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Saturday, April 08, 2006

You Got Your Problems. We Got Ours.

There is no raging debate here in Bland County about HOV lanes or illegal Mexicans or about unconstrained real estate development (unless you include all the talk about my neighbor's nice new barn ...). No, we have other problems:
Bland may put bounty on coyotes
Justin Harmon, The Wytheville Enterprise

While not dexterous enough to operate a set of rocket skates or clever enough to rig an elaborate pulley system to capture their prey, true-life coyotes are still a menace to farmers in Bland County.

So much so, in fact, that a bounty on the rather crafty predators has been proposed.

At the March meeting of the Bland County Board of Supervisors, County Administrator Jonathan Sweet presented the text of a proposed ordinance that would put a price on the head of the county's coyote population. (link)

The good news is that we don't have a recurring beaver problem on Big Walker Mountain. The bad news is that our state legislators, if they get wind of it, will probably raise taxes to pay for the removal of our coyotes (if you don't tell them, I won't) when, truth be known, everybody in Bland is heavily armed and more than willing to shoot (each other on any given day and ...) the pesky varmints - just for the fun of it.

The worse-case scenario involves my Congressman declaring the coyote to be an endangered species (he's not much for jobs in the area but he's big on trees, rocks and wildlife) and holding Bland County off limits to economic development - just when we were about to lure to the area a major multi-billion dollar multi-national pharmaceutical conglomerate - any day now.

Anyway, we got us a coyote problem. Round up the boys.

I Agree With The Governor

Governor Tim Kaine traveled to economically depressed Danville yesterday where the rate of unemployment is three times the state average and announced to the unemployed masses there that they were not in need of his "economic strike force." They're doomed no matter what he does.

In so many words anyway:
Kaine: Area does not need economic strike force
By Bernard Baker, Danville Register & Bee staff writer

Kaine said his staff is working to bring more jobs to the Danville area. He said while Danville faces “economic challenges,” the area does not need his economic strike force.

In time, he sees Danville’s economy so diversified that future generations won’t have to move way [sic] to find better-paying jobs. (
In time, the people of Danville will learn how to survive without food too.

How depressing this pep rally must have been for the attendees - a "crowd estimated at 1,300 to 2,000 - many unemployed and looking for [a] job." Kaine gathers them together, tells them they cannot partake of his overhyped and growingly overworked "economic strike force," and declares that he's confident that their future generations won't have to deal with the many problems that exist in Danville today - none of which he intends to solve today.

I can imagine the folks who showed up at this rally saying, "Gee, Tim, don't let the door hit you... er, thanks for the visit. You might want to get an early start on your journey back north. You don't want to get your limo stuck in traffic. There are thousands of (former) residents on the highway who have rented U-Hauls and have begun the migration to New York to find work.

In all seriousness, there is one point on which Kaine and I can agree. Danville does not need his silly economic strike force. It needs employers. Jobs. Economic vitality. Something besides hot air and the cheerleading squad.

And it sure as hell doesn't need a governor showing up to tell the people of economically devastated Danville, Virginia that its future generations will fare better someday somewhere than the few remaining residents are going to today.

Champions Of The Environment

Democrats are harmless beings really. Sure, they rant about this injustice and that imbalance. But they aren't really serious. Sometimes they can even be good for a few chuckles - Al Gore burning thousands of gallons of fossil fuels to fly from the asylum to California to set up a cry for his endangered planet - which is heating up as a result of humans burning fossil fuels - comes to mind. He's always a laugh.

They're not all funny of course. Sometimes they're ... conflicted. They're radical feminists ... except where Arab women are concerned. They are for peace and love except in instances involving an innocent fetus three months in the womb. They are champions of individual rights but don't you even think about smoking a cigarette in the privacy of your own shoe repair shop. They're for the free expression of ideas - unless you're on a college campus and speak your mind about homosexuality or you're a newspaper editor and make the mistake of reprinting cartoons that might offend terrorists. They cry for the poor but keep their extravagant wealth to themselves. And they're big on saving the planet ...

... as long as it doesn't ruin the view:
Committee Acts to Doom New England Wind Farm
By Cornelia Dean, The New York Times

A Senate-House conference committee has approved a measure that would effectively kill a proposal for the first large offshore wind farm in the United States, in Nantucket Sound south of Cape Cod, Mass. (
You may remember this project. Its intention was to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. To that end, an array of windmills was going to be constructed far out in Nantucket Sound - offshore from Teresa Heinz Kerry's palatial estate and Ted Kennedy's manse.

The problem with the windmills was that, when he was sober, Ted could have looked out from his veranda, beyond his yachts and runabouts, past the private beach, towards the sound, and way off on the horizon there would have been those atrocious blades slowly turning. The very idea.

You see, these guys want to save you from yourself. And, truth be told, to save themselves from you. You are, after all, the great unwashed. The masses. It's your environment that needs saving, not theirs. It's your profligacy, your licentiousness, that's causing the earth's problems. Theirs is paying semi-annual dividends and is doing them just fine.

So expect to hear more about windmills and solar energy and recycling and all that neat stuff. They have a plan. A mission. Of course it may require the confiscation of your backyard but ...

The Man Who Should Be King

He's third in line to the throne, which means he'll never be king. He doesn't have to run for the office anyway so he doesn't have to pretend to "feel anyone's pain," and he's enormously wealthy. So he does what he pleases:
Prince Harry Celebrates at Strip Club
By The Associated Press

LONDON (AP) -- Prince Harry, the third in line to the British throne, celebrated the end of his military training with a visit to a lap dancing club, British newspapers reported Saturday.

Harry, 21, watched dancers at the Spearmint Rhino nightclub in Slough, southern England, during celebrations marking the end of a year of study at a military academy, the Daily Mirror said. (link)
He knows he'll be on the front pages of the tabloids the next day and goes out and has fun anyway. I like this guy.

Don't Make Us Come Over There II

We here in Virginia may as well just get used to the idea that we are going to have to bring our wayward western counties (otherwise known as West Virginia) back into the fold. They are, over and over again, proving that they cannot be trusted to govern themselves. Today's feature:

Congressman's Special Projects Bring Complaints
By Jodi Rudoren, The New York Times

As lawmakers have increasingly slipped pet projects into federal spending bills over the past decade, one lawmaker has used his powerful perch on the House Appropriations Committee to funnel $250 million into five nonprofit organizations that he set up.

Those actions have prompted a complaint to federal prosecutors that questions whether any of that taxpayer money helped fuel a parallel growth in his personal fortune.

The most ambitious effort by the congressman, Alan B. Mollohan, is a glistening glass-and-steel structure with a swimming pool, sauna and spa rising in a former cow pasture in Fairmont, W.Va., thanks to $103 million of taxpayer money he garnered through special spending allocations known as earmarks.

The headquarters building is likely to sit largely empty upon completion this summer ...

The case has led several Republican leaders to call for Mr. Mollohan's removal from the House ethics committee, where he is the senior Democrat. (link)

It is usually the case that members of Congress - somehow - become fabulously wealthy while in office, but Mollohan seems to have outdone all others.

Read the whole thing and you too will come to the conclusion that we need to go over to West Virginia and help these people. If we aren't quite ready to give them full membership once again in the Commonwealth, we can at least do what the Israelis did with the Gaza Strip and the West Bank - we can declare our western counties to be "the territories" and provide them protection from themselves.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.