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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Roger Clemens Move Over

I know you looked at the picture above and said, "Why would Jerry put a photo of (ruggedly handsome) Chris Carpenter on his weblog?"

Well, that's not the 2005 National League Cy Young Award winner. That happens to be my nephew, Clayton George. He's shown here pitching his high school team from Austin, Indiana to victory (6 innings pitched; gave up 3 hits; won 14-4).

All you college scouts out there will have to get in line and wait your turn for an interview. I should warn you though - college is somewhat on the back burner right now. We're looking at going right to the majors (the Nationals could sure use him). But we'll get back to you.

Photo courtesy of AustinEagles.com
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They Make My Hair Hurt

Leftists at the Roanoke Times caution us this morning to not rush into war with Iran:
Assessing Iran and the nuclear option
One lesson the nation should have learned in Iraq is to keep the dogs of war on a short leash in dealing with Iran.

Before the Bush team leads American forces into another campaign of regime change, other centers of power must challenge the underlying ideological assumptions and force a realistic assessment of risks and potential outcomes. (
By the way, here's a fair assumption.

Anyway, other leftists featured in Virginia Tech's Collegiate Times want us to go to war with Sudan:
'Save Darfur' tents line drillfield in genocide protest
By Saira Haider, News Assistant

“We thought it was really important to get the word out because so many people are unaware and it seems like our government doesn't have much interest in stopping the genocide in a country that we can't exactly benefit from economically,” Petrina said. (link)
Go to war here. Don't rush to war there.

A suggestion: Why don't you all get together at Starbucks over a few double grande lattes and a joint, decide who it is you want us to nuke, and then let the rest of us know. Okay?

You Might Want To Work On That Excuse, Tim

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine took time away from his faltering effort to raise our taxes to veto a bill that had been passed by the legislature - because it "ran contrary to existing law" - as if new laws don't:
Kaine vetoes gun storage bill, 6 other measures
By Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times

RICHMOND -- Gov. Timothy M. Kaine said yesterday that he vetoed seven bills, including a measure that would have allowed those without a concealed weapons permit to store guns in their cars as long as the weapons were in locked compartments.

"This measure runs contrary to existing state law regarding concealed weapon permits, allowing people who have not completed a criminal background check, and who are untrained with a handgun, to possess a firearm in a concealed manner with a locked compartment in their vehicles," Mr. Kaine said in a written statement. (
Tim opposes this law because it would alter existing law.

Come on, Tim, you can do better than that, big guy.

If we had elected a more honest and forthright Governor, Tim Kaine would have said the following as he vetoed this law that simply would have made it legal to store a gun in your car in a locked compartment:
I was lying through my teeth, as many voters recognized at the time, when I posted the following to my Tim Kaine For Governor 2005 website: "Tim Kaine strongly supports the Second Amendment."
Odd how Tim Kaine the Governor seems so different from Tim Kaine the candidate. Very peculiar.

The Glory That Was France

They're hopeless:


April 12, 2006 -- True to Gallic tradition, President Jacques Chirac on Monday stared sternly at the rioters who've spent the last two weeks ravaging France and . . . surrendered.

Bowing to pressure from rowdy adolescents and moss-backed unions violently opposed to proposed labor-law reform, Chirac provided la Belle France with a regrettable lesson:

Riots pay.

In withdrawing the central provision of the First Jobs Contract that would have allowed businesses to become more competitive, Chirac gains peace in the streets at the expense of the nation's economic future. (link)

Some things never change.

Republicans Learn From The French

I feel like a conservative voter in search of a party these days:
Alien felony proviso dropped
By Charles Hurt, The Washington Times

Any immigration legislation passed by Congress this year will not include the inflammatory provisions approved by the House last year that make it a felony to be in the United States illegally, Republican leaders on Capitol Hill said yesterday.

House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said in a joint statement that "it remains our intent to produce a strong border security bill that will not make unlawful presence in the United States a felony." (link)
Fools. They're guaranteeing a flood of illegal migration into the country in the future. For this we need a Republican Party?

They're Going To Be Hiring Up In Roanoke

From The Roanoke Times:
Expansion ahead for window plant
Integrity Windows and Doors says it will increase the size of its plant and add jobs.
By Duncan Adams

Integrity Windows and Doors announced Monday plans to nearly double the size of its plant in Roanoke County, as well as add 150 jobs over three years. (
All you folks who have been laid off - and haven't moved to Rochester looking for work - need to run up to Integrity Windows and Doors and put in your application - sometime in the next three years...