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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I Didn't Need To Read This

It's an odd thing. I don't worry about my firefighter son being called out on Roanoke's Engine 3 to do battle with a towering inferno.

And I don't have sleepless nights over my paramedic son going up against a drug-crazed madman in the normal course of his Roanoke Emergency Medical Services duties.

But I get a little nervous, for some reason, when I read news like this about my Roanoke Fire/EMS Swiftwater Rescue Team son.

Someone get the chief on the phone. We need to talk ...

WDBJ7 has him on video.

Hat tip to Lt. Rhett Fleitz.

So Much For That Big Mo ...

Kilo, ever vigilant, links to a Survey USA poll (533 "likely voters" interviewed between 6/25/06 and 6/27/06) that shows Senator George Allen leading James Webb 56% to 37%, which puts the numbers about where they were before the big Democratic primary "bump" took place.

There can be no joy in Mudville tonight ...

I'm Glad He Cleared That Up

Chad Dotson over at Commonwealth Conservative puts to rest once and for all the rumor that he's a comic book geek fanboy.

I'm kinda disappointed really ...

This Is What I'm Talking About

On Sunday, I provided the Jim Webb For Senate campaign team a strategy they should adopt so as to offset the fact that their candidate is woefully ill-prepared to talk about the issues of the day. I (shrewdly) suggested that they go right to the war hero ploy. They listened. This photo "surfaced" yesterday on one of the Democratic party blog conduits (via a MySpace website entitled "Jim Webb For Virginia.")

Kinda reminiscent of John Kerry's Vietnam action movie. Yes?

What a strategem. This scheme almost got Kerry elected. It should do as well for Webb.

What's with these people that they think this makes any difference to anyone?

Hat tip to James E. Martin

Goin' Downtown

The Israelis learned long ago how to deal with terrorist attacks. They retaliate by bringing all hell down on those who harm one hair on an Israeli citizen's head:
Israeli Troops Enter Gaza; Bridges Are Hit
By Ian Fisher and Steven Erlanger, The New York Times

GAZA, Wednesday, June 28 — Israel sent troops into southern Gaza and its planes attacked three bridges and a power station early Wednesday, in an effort to prevent militants from moving a wounded Israeli soldier they abducted Sunday, Israeli Army officials said. (
World opinion be damned. Israel takes care of its own. First. Foremost.

I love these guys.

What a Shock

If you think the razor-thin margin was coincidental, you don't know how this bunch works:

Senate rejects flag bill by one vote
By Andrea Stone, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON — The Senate fell one vote short Tuesday of passing a constitutional amendment that would have allowed Congress to ban desecration of the U.S. flag. (
As I wrote a few weeks ago, I have no great burning need for a Constitutional flag burning amendment. I just know how some folks - the VFW; the American Legion; WWII vets - cherish the American flag and feel profound sorrow when it gets trashed.

I feel sorry for them today.

NOW We Have a Budget Crisis

It all becomes clear. (Virginia) Governor Tim Kaine meant for there to be a budget crisis all along. He wanted to fling to the wind a whole lot more taxpayer money than anyone had previously envisioned:

Kaine sends back budget with more spending attached
By Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times

Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine yesterday offered 36 amendments to the legislature's two-year $72 billion budget proposal, just three days before the end of the state's fiscal year.

Mr. Kaine, a Democrat, suggested using unanticipated lottery revenues and money left over in the current state budget to allocate $6.3 million for public education, $3.75 million for a federally mandated sewer overflow upgrade in Lynchburg, $3.6 million to conserve 4,800 acres of land in Washington County and $1.8 million for projects in the Virginia Community College System.

Other amendments include allocations of $200,000 for the Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute at Virginia Commonwealth University's Center for Public Policy, an extra $2 million to attract a research-related facility along the Interstate 81 corridor, about $1.1 million toward the Office of Commonwealth Preparedness to pay for six new positions and money to help pay for child care programs in Northern Virginia that are affected by federal funding cuts. (link)

I especially like that "... $2 million to attract a research-related facility along the Interstate 81 corridor ..." If Kaine is thinking of bringing in hookers and a few cases of Bud Lite to do the attracting, I can understand the $2 million. But $2 million!?

Come to think of it, the Bud Lite would actually go a long way to explain the governor's irresponsible actions.

Otherwise, we have us a real crisis on our hands. A crisis of fiscal insanity.

Should I Be Afraid?

I'm sitting here in a hotel room in (... an underwater world once known as ...) Washington DC and I read this in the morning paper:
At Least One Person Is Killed as Explosion Rips Through Motel in Rural Georgia
By Brenda Goodman, The New York Times

BREMEN, Ga., June 27 — An explosion tore through a rural Georgia motel Tuesday morning, killing at least one person and sending motel guests and employees fleeing.

Natural gas lines, cleaning chemicals and a propane tank were in the area of the explosion, but firefighters said they would not be able to determine the cause until they could investigate after clearing debris and stabilizing the structure, which collapsed further at least three times after the initial blast. (
It's moments like this that I think maybe I should put some clothes on.

Georgy Malenkov Would Be Proud

This seems so far removed from the America we all know and love:
Despite Protests, Rent Board Sets 7.25% Increase
By Janny Scott, The New York Times

Rents for New York City's one million rent-stabilized apartments can increase by as much as 7.25 percent over the next two years, the city's Rent Guidelines Board voted last night in a raucous meeting that was disrupted for hours by jeering tenants protesting the state's control of the city's rent laws.

The board voted, 5 to 4, to allow increases of 7.25 percent on two-year leases and 4.25 percent on one-year leases. For tenants who pay for their own heat, the allowable increases are 6.75 percent and 3.75 percent. The increases, the highest since 2003, apply to leases renewed between Oct. 1, 2006, and Sept. 30, 2007. (link)
Hard as it is to believe, there is a government bureaucracy still trying to perfect the Gosplan in New York City in the year of our Lord 2006.

It didn't work in the Soviet Union in 1935. It still ain't working.