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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Let Me Help You With That

Kathy Gerber over at Raising Kaine is concerned that her party's message isn't getting out. I'll be glad to help her broadcast the news. The Democratic party here in Virginia is four-square in favor of state-sanctified deviant sexual relationships. The details:


Democratic Party of Virginia State Central Committee Unanimous [sic] Adopts "Virginia Partisans Resolution" Opposing the Proposed Marshall/Newman Constitutional Amendment

The Virginia Partisans Gay and Lesbian Democratic Club today cheered the unanimous vote of the Democratic Party of Virginia's State Central Committee to strongly oppose the November's ballot referendum on the Marshall/Newman so-called "Marriage Amendment."

The resolution, offered by the Virginia Partisans Gay & Lesbian Democratic Club and adopted at today's State Central Committee meeting in Charlottesville, VA, puts the Democratic Party of Virginia squarely on the side of equality for all. (
On that "equality for all" thing, I feel compelled to make the point that a gay male here in the commonwealth is currently my equal in the eyes of the law in this regard today. I, a hetero male, am restricted to marrying a woman as well.

If that weren't shameful enough, lesbian and heterosexual women are both equally restricted to marrying men. Oh, the inhumanity.

The key word being EQUALLY.

Wait Just a Minute

Hold on there, buster. This is OUR gig:
Blazing Trails
Richmond Times-Dispatch Editorial

Richmond recently has seen a major bicycle race as well as the adventure games. Both events resembled street celebrations. The region enjoys a reputation for participant sports -- and should continue to promote itself as a site for competition and recreation.

Participants enjoy the venues. Visitors leave impressed by the area's spirit and scenic beauty.

The bicycle race suggests additional opportunities.

Central Virginia could establish itself as a center for recreational cycling -- and for riding bikes to work. The area has ample prospects for bike paths. The Commonwealth appreciates cycling. Nelson County's Virginia Blue Ridge Railway Trail links to the American Discovery Trail, a vast national undertaking. (

Bike trails in central Virginia.

But if you all build bike trails up there, Congressman Rick Boucher's plan to bring tourism - and with it economic prosperity - to Southwest Virginia by carving all kinds of trails out of our pristine old-growth forestland would be destined to fail.

That is, unless Rick pulls some strings in Washington, brings in a few million that might otherwise have gone to feed poor, starving children in New Orleans, and executes a link between his Wise County Rails to Trails Trail and his Guest River Trail and his Virginia Creeper Trail that's being connected to the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail that could then be tied into the Virginia Blue Ridge Railway Trail with a link to the American Discovery Trail which could have a connector to Governor Kaine's Economic Crisis Strike Force trail ... er, office in Galax where all our trail enthusiasts are currently standing in line.

So, please. Leave us our dream. There's a biker out there somewhere and we want him here in Southwest Virginia. Rick Boucher's career depends on him showing up - some day.

Webb Lays Out His Plan

Democrats met in Charlottesville yesterday to hear what Jim Webb plans on doing when he unseats Senator George Allen and takes America where no man has ever gone bef...

Anyway, here's the plan:
Democrats rally behind Webb in Charlottesville
The Senate candidate says he wants to bring fundamental change
By Tyler Whitley, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

The Democratic Senate candidate, Jim Webb, said he wanted to "fundamentally change the way that power functions in our government."

"If we work together as Americans, as Virginians and as Democrats, we can accomplish this goal," he said. (
Shrewd. And so eloquently spoken. Why hasn't any other politician ever put it in such splendid ... wait, I think every other politician in United States history has spouted the same empty platitudes. But coming from a liberal Democrat, they sound so much more ... authentic.

And speaking to the "small but enthusiastic crowd" that bothered to show up at this event, Webb went out of his way to tell them he's not one of them - a liberal Democrat. He's a conservative Republican ... or something:
Webb, speaking briefly, said, "The old labels, liberal and conservative, no longer apply any more. It's time for the Democratic Party to take another leap forward."

"We can reach out again to those people [the 98.5% of the electorate that didn't vote for him in the primary?], whatever label we would like to put on them [I like 'non-rabid non-liberals'], the Reagan Democrats, the conservative Democrats [all twelve of you]," Webb said.
There you have it. Call it the We Are The World, We Are The Children Plan To Get Elected.

I don't know. I think I'd stick to the John Kerry Plan To Get Elected and work the war hero thingy.

Remember That Budget Crisis?

Our roads and bridges here in Virginia are in deplorable condition. I found that out from our illustrious governor six days after he was elected and a month after he promised not to raise our taxes. Tim Kaine must have been startled into an ugly reality after his inauguration because he immediately thereafter proposed a massive tax increase to mitigate the crisis.

Either that or he just got into a bad batch of marijuana and hallucinated the whole thing. That seems to be the more plausible scenario because they sure ain't no budget crisis no mo:
Cash for culture
Lawmakers set aside $37 million for various groups. Is it pork?
By Michael Hardy, Jeff E. Schapiro and Pamela Stallsmith, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writers

It's the little-known lottery of largesse, operated annually by senior state lawmakers and underwritten by Virginia taxpayers.

Squirreled away in the state's proposed $74 billion, two-year budget are more than 300 grants to museums, tourist attractions, theaters and organizations helping the needy.

"Pork is in the eye of the beholder," said Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, who, in the current budget, stopped a $4.5 million cut in state assistance to a proposed arts center in his hometown, Richmond. (
Other awardees of what might have been I-81 improvement funds include the Richmond Ballet, the Lime Kiln Theater, the Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts, and the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library in Staunton.

Why does Richmond feel it necessary to support these projects that actual visitors/customers don't/won't? Delegate Vincent F. Callahan Jr. (R-Fairfax) provides an insight. He says the tourism projects in particular "bring money into the commonwealth."

I'll let you think about that for a moment. We need to throw money at all our tourist attractions because tourists bring them money.

That must be some marijuana ...

Michael Moore Does Movies?

If your not doing anything at the end of July ...
Michael Moore film festival to feature 60 films
Associated Press

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. -- Michael Moore's second film festival will be headlined by a mock-documentary produced by Jeff Goldblum and the latest comedy from Woody Allen.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker is the founder of the Traverse City Film Festival, which drew 50,000 admissions last summer in the northern Michigan resort town.

This summer, the July 31-Aug. 6 festival includes the Midwest premiere of those movies, the showing of more than 60 films, panels with the actors and filmmakers and an outdoor 65-foot screen featuring older flicks. (
I'll not be in attendance, by the way. I don't want to encourage Michael Moore. He may want to get in the filmmaking business himself some day.