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Friday, April 28, 2006

How Low Will We Go?

This is disgraceful:

Rebate Check Proposal
Associated Press

Senate Republicans say it's a way to do something about high gas prices. They are proposing a 100 dollar rebate check for millions of taxpayers to counter the higher costs of fuel. (link)

The Republican Party, once known proudly as the party of Reagan, is now best described as being the party of Vanna White and Pat Sajak. "Mrs. Jones, you've just won $100!"

Somebody kill me.

They Might Have Expected This

There are things in life we just must endure. George Allen is going to have to explain why he did what every white kid in 1966 was doing (see below) and the University of Virginia lacrosse team is going to have to put up with this:
Good behavior for U.Va. lacrosse
By Jeff White, Richmond Times-Dispatch Writer

CHARLOTTESVILLE - The off-field behavior of men's lacrosse players at Duke and, now, North Carolina has been scrutinized, criticized and publicized this spring. In the Charlottesville area, police say they don't consider the players at the University of Virginia to be a problem in the community.

Asked if there have been serious incidents involving men's lacrosse players at U.Va., Capt. Chip Harding of the Charlottesville police said, "None that have come to my attention."

Capt. John Parrent of the Albemarle County police: "I don't know of any issues with that team." (link)

I know I'm going to rest a little easier now.

Life As We Know It Is About To End

Allen: Rebel flag was teen 'attitude'
Magazine reports on the rebel symbols he had in high school
By Peter Hardin and Tyler Whitley, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writers

WASHINGTON -- Sen. George Allen, who has tried to reach out to minority voters in recent years, wore a Confederate flag pin on his shirt collar in a high-school yearbook photo, a national magazine reported yesterday. (link)
I think, unless Allen can prove his association with the NASCAR fan club, 17 million members of which proudly sport the Confederate flag on lapel pins, on hats, on their beer bottles, on their RV's, on their flags, on their butt tattoos, on their tombstones ..., we should hang the bastard.

That's Going Too Far

There can sometimes be too much of a good thing:
Reynolds makes big move into smokeless tobacco; profits up
By Tim Whitmore, Associated Press Writer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -- Reynolds American Inc., the nation's second-largest cigarette maker, said Thursday its first-quarter profit rose 23 percent and it is planning a second major push into the smokeless tobacco category with a snuff product under its famous Camel brand.

Camel Snus (pronounced "snoose") will be test-marketed in Portland, Ore., and Austin, Texas, beginning by the end of June, the company said Thursday. (link)
Seems like a good thing. Right? So what's up with this?
Snus is sold in small pouches that are placed between the lip and gum. The tobacco in them does not require the spitting associated with traditional snuff. [my emphasis]
Say what? What good is it if you don't spit it?

Good Lord. Next they'll be criticizing us for our Confederate flag lapel pins.

By the way, what's a lapel anyway?

Where Has This Guy Been?

I read the headline attached to an E.J. Dionne column in the Washington Post this morning and was intrigued:
A New Gun Argument (link)
Knowing Dionne to be rabidly liberal, my only thought was: What gun-ban scheme have they dreamt up now?

Well, as it turns out, they haven't. They're are just reciting an old theme. He just wants it to resonate with the people this time 'round:
Mayors Turn the Political Issue to Saving Lives

Railing against [the current] state of affairs is useless. Better that a savvy group of mayors takes the lead in the difficult struggle to change the underlying politics by reminding Americans that this issue is about saving the lives of innocent kids -- and of grandmas in their rocking chairs.
Why didn't Hillary think of this? Gun control should be for the children ...

Actually she had. As did the rest of the gun-ban crowd. Ever hear of the Million Mom March, E.J.?

It's been done before. And the American people summarily rejected the notion. Better come up with a new one.

Don't Forget The Third Leg Of That Stool

A study just released reveals that al Qaeda uses the press in its campaign of terror:
Al Qaeda wields press as terror weapon, report finds
By Jennifer Harper, The Washington Times

Terrorists use the press and public relations as weapons, said a study released Wednesday by Arizona State University.

"People are surprised the jihadis think of the media as a weapon," said Steven Corman, director of the school's Consortium for Strategic Communication and a Defense Department consultant on communications networks and counterterrorism. (link)
Contrary to the good director's thinking, nobody's surprised by this finding.

What has become rather startling though, is the willingness of the press to go along. The terrorists blow up a busload of school children and members of the media are quick to blame George W Bush for our being in Iraq.

Then there is the third partner in the triumvirate - the Democratic Party. The leadership is moving further and further to the left, often sounding like spokespersons for Osama himself as they criticize the President. Remember this from the man who would be President?
And there is no reason, Bob, that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women, breaking sort of the customs of the--of--the historical customs, religious customs. (link)
Osama had to be smiling.

So, what to make of all this? Know thy enemy.

An Interesting Legal Case

I think we'd better get Steve involved in this one:
Teen sues mom in bid to ID dad
[Detroit] Metro area 17-year-old finds man who raised him isn't biological dad; they unite to seek genetic history.
Steve Pardo and Christina Stolarz, The Detroit News

MOUNT CLEMENS -- A 17-year-old is suing his mother in Macomb County Circuit Court to force her to reveal the identity of his biological father.

Two years ago, the teen -- identified as "Minor J" in court filings -- learned that the man who helped raise him wasn't his real father. Now, with help from that man, who is his legal father, he's involved in a lawsuit that could help determine what rights children have to know the identity of their parents.

The case centers on the teenager's desire to know his family genetic history for health purposes ... (link)
I'd expect to read more stories like this in the future. Fascinating.