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Monday, May 08, 2006

Living In A Dream World

Virginians are going to be hopping mad when they hear this:
Appalachian Power Makes Rate Filing in Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. - PRNewswire-FirstCall -- Appalachian Power filed a request today with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) seeking approval for an increase of $198.5 million in customer rates.

Appalachian estimates implementation of the new rates will increase the monthly bill paid by a residential customer for 1,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity from the current amount of $61.57 to $75.23, excluding taxes - an increase of $13.66.

If approved, the new rates will increase revenues in Virginia approximately 25 percent. (
A 25% increase! What are we to do? We are just going to have to find an alternative to fossil fuels!

Well, no. We're hopping mad about that too:
SOAR forms to oppose industrial wind turbins
The Stuart Enterprise

A group of Patrick County citizens met Monday night to discuss plans for opposing industrial wind turbines that could be located in the county's mountainous areas.

The group, called SOAR--Save Our Appalachian Ridges--plans to circulate petitions in business locations throughout the county and at the Reynolds Homestead's Spring Frolic May 6.

Scott Eutsler, spokesman for SOAR, said residents are concerned about the potential negative effects of wind turbines on property values, wildlife, and the natural scenic beauty of Patrick County. (
We've already eliminated coal, wood, and nuclear power. And solar power is great for powering hand-held calculators but not much more. I guess that leaves hydroelectric power (and Merlin's magic elixir). What say we dam up Peters Creek and ... uh ... what? Dams are bad for the fishes?


Good grief.

I'm Not Getting A Warm And Fuzzy Feeling

How can it be that McDonald's can put a picture of a Big Mac on 100,000 cash registers in its 31,000 restaurants around the world and the hamburger joint's 1.5 million employees have no problem serving 47 million people daily but we can't seem to put a political candidate's name on an electronic ballot once a year and get it right?

The latest disturbing news out of Indiana:

Vote count may be delayed
Harrison machines returned for repair

By Lesley Stedman Weidenbener, The Louisville Courier-Journal

INDIANAPOLIS -- Newly discovered problems with voting equipment provided by embattled Election Systems and Software could delay counting some primary ballots in Harrison County, an official said yesterday.

Nebraska-based ES&S, already under investigation by state election officials, failed to ship one of the memory packs that the machines need to count votes and made mistakes in programming 13 others that did arrive, said Harrison County Clerk Sherry Brown. (

This is very disturbing. Elections officials need to be pressed to get this fixed - nationwide - pronto. Crazy Al is going to be running for President in 2008. And we all know what he did with a hanging chad on a punch card in 2000. He's going to ... well, go crazy when he finds out an electronic machine - in Florida! - worked improperly.

It's going to get real ugly.

Quote of the Day

Moussaoui gets life, the terrorists win

"America, you lose," said Zacarias Moussaoui as he was led away from the court last week.

Hard to disagree. Not just because he'll be living a long life at taxpayers' expense. America "lost" for a more basic reason: turning a war into a court case and upgrading the enemy to a defendant ensures you pretty much lose however it turns out. And the notion, peddled by some sappy member of the ghastly 9/11 Commission on one of the cable yakfests last week, that jihadists around the world are marveling at the fairness of the U.S. justice system, is preposterous. The leisurely legal process Moussaoui enjoyed lasted longer than America's participation in the Second World War. Around the world, everybody's enjoying a grand old laugh at the U.S. justice system.

Mark Steyn, Chicago Sun-Times, May 7, 2006 (link)

Showing Signs Of Intelligent Life

Finally there's a glimmer of sanity in the debate over whether toll booths should be constructed along I-81:
Legislators oppose truck tolls on I-81
Some lawmakers say tolls will divert trucks from Interstate 81 to smaller roads.
By Ray Reed, The Roanoke Times

State legislators in the Interstate 81 corridor urged a halt Friday to highway officials' negotiations with builders who proposed truck-only lanes on I-81.

The 11 legislators who joined in criticizing the truck-lanes concept objected to tolls proposed by the Star Solutions builders' consortium.

In a news release issued by the Virginia Trucking Association, the legislators cited a New Jersey company's study indicating trucks would avoid I-81 in huge numbers if tolls were to be placed on it.

The trucking association said miles driven by trucks using U.S. 11 instead of the interstate highway would more than double as drivers avoid tolls. (

If you go to Star Solutions' website (here), you'll find that one of the organization's goals in recommending toll booths on I-81 is to reduce congestion - particularly truck congestion - on the highway. It doesn't take a genius to realize that the congestion would merely be shifted to the far more dangerous U.S. 11.

Put toll booths on I-81 and watch what happens to the death toll on U.S. 11.