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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

When There Are No Words To Describe ...

Some people were not intended to be parents. These two don't deserve to breathe our air:
Child found dead inside hot car
News Channel 11

Knox County, Tennessee authorities are investigating the death of a three-year-old boy.

The boy, who the sheriff's office isn't identifying, was found dead inside a scorching car Sunday afternoon. The temperature inside the car was measured at 169 degrees.

The child's parents believe he wandered out of their north Knox County home sometime after he was put to bed at 2:30 am [?] yesterday. (

That's tragic.

This makes it criminal:
They didn't notice him missing until about 1:45 later that afternoon.
There is, I'm sure, more to this story. But there can be no reasonable explanation. If there was ever a case for involuntary manslaughter ...

Alton Is On The Case

Alton Foley had the same reaction to a Roanoke Times editorial that I did several days ago. See Alton's take here. See "An unhealthy remedy for a nursing shortage" here.

When I read the Times piece, I thought, "there is a shortage of nurses so we should raise the salaries of nursing ... teachers"??

Why wouldn't they advocate higher wages for nurses?!

Anyway, good stuff, Alton.

And I like the new look of your weblog.

Memorial Day Reflections

Want a reminder of the reasons why America is the greatest country on earth? Check out Memorial Day, 2006 over at Cathouse Chat. Wonderful stuff.

A Flood Of Memories

I once worked with this guy's (brief) venture here in the USA:
Daewoo founder sentenced to prison term
By Bo-Mi Lim, Associated Press Writer

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- A Seoul court on Tuesday sentenced the founder and former chairman of collapsed conglomerate Daewoo to 10 years in prison for a range of charges including embezzlement and accounting fraud.

The Seoul Central District Court said it also ordered Kim Woo-choong, 69, to forfeit more than 21 trillion won ($22 billion) and pay a fine of 10 million won ($10,600).

Kim was indicted in June last year on charges of multi-trillion won accounting fraud, illegal financing and diverting funds out of the country. He was also accused of embezzlement and breach of trust.
Daewoo U.S. was a screwed up company from the git-go (before GM bought the automotive division, the parent company was in debt to the tune of $50 billion) but I had great fun working with Daewoo executives in Compton, CA who tried their best to execute the nutty directives emanating from Seoul and from Chairman Kim.

Fond memories. Disheartening story. Important lessons learned.

Watching Britain Sink Beneath The Waves

They were once such a proud people, deserving of the admiration that the western world had for them. Today they've somehow managed to become pathetic creatures, deserving only of our scorn:
By Andy Soltis, The New York Post

May 30, 2006 -- Britain's largest college teachers union yesterday voted to boycott Israeli academics because of what it called "apartheid" policies toward the Palestinians.

The association yesterday called on its members to consider having no contact with Israeli academics who a [sic] did not "disassociate themselves" from their government's Palestinian policies.

"It is frightening to consider that the education of students in [Britain] is, to some extent . . . in the hands of those who actually believe that the only country . . . whose academics . . . warrant a boycott is democratic Israel," said American Jewish Committee Executive Director David Harris. (
Frightening indeed.

I thought a number of years ago that anti-semitism was stamped out with the defeat of nazism. I was wrong. It's alive and well and flourishing in the academic community in formerly-Jolly-Old-England.

And This Is a Bad Thing?

The terrorists being held at Guantanamo are doing their part in reducing our national debt. They're saving on the federal grocery bill:
75 Now on Hunger Strike at Guantanamo
By Ben Fox, Associated Press Writer

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) -- The number of Guantanamo Bay detainees participating in a hunger strike has ballooned from three to around 75, the U.S. military said Monday, revealing growing defiance among prisoners held for up to 4 1/2 years with no end in sight. (
The heart bleeds.

I think their mamas would have done them well to have advised these badasses that there are negative consequences to taking up arms and vowing to slaughter innocent American children and grandchildren.

Hang Him

Another crooked Democrat in Congress. What to do ...
Senate Democratic Leader Accepted Free Boxing Tickets but Denies an Ethics Violation
By The Associated Press

WASHINGTON, May 29 (AP) — Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader, accepted free ringside tickets from the Nevada State Athletic Commission to three professional boxing matches while the agency was trying to influence him on the federal regulation of boxing.

Mr. Reid took the free seats for Las Vegas fights from 2003 to 2005 as he was pressing legislation to increase government oversight of the sport, including the creation of a federal boxing commission that Nevada's agency feared might usurp its authority. (
Reid says there was nothing unethical about this because ... well, he's not Tom Delay and therefore can get away with it.

And he's right.