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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What If They Held An Election And Nobody Came?

Having gotten caught up in all the fevered revelry in the Virginia blogosphere this evening in response to James Webb's win in the state Democratic primary, I feel it my duty to join in by offering up Bland County results. With 100% of the precincts reporting, the vote went as follows:

H N Miller - 57 - 60.00%

J H Webb Jr - 38 - 40.00%

Vote Totals: 95 (

This stat puts the turnout for the Democratic Senate primary just behind the total number of people I had to deal with waiting at the urinals in the I-81 rest area on my way to Pennsylvania this afternoon.

95. Hell, I had more people in the room when I had my vasectomy done.

So you know, we in Bland County are all breathing a sigh of relief knowing that the MoveOn.org crowd won't accuse us of having stolen the election by forcing impatient Democrats to wait in long lines - a la Ohio 2004. No, I can safely say there were no long lines.

No word, by the way, on whether Webb will call for a recount of the Bland numbers. We have a crack team of statisticians standing by should they be called upon to recount those 95 ballots ...

Anyway, there'll be rejoicing tonight. And calls for a mandate. Momentum. And all that. It is as it should be. That's how the process works.

As far as I'm concerned, the upcoming general election contest has no downside. We'll be choosing between a conservative Republican and George Allen, a conservative Republican. No, that ain't bad at all.


Update: It is reported (see link above) that Jim Webb received one (1) vote in the Bastian precinct. We are now in the process of tracking that person down. We have reason to believe he's a habitual meth user and was blasted out of his mind at the time.

A Hero In His Own Mind

Bill Clinton, in all his years in the White House, never lifted a finger to stop, alter, or retard global warming when he had the chance. In fact he famously refused to submit the Kyoto Protocol global warming treaty to Congress for ratification when Al Gore brought it before him.

Now, though, Clinton talks like he championed the cause o those many years ago:
Clinton Links GOP Policies to More Storms
By Brendan Farrington, Associated Press Writer

As Tropical Storm Alberto threatened to strengthen into the ninth hurricane in 22 months to affect Florida, former President Clinton predicted Monday that Republican environmental policies will lead to more severe storms.

"It is now generally recognized that while Al Gore and I were ridiculed, we were right about global warming," Clinton said at a fundraiser for the Florida Democratic Party. "It's a serious problem. It's going to lead to more hurricanes." (
I pegged Clinton as "the quintessential existentialist" back in 1992. Reality to him is whatever he preceives it to be at any given time. He was - and is - the consummate liar, but believes every word that comes out of his mouth.

This is like a trip down memory lane. A long, dark, twisted road it was.

We're On a Roll

First there came the news that the second baddest terrorist on the planet was taken out. Then President Bush electrified the nation with a sudden trip to Baghdad where he gave a rousing speech to an appreciative military. And now the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives has (finally) come to its senses on the scandalous McCain-Kennedy immigration sham:

Hastert Deals Blow to Immigration Bill
By Suzanne Gamboa, Associated Press Writer

Hopes for a quick compromise on immigration were dealt a blow Tuesday after House Speaker Dennis Hastert said he wanted to take a "long look" at a Senate bill offering possible citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants.

Hastert said hearings on the Senate bill should be held before appointing anyone to a House-Senate committee to negotiate a compromise immigration bill. Later, he said he was unsure what the House's next move would be.

"We're going to take a long look at it," Hastert said late Tuesday.

Sending a bill that has already passed the Senate to hearings would be a highly unusual move and make completing a final bill before Congress goes on its summer recess in August far less likely. (

This is great news, indicating that Hastert has gotten the message being thundered from the right. The "comprehensive immigration" bill needs to be killed and our borders need to be secured. We'll worry about what we're going to do with the 12 million lawbreakers that have entered the country illegally once we stop adding to their ranks.

We Are Saved

A conference is underway in which the participants - Southwest Virginia's best and brightest - are assembled to figure out how to turn the area's economy around. Thank God.

Somehow though, Congressman Rick Boucher snuck in:
Local leaders focus on improving the economy in southwest Virginia
News Channel 11 Staff Report

Congressman Rick Boucher spoke [yesterday] morning at the southwest Virginia higher education center in Abingdon.

Boucher and others talked about what southwest Virginia has to offer and how to attract more jobs to this area.

They also discussed ways to make more money through tourism marketing. (
This two day conference probably cost more than Southwest Virginia will realize in tourism revenue in the next year. But no matter.

The Virginia Creeper (my new pet name for Boucher) holds all power in his sway. And if he says we are going to someday see a hiker drop some cash at one of our 827 (and counting) local tourist attractions, who are we to argue?

When Wildlife Turns Bad

A headline in the Bristol Herald-Courier:
Moose bust nets cash and gambling equipment (link)
I didn't even know we had mooses ... er, meese around here.

Where Are Their Priorities?

The Montgomery County (Virginia) Board of Supervisors, God love 'em, struck a blow against civilization yesterday:
Montgomery County supervisors vote against cell tower
Ntelos, a Virginia-based wireless and Internet company, had requested the monopole tower to provide continuous coverage from Blacksburg to Giles County along U.S. 460.
By Niki King, The Roanoke Times

The Montgomery County Board of Supervisors denied a controversial request Monday for a 100-foot telecommunications tower atop Brush Mountain.

Ntelos, a Virginia-based wireless and Internet company, had requested the monopole tower to provide continuous coverage from Blacksburg to Giles County along U.S. 460. According to Ntelos, there is a coverage gap from almost the top of Brush Mountain to the Giles County line. (

Good for them. The Board of Supervisors didn't want the landscape trashed by a grotesque cell tower. The pristine beauty of the treasured landscape, and all that.

Oddly, there was nothing said at that same meeting about the abandoned homes, crumbling barns, rusted and smashed vehicles, weed-choked cemeteries, random dumping grounds, or the many long ago-vacated shells of buildings where once businesses thrived along that same U.S. 460.

No matter. We ain't go'n be having no progress 'round here. They'll be none o' that.

While We're Dumping On The Democrats ...

It's just not working out. First they lose the election in California's 50th district that was a shoo-in for the Democratic contender and now this:
Tue Jun 13 2006 07:14:31 ET

Washington, DC—Robert Luskin, Attorney for Karl Rove today released the following statement: “On June 12, 2006, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald formally advised us that he does not anticipate seeking charges against Karl Rove. “In deference to the pending case, we will not make any further public statements about the subject matter of the investigation. We believe that the Special Counsel's decision should put an end to the baseless speculation about Mr. Rove’s conduct.” (
Bloggers on the left who rejoiced at the news a few weeks ago that Rove was going to be indicted - for sure - will be crying in their wheaties this morning. And they don't have Tom Delay to kick around any more. Life just isn't worth living.

The Katrina Effect

You'll not hear me often complaining about the Democratic party's sometimes over-the-top criticism of FEMA's handling of Hurricane Katrina recovery and reconstruction. If I were to try to make the argument that the federal government is unwieldy, wasteful, and inept, I couldn't do a better job than that which the Dems are doing for me.

James Taranto, writing in The Wall Street Journal's "Best of the Web" ("Role Reversal") makes note of this as well:
It has been widely noted that congressional Republicans have failed to live up to their billing as the party of small government, especially since George W. Bush became president. There are exceptions, to be sure, but the allure of spending other people's money has proved so great that voters have not gotten the spending restraint they expected when they elected a Republican Congress in 1994. About all that Republicans can say in defense of this record is that Democrats have been worse.

Yet what is less widely noted is that the Democrats, in opposition, have presented themselves to a large extent as an antigovernment party. One of their main themes has been that the Bush administration is "incompetent"--that, at least for now, the government can't do anything right. As we
noted in September, former Enron adviser Paul Krugman blamed the allegedly poor response to Hurricane Katrina on Ronald Reagan's "ideological hostility to the very idea of using government to serve the public good."

This attitude betrays a fundamental lack of faith in government. Its implication is that the institutions of government are too frail to withstand the pressures of American democratic politics. It is also a remarkably self-serving position. Liberal Democrats take credit for creating an enormous government, which, according to them, doesn't work--but would work just fine if only the populace were smart enough to elect liberal
For those of us who see the government as a monolithic, intrusive, and feckless waste of taxpayer dollars, this is music to our ears. The Democrats, unbeknownst to them (as usual), are playing into our hands. Again.

They make this so easy.

The Democrats' Vietnam

It was destined to come down to this. The Democratic party is forming ranks around "Get out of Iraq now!" :
Reid tells liberal activists troops must come home
By Eric Pfeiffer, The Washington Times

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid told a gathering of Democratic and liberal activists in Washington yesterday that "we have to start bringing our troops home."

The Nevada Democrat opened his remarks at the Take Back America 2006 Conference by criticizing the Bush administration's handling of the war in Iraq. The conference is hosted by the Campaign for America's Future (CAF), a liberal advocacy organization. (
That's the party's military strategy: Retreat.

If asked what would happen to Iraq and the global war on terrorism if we were to abandon the battlefield to the enemy, Reid would not have an answer. He really doesn't care about the Iraqi people, nor about terrorists - until they strike at the heart of the USA again. Then he would blame Bush for failing to protect ...

We heard the same litany from this same bunch in the dark years of Vietnam. It became the Democratic party mantra: "Bring our troops home!" Finally Richard Nixon did just that. By 1975, all U.S. troops were withdrawn from South Vietnam.

And the slaughter began.

In the South, in Laos, and in the killing fields of Cambodia, our former enemies wreaked their revenge on a defenseless populace. Millions - literally millions - perished. Another million became "boat people," fleeing Southeast Asia in desperate attempts to save themselves.

And the Democrats said nothing. The troops had come home. They won.

Investigators are still uncovering innumerable Saddam killing fields in Iraq. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of innocent people were slaughtered by his henchmen. Saddam is now, thanks to the fine work of the U.S. military, picking his ass in an Iraqi prison.

But the Democrats now pressure the government - and the American people - to open the killing fields once more. For that's what most surely will happen when we retreat. But no matter.

They don't give a damn. They want the troops home.