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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Boucher Ties The Knot

Congressman Rick Boucher took the plunge Saturday:
Boucher weds longtime girlfriend
The bride and groom decided to be married Saturday on the Virginia Creeper Trail.
By Paul Dellinger, The Roanoke Times

Amy Hauslohner began answering her telephone Monday at the Galax Gazette, where she is news editor, as Amy Boucher.

She has been the wife of U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Abingdon, since Saturday, when the couple were married in an outdoor ceremony on a former railroad bridge over Damascus on the Virginia Creeper Trail.

The couple had just bicycled from Abingdon to Damascus on the trail. (
Best wishes to the happy couple.

Stop Him Before It's Too Late

Patrick Kennedy is loose on the streets again:
By Marsha Kranes, The New York Post

June 6, 2006 -- Patrick Kennedy, fresh from his second stint in drug rehab, yesterday said he's building recovery support networks in Washington, D.C., and his home state of Rhode Island and will continue to undergo treatment for his addiction to painkillers.

The six-term congressman - the younger son of Sen. Ted Kennedy - entered the drug and alcohol treatment program at the famed Mayo Clinic in Minnesota on May 5, a day after he slammed his Mustang into a security barrier near the U.S. Capitol.

An admitted binge drinker and pain-pill abuser, Kennedy, 38, also had been treated at the clinic over the Christmas holidays. (
It's only a matter of time before this joker follows in his father's footsteps and kills someone. And the people of Rhode Island will be guilty of aiding and abetting.

It's not too late to stop him. Chances are real good - Rhodies - the life you save may be your own.

An Estate Tax Red Herring

Big Government types are trying to find a moral argument for tax collection. Try though they might ...
The Estate Tax, Back on the Agenda
New York Times editorial

There is no moral justification for cutting estate taxes. Much of the wealth taxed after death has never been taxed because profits on stocks, bonds, real estate, artwork — you name it — are not taxed until an asset is sold. Obviously, people with big estates never got around to selling their assets. (
This goes along with the "Jesus wanted us to be kind to the poor" argument. What is lost on this bunch is the fact that Jesus never advocated government confiscation of personal assets (at the point of a gun) in order to redistribute it to others. Jesus calls for us to give - not to take.

And let me turn that moral argument around. There is no moral justification for taxes. They are simply the cost of keeping our government in the money necessary to perform the tasks assigned by "we the people." No more - no less.

A Real Moral Argument

Today's quiz:

(1) Who is it that favors the estate tax?

(2) Who is it that favors the cigarette tax?

(3) Who is it that makes a moral argument in favor of taxes?

(4) Who is it that is impacted disproportionately by the cigarette tax?

(5) Who is it that doesn't give a damn about the morality of confiscating taxes from (4)?


(1) Liberals

(2) Liberals

(3) Liberals

(4) The Poor

(5) Liberals

A related story:
Cigarette tax singes poor, old
State slaps 3,500 more smokers with bills for buying cartons online.
Sarah Ryley, The Detroit News

MOUNT CLEMENS -- When Marilyn Mostek, a senior living in a subsidized apartment, heard she could save $20 on a carton of cigarettes by ordering from an out-of-state Indian reservation, she thought she had found a clever way to save money.

Those savings went up in smoke on May 19 when she received a bill from the state of Michigan for $511 in unpaid cigarette taxes -- nearly half of her fixed monthly income.

Higher rates of smoking among the poor only increase the likelihood that the tax is hurting them more than others. A 2004 state survey showed 35.7 percent of those making $20,000 a year are smokers, versus 14.3 percent of those earning more than $75,000. (
Bring this up to a liberal and watch the compassion for the poor and "the moral justification for taxes" immediately evaporate. "Well, they have no business smoking." "If it makes them quit, that's a good thing." "I shouldn't have to put up with their carcinogens." "They can do without their cigarettes." "They need to quit."

Compassion quickly turns to arrogant condescension and resentment.

I Told You So

If you'd paid attention two months ago, this will not come as a surprise:
Bernanke Talks Tough on Inflation
By Edmund L. Andrews, The New York Times

WASHINGTON, June 5 — Ben S. Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, warned Monday that recent inflation trends were "unwelcome developments," indicating that he was far less worried about signs of weaker economic growth than about the danger of higher prices.

In his toughest comments yet about the risks of inflation, Mr. Bernanke said consumer prices were rising faster than he would like. He gave short shrift to evidence of a slowdown in hiring, and he conspicuously avoided repeating his earlier suggestion that the Fed might consider a "pause" in its two-year program of steady interest rate increases.

Investors, increasingly convinced that the central bank will raise rates at its two-day policy meeting at the end of this month, immediately began selling stocks. (
I knew, with $70 a barrel oil ($72.60 yesterday), essentially doubling in price over the last year, that when that cost increase worked its way through the economy, major consumer price increases - inflation - were inevitable.

So hang on to those short-term CD's (gold is no longer a bargain). This is only just beginning.