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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Trails a Danger To Our Community?

All those hiking trails criss-crossing Southwest Virginia were supposed to bring us prosperity. Instead, it seems, they're bringing crime:
Restrictions urged on use of trail
Crime problem cited in effort to shut down part of Creeper Trail at night
By Rex Bowman, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

ABINGDON - Efforts are under way to shut down part of the scenic and popular Virginia Creeper Trail at night after landowners along the trail complained about crime.

At a hearing late last month in Abingdon, landowners said they are tired of the occasional vandalism, littering and theft from their property.

Most of the crime associated with the trail involves auto theft and vehicle break-ins at the parking lots along the trail, said Maj. Blake Andis of the Washington County Sheriff's Department. (
I have always thought that the snake oil remedy for our economic woes that is touted by Congressman Boucher and half the elected officials in Southwest Virginia - tourism - is cynical but benign pie in the sky. Based on this bit of news about the Virginia Creeper Trail attracting criminals, coupled with yesterday's story, I'm now thinking that in economic terms, tourism is a net negative for Southwest Virginia and is causing more harm than good.

We would do better to close all the trails and tell the criminals and lice-infested hikers... er, tourists to go back up north where they came from.

This Is Lost On Me

I've never been able to understand the mindset behind this:
Heroin Users Warned About Deadly Additive
By Peter Slevin and Kari Lydersen, Washington Post Staff Writers (
Addicts are being warned, not that the drug they are using is going to kill them, but that the drug that is going to kill them is laced with a drug that will kill them.


Get Our Troops Out!

For those of you who argue, as does anti-American crusader John Murtha, that we should pull our troops out of Iraq because there are terrorists there, you and he will now want us out of Canada as well:
17 Held in Plot to Bomb Sites in Ontario
By Ian Austen and David Johnston, The New York Times

OTTAWA, June 3 — Seventeen Canadian residents were arrested and charged with plotting to attack targets in southern Ontario with crude but powerful fertilizer bombs, the Canadian authorities said Saturday.

At a news conference in Toronto, police and intelligence officials said they had been monitoring the group for some time and moved in to make the arrests on Friday after the group arranged to take delivery of three tons of ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer that can be made into an explosive when combined with fuel oil.

"It was their intent to use it for a terrorist attack," said Mike McDonell, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police assistant commissioner. (
Again I ask: If you demand that we station our military where there are no terrorists, where exactly would that be?