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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

'Kaine To Raise Gas Prices'

I wrote a week ago that it seems a bit incongruous that the national Democratic Party is beginning an all-out effort to pin the most recent gasoline price increases on the Republican Party while, at the same time, our fair governor (a Democrat last time I looked) is promoting (wholesale) gas tax hikes.

Well, not only does he favor an increase in the cost of your gasoline, he's out there touting it:
Kaine considers fuel-tax increase?
Governor shows willingness to accept the option while urging a budget solution

By Michael Hardy and Jeff Schapiro, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writers

Despite rocketing gasoline prices, Gov. Timothy M. Kaine yesterday said he would consider backing higher fuel taxes as part of a remedy for roads and mass transit.

"I will not pledge to veto a gas-tax compromise," said Kaine.

Kaine signaled a willingness to consider an increase in the 17.5-cent-per-gallon tax on gasoline -- the lowest in the region as House Republicans demanded that the state Senate retreat on a proposed increase. (link)

This deaf-ear approach to the budget impasse - the people of Virginia are already unnerved by the spike at the pump and Kaine is more than willing to worsen the problem even though his government is sitting on a massive surplus - should be fodder for the Republicans who are standing up heroically against another massive tax increase.
  • This governor will stop at nothing to feed the insatiable government maw.

Do I need to write the talking points for you guys?

'Tell a Child Not To Do Something...'

Where does this fall in Virginia Tech's ongoing effort at bringing "community" to campus?
Racist graffiti found at Tech
By Greg Esposito, The Roanoke Times

Virginia Tech police on Monday reported another instance of racist graffiti on campus, less than a week after students protested against what they see as institutional racism at the school.

On Saturday, police responded to West Ambler Johnston Hall, where someone had written "nigger" on a wall of the dormitory in black marker, Lt. Wendell Flinchum said.

The university also adopted its Principles of Community in March 2005 reaffirming its commitment to diversity on campus. (link)
There were those of us who scoffed at Tech's heavy-handed approach to forcing diversity down the throats of its adolescent "community." For the following reason:
... Shawn Braxton, head of the Virginia Tech chapter of the NAACP, said Tech needs to take a more active role to educate the community about problems with racism at the school.
More racial indoctrination. Yeah. That'll make the punks quit scribbling grafitti on the walls.

And lest we forget the tactics that Joseph Stalin would be proud of.

Like It Or Not

You may not want it to be the case, but President Bush is right about this:
Bush rejects mass deportation of illegal aliens
By Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times

IRVINE, Calif. -- President Bush yesterday ruled out deporting the estimated 12 million illegal aliens in the United States and also praised a plan that offers a path to citizenship for many current illegal aliens.

"Massive deportation of the people here is unrealistic. It's just not going to work," he told the Orange County Business Council. "You hear people out there hollering, 'It's going to work.' It's not going to work." (link)
By the same token, we can protect our southern borders and stop illegals from adding to the mess.

It seems like both sides should be able to come to a workable solution here.

And they need to today.

It's Far From Over

For those who advocate that we should get out of Iraq and crawl in a hole, making the world a better place:
By Uri Dan and Leonard Greene, The New York Post

April 25, 2006 -- A bloody string of terrorist bombings tore through a popular foreign resort area on Egypt's Sinai Peninsula yesterday, killing at least 30 people and injuring as many as 150 during the height of the vacation season, officials said.

Twenty-three people were killed in the attacks, including one at a hotel, in the seaside city of Dahab.

The bombers struck along a crowded promenade of shops, restaurants and bars. (link)
This scourge has to be defeated - wherever they're to be found. Or they'll be found here.