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Friday, May 26, 2006

Johnny On The Spot

Hello? Anyone home?

Kaine says official-English law unneeded, but it's already there
By Tyler Whitley, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine said yesterday that Virginia does not need to make English the state's official language.

He was not aware that Virginia already has such a law, passed by the General Assembly in 1996. (

I'm sure the Kaine team will issue a "clarification," explaining that the Governor intended for everyone to understand that the law wasn't needed ... because he knew full well that everyone knew that it was already the law.


Problem Solved

So you're concerned about those 11,000,000 illegal aliens roaming the streets of the USA? Fret no longer. The Senate has solved the problem for you. If the aged members of that august body have their way (a big if),the illegals are to be decreed legal:
Senate OKs citizenship for illegal aliens
By Charles Hurt, The Washington Times

The Senate yesterday easily approved an immigration bill that allows 10 million illegal aliens to become citizens, doubles the flow of legal immigration each year and will cost U.S. taxpayers an estimated $54 billion over the next 10 years. (
I especially appreciate that $54 billion slap in the face.

For what it's worth, you can view the roll call vote on the bill here.

John Warner (remember him?) voted in favor.
George Allen opposed.

Some Things Never Change

I never watch NBC's Today Show in the morning. This is due in part to the fact that I am more often than not working. But I also made the decision many years ago to quit watching the show in order to maintain my sanity. Watching Perky Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel spew their liberal idiocy each morning while I was munching my Wheaties was just too much to deal with.

So I'm in a hotel in Pennsylvania yesterday morning and stopped in the dining room on my way out to eat a lavish breakfast consisting of a bagel and apple juice and noticed the Today Show was on on the TV across the room. They were doing some kind of tribute to Katie, which seemed a bit odd.

But then they cut to the news and the newsreader started with something close to this:
In the news, Vice President Dick Cheney may be called to testify in the Scooter Libby case.
The news.

Some things never change.

I shook my head. Stood up. Walked out into the real world.

Your Gov't At Work

For this we pay dearly in taxes:
Veteran Data Was Removed Routinely, Official Says
By David Stout, The New York Times

WASHINGTON, May 25 — Officials of the Veterans Affairs Department told angry lawmakers on Thursday that an agency employee had been taking home sensitive data for three years before some of the material was stolen from his residence, compromising the records of 26.5 million veterans.

"He said that he routinely took such data home to work on it, and had been doing so since 2003," George J. Opfer, the department's inspector general, told senators, some of whom expressed amazement at how the department has handled the theft.

... the data included Social Security numbers and birth dates as well as names ... (
Out of control ...