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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Modern-day Warrior

If I were to be asked why I never served in the military, I would have two legitimate answers. First, I received a college scholarship out of high school and never gave the military a second thought. Whether that was right or wrong is up to you.

Secondly, and honestly, I look at photos like this from the war front and realize that I would have - in all likelihood - lowered the fighting effectiveness of our modern-day army. These guys and gals are warriors in every sense of the word.

I couldn't be more proud of each and every one of them - if only because I know they are performing heroic deeds the likes of which no fighting force in the history of mankind has ever accomplished.

They are truly America's finest.

Where Are Kaine's Handlers?

If there is one city in the state of Virginia that has been more devastated by plant closings and layoffs than Danville, I don't know where it is. While the state basks in unprecedented economic prosperity and full employment, unemployment in Danville runs in the double-digits and the population count is plummeting, as more and more people pack their bags and head north looking for work.

And Governor Kaine is coming to Danville to talk about raising taxes:

Kaine to address transportation issues in Danville
By Mac Mclean, Register & Bee staff writer

DANVILLE, Va. - Gov. Timothy M. Kaine plans to bring his state transportation proposal directly to the residents of Danville and Pittsylvania County during a Monday-night meeting at the Institute for Advanced Learning & Research.

“This issue has been talked about, studied and debated from every direction with no serious action since 1987,” Kaine spokesman Kevin Hall said Friday.

“Virginians get it and they understand,” Hall said, adding that the governor, along with many others, feels transportation is the biggest issue still before the General Assembly this year. (link)
I wonder what planet Kevin Hall is from. While he is certainly right that the transportation issue is still the biggest (make that the only...) issue still before the General Assembly, it's hardly uppermost in the thoughts of the people of Danville. They want to talk about layoffs. And foreign competition. About where the next paycheck is going to be coming from. About the existing economic crisis. They want their political and business and civic leaders to get together and create conditions such that employers quit laying off workers. They want area businesses to thrive and to get back in hiring mode. They want Danville to prosper once again.

They want a future.

They sure as hell don't want to hear the governor talk about increasing the tax burden.

Even Democrats in Danville aren't talking about transportation issues.

So, if I may be so bold as to speak for a growing number of displaced Southside (and Southwest) residents: Take your roadshow back up north where it'll sell, Governor Kaine. HOV lanes on I-95 in Prince William County are an issue - up in fabulously prosperous Prince William County.

Down this way, where we have a completely different set of problems, where plant closings and layoffs are by far our number-one concern, where the opportunities for our children to succeed are bleak, we know that your transportation plan that includes an array of tax increases will result only in more plant closings. And more hardship.

So sell it somewhere else. We've got our own set of problems to deal with.

What? We're Not Good Enough For You?

I'm sure you remember Governor Kaine's visit last week to Galax to provide the citizenry there a "ray of hope," after it was announced that another round of layoffs are coming. I wrote at the time that Kaine's idea of hope - a few welfare checks - would mean a whole lot more if they accompanied a few job opportunities.

Well, it turns out the opportunities were indeed there - and Governor Kaine awarded them to folks in Illinois.


From PotomacNews.com:
Kaine's machine pressures McQuigg
By Kafia Hosh

The calls began flooding Del[egate] Michele B. McQuigg's office Wednesday morning, one by one clogging her voicemail system.

Sometimes her legislative aides answered and listened to the simple messages that stated, "I'm calling to urge you to support Gov. Kaine's transportation proposals," McQuigg said.

"It's different voices," said the Republican, who represents Lake Ridge, Occoquan and parts of Woodbridge. "It sounds like there's a group of people in the background. It's hard to understand sometimes."

The mysterious numbers popping up on the delegate's caller I.D. had an 815 area code from Illinois.

Kaine's political action committee, Moving Virginia Forward, is financing the media blitz to exert public pressure on members of the Republican-lead House in supporting his road program for the state.

The campaign involves phone calls to the general public with a recorded message from the governor.

Kaine's political action committee, Moving Virginia Forward, is financing the media blitz to exert public pressure on members of the Republican-lead House in supporting his road program for the state.

The PAC's call center is based in Illinois ... (link)

How disgraceful is this? If there is one "ray of hope" for the economy here in Southwest Virginia, it is in our burgeoning call center sector. We have more than our share of call centers and lots of trained callers.

And we have 841 workers in Galax who have lost or are about to lose their jobs.

Could the good governor at least advise these folks (who are soon going to be packing their bags and moving out) where his call center is located in Illinois so that they can apply?

Hattip to Riley, Not O'Reilly & to Tugboat Phil

This Will Be Kinda Hard To Fix

Leftists in this country have called for the complete destruction of our way of life because, in our efforts to make this world a better place, we are - at the same time - heating up the planet. Call it Global Warming.

Well, a professor postulates that the warming of the Earth is actually due to a more intense sun:
Warming To a Bright Idea

March 26, 2006 -- The sun is getting brighter, increasing the pace of climate change and undermining claims that man alone is to blame, scientists have found.

"The enhanced warming we have seen since the 1990s . . . could well be due to this increased intensity of sunlight compounding the effect of greenhouse gases," said professor Martin Wild. (link)
I'm no expert but ... if it was going to be difficult to reverse the gains we've made here on planet Earth and to go back to living in the Stone Age, it is surely going to be tough to change the way the sun conducts itself.

But maybe those leftists can get a law passed ...

On That Global Warming Thing

Can someone get our global warming back?

It's 26° right now and we've gotten more snow here on Big Walker Mountain in March than we did in December or January.

I'm tired of it. I want Spring.