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Friday, June 30, 2006

A Way With Words

The "Axis of Taxes." I like that.

I'm hereby claiming it as my very own.

On The Way To Zero Unemployment

Be careful when you hear a politician brag about low unemployment numbers. It may be a good thing ... and it may not:
Unemployment numbers show workers leaving
Most of Southside saw a slight improvement in figures since April.
By Bernard Baker, Danville Register & Bee staff writer

DANVILLE, Va. - The fallout from the collapse of textiles and tobacco may be showing up in another area: a shrinking work force.

William Mezger, chief economist for the Virginia Employment Commission, said Danville area’s work pool has dropped by roughly 1,000 people since May 2005.

“The 1,000 people have either left the labor force or have left the area,” Mezger said Tuesday while releasing unemployment figures.

In May 2005, the Danville area had 52,920 people in the labor pool. The most current figure, for May 2006, was 51,810. (
Ten years ago, Danville's workforce exceeded 60,000, which means there's been a loss of more than 8,100 souls (not counting the many dependents). That figure - the number of people who have packed their bags and moved north to find work - exceeds the entire population of Bland County.

But at least the unemployment statistic looks good:
Unemployment in the area increased slightly in May when compared to the same period of 2005, going to 8 percent from 7.7 percent a year ago. The May 2006 number, however, was an improvement over April, when the rate was 8.4 percent.
I don't hear anyone over in Danville cheering ...

Quote of the Day

I don't particularly care if liberals believe in God. In fact, I would be crestfallen to discover any liberals in heaven.

Ann Coulter, Godless: The Church of Liberalism

As Inevitable As The Sunrise

While the environmental left plays around with such amusements as solar power and french fry oil fuel (you think I'm kidding), the real world slowly comes to the realization that we are in great need of more affordable and viable energy sources:
House Votes for Expansion of Oil and Gas Exploration
By Michael Janofsky, The New York Times

WASHINGTON, June 29 — The House voted on Thursday to approve oil and gas exploration in coastal waters that have been protected from drilling for 25 years.

The vote was largely along party lines, 232 to 187, for a measure that would sharply expand efforts to make use of energy supplies beyond the Gulf of Mexico, the only area unaffected by executive branch and Congressional bans on drilling. (link)
That party line thing means the Democrats (along with Jeb Bush) are willing to stand on the beach down in Key West and watch the Chinese setting up drilling rigs off the coast of Cuba off in the distance and they will still try to block drilling in American waters. And they will all claim that they are saving the planet.

Brilliant. These guys are just brilliant.

Another Dem Frog-Walking To The Slammer

Yes, it's another day and another prominent Democrat is going to prison. Nancy Pelosi sure knew what she was talking about when she launched her campaign against the "culture of corruption" that exists all around her. The latest convict:
Ex-Governor and Executive Convicted of Bribery
By Kyle Whitmire, The New York Times

MONTGOMERY, Ala., June 29 — After twice telling a judge it was deadlocked, a federal jury on Thursday convicted former Gov. Don E. Siegelman and a former HealthSouth chief executive, Richard M. Scrushy, on charges that they conspired in a bribery scheme seven years ago.

The verdict came after a six-week trial and 11 days of deliberations. Mr. Siegelman was convicted of conspiracy, bribery, mail fraud and obstruction of justice. The jurors convicted Mr. Scrushy of bribery, conspiracy and mail fraud. The longest term, up to 20 years, is carried by the mail fraud convictions. (
Much has been made in recent years of the fact that the prison population in the USA is skyrocketing. The thing the people who make that complaint need to understand is that there are still millions of Democrats out there ... conspiring ... bribing ... defrauding ... obstructing ...

Uh Oh

This is not good news. There is a horse disease going around in nearby Pulaski County:
Southwest Va. horses found to have virus
Richmond Times-Dispatch

Two cases of a highly infectious and incurable horse disease have been reported in Pulaski County, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said yesterday.

Two horses that had been pastured together in the Southwest Virginia county have tested positive for equine infectious anemia, a viral disease that affects horses and other equines. The horses, 25 and 31 years old, were euthanized to prevent the spread of infection. (

If your horses are experiencing symptoms of "intermittent fever, depression, progressive weakness, weight loss, swelling and anemia" you would do well to have a Coggins Test performed.

While Bland Gains, Lebanon Loses

Alcoa Wheel announces another layoff:

Alcoa Wheel Products cutting jobs
Kathy Still, Bristol Herald-Courier Staff Writer

LEBANON – Thirty-two of Alcoa Wheel Products’ 180 workers will lose their jobs Friday.

The layoffs come amid a nationwide downturn in the automotive industry.Company officials said Wednesday that the aluminum car-wheel plant would drop one of its shifts.

It will keep two production shifts going. (link)

This is always unwelcome news.

Bland County On The Move

Bland County (Virginia) employment just took a big jump with this announcement:
2nd expansion at Bland Co. plant adds 30 jobs
Paul Dellinger, The Roanoke Times

ABB Inc., which makes transformers for manufacturing plants, hospitals, universities, the military and utilities, will invest $3 million in expanding its Bland County plant and add 30 jobs.

The new expansion will bring the number of employees to more than 400. (
Let it be noted that this was accomplished without the aid of our soon-to-be exloding tourism industry or the destruction of our old-growth forest to make way for a bike path.