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Monday, May 15, 2006

All Talk, No Action

It's so easy to complain. To badmouth the opposition. To speak of Armageddon. To make a movie.

It's another thing to actually do something that might involve sacrifice:
Canada defends UN climate role, overshoots Kyoto
By Alister Doyle, Reuters Environment Correspondent

BONN, Germany (Reuters) - Canada defended its leadership of U.N. talks on fighting global warming on Monday, despite admitting it will not meet its own Kyoto Protocol goals.

Environment Minister Rona Ambrose, presiding at the opening of the May 15-26 Bonn meetings, suggested Kyoto should be eased for Canada from 2012 because Ottawa cannot reach its goals. (
Well, it all sounded good back when the environmental community got together and - after a few piƱa coladas - solved the planet's global warming problem.

One wonders if they were ever really serious about it or if they simply got caught up in ... the heat of the moment.

Bristol v Bristol

Looks like we got the makin's of a street brawl down in Bristol. North (Bristol) versus South (Bristol):
Tourism funds: 50-50 or not?
By David McGee, Bristol Herald Courier Staff Writer

BRISTOL, Tenn. – How much and at what percentage to fund the Bristol Convention and Visitors Bureau has sparked debate among city leaders on both sides of the state line.

The division of the Bristol Chamber of Commerce promotes regional tourism. It received $280,000 from the two Bristols this fiscal year and has asked for $390,000 next year.

This year, $159,000 came from Bristol Virginia and $121,000 from Bristol Tennessee. The bureau this year has asked for $195,000 from each city.

Bristol Virginia Mayor Doug Weberling recently called for both cities to fund the organization equally. That drew a sharp response last week from Bristol Tennessee Vice Mayor David Shumaker.

“The problem, as I see it, is Bristol Virginia is putting us in a position where they’ve threatened to cut and match only what we give,” he said during a work session. “I don’t like, in any way, shape or form, that somebody on that side of town is trying to put a gun to our head.” (
How dare the city of Bristol demand that the city of Bristol be a co-equal partner in this project.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Democrats in Congress would have you believe they are fighting to save the environment. In an odd sort of way as it turns out ...

They Have A Good Point

This goes in the "I wish I had thought of that line" category:
Richmond Times-Dispatch

When certain retired generals called for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld, critics advised Americans to listen to the experts. They did not say the calls undermined civilian control of national security. The military presumably knew best.

President Bush has named an Air Force general as head of the CIA. Critics complain that the nomination undermines civilian control of national security -- presumably on the premise that the military does not know best. (
There is a certain irony ...

People Who Live In Glass Houses ...

Remember when those of us who author weblogs were accused by a former executive of CBS News of having no checks and balances - unlike the mainstream press - when it comes to the authenticity of information? If not, here's Jonathan Klein's quote:
"You couldn't have a starker contrast between the multiple layers of check and balances [at '60 Minutes'] and a guy sitting in his living room in his pajamas writing." (link)
Well let's talk about those multiple layers and that stark contrast.

Left-wing blogs were in full orgasm last week over the rumor that Karl Rove was being indicted. Where did the information come from? A weblog that goes by the name of Truthout.

That was layer enough for MSM member-in-good-standing The Charleston Gazette:
The Truthout Web site reported Saturday that a perjury indictment has been returned against White House strategist Karl Rove, and will be announced this week. Stay tuned, to learn whether this is a false alarm. (link)

It turns out, the original story has ... flaws. Dale Franks over at QandO Online Magazine (a blog) provides us with a link to some actual investigative journalism. Byron York picked up a phone:
By Byron York, National Review

I talked with Rove defense spokesman Mark Corallo, who told me the story was completely baseless. Part of our conversation:

Did Patrick Fitzgerald come to Patton Boggs for 15 hours Friday?
Did he come to Patton Boggs for any period of time Friday?
Did he meet anywhere else with Karl Rove's representatives?
Did he communicate in any way with Karl Rove's representatives?
Did he inform Rove or Rove's representatives that Rove had been indicted?
No. (
What again was that about multiple layers of check and balances?

Why I Read So Many Papers Each Day

I read (well, skim would be a more apt word) a number of newspapers each day. For the following reason.

If I were to read only the Washington Post, I'd probably accept this to be true:
The Return Of Voodoo Economics
Republicans Ignore Their Experts on The Cost of Tax Cuts
By Sebastian Mallaby

Nobody serious believes that tax cuts pay for themselves ... (
But if I read other publications - say, the Wall Street Journal editorial page - I find just the opposite:
The Tax Cut Record
Americans are better off despite Democratic naysaying.

Over the past 40 years, the U.S. has had three great experiments in tax-cutting, and each one has worked even better than advertised: The Kennedy tax cuts of the 1960s, the Reagan cuts of 1981, and now the Bush tax cuts of 2003. (
So who's right? You to decide. Read.

Another Global Warming Study Shot To Hell

When he hears this, Crazy Al is going to go ... nuts:
Polar bears on thin ice?
By H. Sterling Burnett, The Washington Times

... environmental alarmists [that would be you, Crazy Al] have made much of research claiming the Arctic's [polar] bear faces extinction from human-caused global warming.

Fortunately, a new study by David Legates, director of the University of Delaware's Center for Climatic Research, throws cold water [nice play on words] on the claim global warming threatens polar bears survival.

Mr. Legates critiques the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment that proclaimed Arctic air temperature trends strongly indicate global warming, causing polar ice caps and glaciers to melt. However, Mr. Legates says, the Assessment ignored data that undermine these claims. (
The article goes on to cite data that suggest the Arctic is actually cooling.

I think we can conclude from all this that these scientists don't have a clue.

So we are going to spend trillions on a problem that some say does not exist? I don't think so.

What's Up With The British?

I need to reread my history book. Were the Israelis involved in the terror attacks last July on the London transport system that resulted in the slaughter of dozens of innocent people? Apparently so:
A British Teachers' Union Weighs a Boycott of Israeli Teachers
By Alan Cowell, The New York Times

LONDON, May 13 — Britain's biggest union for college and university teachers plans to ask its 67,000 members to consider boycotting Israeli lecturers who do not publicly dissociate themselves from what it called Israel's "apartheid policies." (link)

The teachers union actually has two resolutions to be considered. One "invites members to consider their own responsibility for ensuring equity and nondiscrimination in contacts with Israeli educational institutions or individuals, and to consider the appropriateness of a boycott of those that do not publicly dissociate themselves from such policies."

Another containing less gobbledygook "accuses Britain of displaying 'outrageous bias' against Hamas." That would be the terror group Hamas. The one that has called for the destruction of Israel.

I shudder to think what these demented freaks are teaching kids in the classroom these days.