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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Republicans Resurgent?

The Wall Street Journal believes, as expressed in an editorial this morning, that there's a movement afoot here in the commonwealth:
Virginia Tax Rebellion

Big news from Richmond, Virginia: Republicans are starting to act like, well, Republicans again.

Last week a gang of conservative GOP members in the general assembly foiled Democratic Governor Tim Kaine's plan to raise $1.4 billion in car, gasoline and diesel taxes to pay for more roads and mass transit. This was a victory against long odds, because the renegade house members were lined up against the Governor, powerful Republicans in the state senate, elements of the business community and the state's largely pro-tax media.

Governor Kaine says he'll keep pushing his campaign, and Democrats are accusing Republicans of forcing the state into endless gridlock. Republicans respond that they also want new roads but not new taxes to pay for them when state coffers are overflowing with cash. (
According to the editorial, our budget surplus has grown to $2.5 billion. In two years. They's a whole mess of roads to be built with that kind of cash.

And what's left over ... We want it back.

Move Over Michael Moore

Not Larry Sabato offers up this morning an illustrative example of the current Democrat/liberal mindset in "Follow Up on the 7th District." He reproduces a jaw-dropping email that was purportedly sent out by erstwhile candidate for the 7th Congressional District seat - one Brad Blanton.

If I may, this is too precious not to reproduce in toto:
Yes Robin, above all else be concerned about moralism concerning politeness. After all, when the current government, with the full cooperation of Eric Cantor, makes terrorists of us all, politeness certainly is the value we should cling to. There are a few things we should be ashamed of. Some things I am really ashamed of and not willing to be or do anymore: I am not a corporate murderer. I am not a killer of hundreds upon hundreds of entire species of being. I am not a slaughterer of women and children and old men and young men and girls and grandmothers and grandfathers and young American boys and girls and babies and pets and innocents of all kinds, and for many generations to come, and for 2500 years yet to come of poisoning with radioactive uranium armour piercing artillery dust spread throughout Afghanistan and Iraq and in the bloodstreams of all our returning soldiers and all the poor unfortunate citizens of those countries. I am not the tenfold increaser of mutants and stillborn monsters and crippled and damaged children from radioactivity in the bodies of their parents here and in many other elsewheres in the world. I am not a greedy, starvation maker for a few cents profit per dying child. I am not a flagrant spender of billions of dollars on instruments of death and plans and personnel to use them, and bribery and brainwashing and bullshit while these infants starve and innocents get bombed into oblivion. I am not a self righteous hypocrite preaching love and dishing out hatred and punishment and vengeance and torture from my disowned rotted to the core religiously damaged self. I am not an arrogant rip off artist bragging about my con jobs, or a smirking defensive smug dumb ass like George W. Bush or Eric Cantor. I am not a psychologically retarded killer. I am not a good American. And I am proud that I am not. America is not a good nation. America has it’s head up it’s collective ass and I intend to kick it until it pops out or die in the process. You and your two bit moralism are at the very heart of the problem. Your politeness is at the very heart of lying. You think character assassination is just as bad as murder. And even then, you are willing to do it, as you did with your gossip mongering and phony friendship with me, as did Tim Mitchell and Cliff and others. At least I can see a distinction between the two, and know that the evil sons of bitches I oppose are a class apart as thieves and murderers and terrorists that really kill and starve and steal and damage and harm real lives in the real world by the tens of thousands and for years to come, and that they make up a criminal class I could not begin to hold a candle to with regard to unfairness or immorality. Meanwhile we stringently and sincerely argue over what is polite and fair with regard to attribution of intention, etc. blah blah blah. The reason you are so disturbed about Richard defaming Tim is because it takes one to know one. Brad

Kinda reminds you of ... well, half the Democratic Party these days, doesn't it?

Be afraid. Be very very afraid.

Hat tip to Ben Tribbett. My apologies for shamelessly stealing your stuff.

First It Was Martinsville ...

This does not bode well for the new medium:
New Vehicle for Dissent Is a Fast Track to Prison
Bloggers Held Under Egypt's Emergency Laws
By Daniel Williams, Washington Post Foreign Service

CAIRO - Just over a year ago, Alaa Seif al-Islam was one of a growing number of Egyptian bloggers who recounted their lives online, published poetry, provided Web tips, helped private aid agencies use the Internet and stayed out of politics.

But on May 25, 2005, Seif al-Islam witnessed the beating of women at a pro-democracy rally in central Cairo by supporters of the ruling National Democratic Party. He was then roughed up by police, who confiscated the laptop computer ever at his hand. (
So you know, I think Martinsville is a swell place to visit.

Nobody can accuse me of not having learned my lesson. I have mouths to feed, you see, and I really don't want to be some hairy demented biker's girlfriend in the prison over in Pocahontas ...

We'd Better Learn To Habla Español

I drove into the big city the other day and bought one of those fire pits for my new patio. When I got it home, I opened the box and pulled out the instruction manual (not that one was needed; it's just a big grill of sorts after all) only to find it to be written in Spanish. Under other circumstances, I'd have thought it was an oversight.

These days, I'm not so sure:
What You Don't Know About the Immigration Bill
By Robert J. Samuelson, The Washington Post

The Senate passed legislation last week that Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) hailed as "the most far-reaching immigration reform in our history." You might think that the first question anyone would ask is how much it would actually increase or decrease legal immigration. But no. After the Senate approved the bill by 62 to 36, you could not find the answer in the news columns of The Post, the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. Yet the estimates do exist and are fairly startling. By rough projections, the Senate bill would double the legal immigration that would occur during the next two
decades from about 20 million (under present law) to about 40 million. (

40 million Mexicans coming to the neighborhood. Wouldn't that empty out the entire freeking country or are they reproducing that rapidly?

The Question Goes Unanswered

"Where's Jimmy Hoffa?"

We still don't know:
F.B.I. Calls Off Its Latest Search for Hoffa
By Micheline Maynard, The New York Times

DETROIT, May 30 — The F.B.I. called off its search on Tuesday for the remains of James R. Hoffa, the former Teamsters leader, saying it had found no trace of him on a horse farm.

The search began nearly two weeks ago on the Hidden Dreams Farm in Milford, northwest of Detroit and 17 miles from the restaurant where Mr. Hoffa had been scheduled to meet two organized crime figures when he disappeared on July 30, 1975. (
The mystery continues ...

Dickenson County Is In Big Money

There must be some kind of playbook. You get elected - or appointed if you kiss the right backside - and on your first day in office, you're handed a booklet that's entitled,

"Crap You Can Propose So That Your Constituents Think You're Actually Going To Affect Change."

And on the first page:

Chapter 1: Offer up a Trail

It would seem someone over in Dickenson County has been elected - or got a hold of the right backside. The folks over there are getting themselves ... drumroll ... a trail:

Happy trails for Dickenson?
Southwest Virginia county hopes projects will lead to tourism
By Rex Bowman, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

HAYSI - Dickenson County's rugged terrain has long discouraged manufacturers from moving in, but county leaders now plan to turn the wild landscape to their economic advantage.

Largely with federal dollars, they're building hiking and biking trails amid the mountains in hopes of turning the little corner of Appalachia into a mecca for outdoor tourists. (
A tourist mecca.

Chapter 2: Refer To Your Proposal In Messianic Terms

Good grief. A path carved out of the forest is going to result in Dickenson County becoming an outdoor tourist mecca?

This playbook, by the way, is getting a real workout. Haysi's trail will be the 79th in Southwest Virginia. At some point soon we're going to have to get together and decide what we're going to do with all that soon-to-be-ours prosperity.

Chapter 3: Get Appointed To Obscure State Office Before Constituents Demand Results

A Vehrs Analysis

Jim Patrick over at ... well, Jim Patrick, has an excellent analysis of the circumstances surrounding the demise of Virginia's premier weblogger - Will Vehrs - (here)

For those of you who venture into this cruel "business," consider Jim's offering a primer on that which can result from your efforts. Call it the downside.

"The Vehrs Affair" also sheds light on the current state of affairs here in the Old Dominion.

Great work, Jim.