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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Ban 'Expressway' Roadblocks

There are tax increases and then there are tax increases. This scheme is the worst of the bunch:

New toll proposal on U.S. Interstate 95 nearing passage
From Wikinews

A $5 toll proposal for travel on Interstate 95 is gaining momentum in North Carolina, and has passed this week in the Virginia General Assembly. Toll booths would be set up at the border between the two states to collect revenues estimated in excess of $150 million annually, money that would be split by each state to help pay for needed maintenance of the interstate highway. (link)

Great. A tax increase and a traffic backup at government roadblocks.

What will they come up with next?

When Government Fails Us

We'll shell out $2.8 trillion to our government this year and we still end up doing the work we pay it to do:
Minutemen Installing Ariz. Border Fence
By Arthur H. Rotstein, Associated Press Writer

PALOMINAS, Ariz. (AP) -- Scores of volunteers gathered at a remote ranch Saturday to help a civilian border-patrol group start building a short security fence in hopes of reducing illegal immigration from Mexico.

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps plans to install a combination of barbed wire, razor wire, and in some spots, steel rail barriers along the 10-mile stretch of private land in southeastern Arizona. (link)
There's a message being sent. Neither the United States Senate nor our president have heeded it but it will continue to be sent until they do.

We will have our law obeyed on the borders. It would be a good thing if we had the government's support, but whether it participates or not, illegal immigration is going to be stopped.

By the way, if you want to do your part, you can donate to the Minuteman Project here.

When Inmates Run The Asylum

Ever notice how, except in only a few metropolitan areas, most cities in the USA have downtowns that struggle for survival while their suburbs are exploding with growth? You folks up in Washington DC ... er, Fairfax, Alexandria, Prince William, and Montgomery County, MD can relate.

Idiocy has something to do with the reason for this phenomenon:
In Chicago, New Pay Law Is Considered for Big Stores
By Gretchen Ruethling, The New York Times

CHICAGO, May 27 — Chicago may become the first city in the nation to require "big box" retailers like Wal-Mart or Home Depot to pay employees a "living wage" of at least $10 an hour plus $3 an hour in benefits.

So far, 33 of 50 City Council members have signed on to the proposed ordinance — more than enough to pass it, perhaps as soon as next month.

The bill would affect only stores that have at least 75,000 square feet and are operated by companies with at least $1 billion in annual sales, allowing smaller retailers to continue with the state minimum wage of $6.50 an hour. (
Another law directed specifically at Wal-Mart, the only retailer that could potentially deliver low prices on food and clothing - and thousands of jobs - to the city's poor. Pure genius.

So how will Wal-Mart respond to such heavy-handed legislation? They'll build down the street in the suburbs - as they have in the past.

Who loses? The people of Chicago who have no job, no benefits, and no future.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Words Have Meaning

I often wish John Kerry would simply crawl back under his rock. But apparently that's not going to happen. Instead, he continues to fight a battle that he lost in 2004 - to the Swiftboat Veterans For Truth:
Kerry Pressing Swift Boat Case Long After Loss
By Kate Zernike, The New York Times

Three decades after the Vietnam War and nearly two years after Mr. Kerry's failed presidential bid, most Americans have probably forgotten why it ever mattered whether he went to Cambodia or that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth accused him of making it all up, saying he was dishonest and lacked patriotism.

But among those who were on the front lines of the 2004 campaign, the battle over Mr. Kerry's wartime service continues, out of the limelight but in some ways more heatedly — because unlike then, Mr. Kerry has fully engaged in the fight. Only those on Mr. Kerry's side, however, have gathered new evidence to support their case. (
What caught my attention were these weasel words:
Mr. Kerry has signed forms authorizing the Navy to release his record — something he resisted during the campaign — and hired a researcher ...
That's rather odd phraseology. The truth is Kerry released his Navy records only to a reporter at the Boston Globe - and only a small portion of all the records that the Navy has on him. (source) The reporter felt it necessary to say "Mr. Kerry has signed forms ..." rather than to simply say "Mr. Kerry has released his records to the public" because nobody outside Kerry's staff and the friendliest of press outlets has seen them.

Like the energizer bunny ...

When Worlds Collide

Coal is making a comeback in a big way - as long as the crazies don't get in the way:
2 Industry Leaders Bet on Coal but Split on Cleaner Approach
By Simon Romero, The New York Times

Coal, the nation's favorite fuel in much of the 19th century and early 20th century, could become so again in the 21st. The United States has enough to last at least two centuries at current use rates — reserves far greater than those of oil or natural gas. And for all the public interest in alternatives like wind and solar power, or ethanol from the heartland, coal will play a far bigger role.

But the conventional process for burning coal in power plants has one huge drawback: it is one of the largest manmade sources of the gases responsible for global warming.

Many scientists say that sharply reducing emissions of these gases could make more difference in slowing climate change than any other move worldwide. (
So coal, like nuclear and petroleum - even wind - even your fireplace - is bad for the environment.

If we listen to these nuts, we're all doomed.