I will anyway.

Did the Times have one of its reporters write a story in 2000 that made mention of the fact that Hillary's resume consisted entirely of the following?
  • President Clinton's wife
  • Non-practicing attorney

No. The New York Times propelled the reputation of Hillary Clinton, a person with no experience - no resume - for the job, into the stratosphere.

So. It's plain to see what's going on here. It's shameful when the bias that permeates the editorial page of the Times creeps into its "news" pages.