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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Open The Gates! Let Freedom Ring!

There are an estimated eleven million illegal aliens in this country and Ted Kennedy wants to be their friend. To strengthen the bond, he made a speech the other day to thousands of them who assembled for a rally in downtown Washington DC. Here's part of what he said to them;

John McCain and I have a plan. It is a strong plan. It is a fair plan. It is a plan for America’s future.

And today we are making that future happen.

Will you support us? (Me apoyan?)

Will you support us? (Me apoyan?)

Will you support us? (Me apoyan?)

Well, I’m here today to say that we will support you, too. (Nosotros vamos a apoyar a ustedes tambien.)

We will never give up. We will never give in.

Hasta la Victoria!

Si se puede!” (link)
Ted Kennedy opened his arms to the illegal Mexicans in our midst and invited them to join us. How magnanimous is that? He thinks the rest of us should be accepting of them as well. All eleven million. And any more millions that might want to make the trek across our southern border.

And I'll bet there are people who believe him.

Well, we should put him to the test. I want you to click on this link -


What you're looking at is an aerial view of the Kennedy compound in Hyannis, Massachusetts. This photo - taken from a distance - is as close as any illegal Mexican is ever going to get to Senator Kennedy's property - his sovereign land - without being shot in the attempt - unless they're there to do his laundry or groom the lawn. You can bet it's as close as the rest of us will to get to his property too without the cops being on our tails.

Here's my challenge: Ted, you believe in opening our borders to illegals. To let 'em all in. You think it's somehow our duty to our ancestors. That being the case, let's start with your property. Demonstrate your commitment to standing together (mantenerse unidos) with the illegals in this country by tearing down your gate, turning off your security system, relieving the armed guards from duty, and asking the local police to not stop the Mexicans - and the rest of us - from taking advantage of your palatial digs.

As a matter of fact, I think I want to sun myself on your private dock. And I hear your bar is stocked with nothing but the best. Open that border, pal. You did mean it when you said, "Nosotros vamos a apoyar a ustedes tambien (I’m here today to say that we will support you).

Will you? Will you do what you're asking the rest of us to do?

My guess is, Ted, that your magnanimity only extends to letting those Mexicans settle in the hinterlands. The expanse of America occupied by the great unwashed. The have-nots. The rest of us. You don't really want them near you. Not really.

Truth be known, you'd probably rather die than have to come near an illiterate, unkempt, uncultured itinerant laborer. Ever.

Sir, I'll believe you mean what you say when I see a your wife doing a danza del vientre with an hombre or two out on your veranda.

But I'm willing to see if you really mean what you say. Tear down that wall, Ted. Let us all in.

A Den Of Thieves

Republican Congressman Tom Delay has been indicted on charges of taking political contributions and donating them to the campaigns of other Republican candidates in Texas. You decide whether the nation was threatened by his - alleged - actions.

But this isn't news. You've read and heard it all - ad nauseum.

What you hardly ever read about - oddly - is this:

House Democrat accused of post-Katrina misconduct
By Amy Fagan, The Washington Times

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington released an ethics complaint yesterday against a congressman from Louisiana, charging that he played a role in a conspiracy and bribery scheme and misused federal resources in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Rep. William J. Jefferson, Louisiana Democrat, is one of a few congressional Democrats who have come under fire lately from misconduct charges. Former aides to John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, have said they were treated like personal gofers and valets and had to baby-sit his children and work on political campaigns [a violation of election law, if true] among other chores, the Detroit Free Press and the weekly newspaper the Hill reported last month.

Federal investigators are looking into the finances of Rep. Alan B. Mollohan, West Virginia Democrat, the Wall Street Journal reported last week. The story said Mr. Mollohan helped steer $178 million in federal money to nonprofit groups in his district run by people who are regular contributors to his political campaigns. Republicans promptly called for Mr. Mollohan to step down from his post as the top Democrat on the House ethics panel. (link)

Compared to all these Democrats, Tom Delay (who's never been accused of rape either) is starting to look like a saint.

I Don't Know ...

I suppose if terrorists can dress up as women ...:

April 13, 2006 -- MINNEAPOLIS - A Marine reservist returning home after eight months in Iraq was told he couldn't board a plane home to Minneapolis because his name appeared on a terrorist watch list.

Staff Sgt. Daniel Brown, who was in uniform and with 26 other Marine reservists, was delayed briefly in Los Angeles Tuesday until the issue was cleared up. (link)
This is the sort of thing that will become government policy when the Democrats take over (John Kerry, liberal party standardbearer, has already labelled our men and women in arms as terrorists), but they're not in charge yet.

So brighten up, you guys.