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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hillsville Gets In On The Act

According to the Galax Gazette, Hillsville has a new hiking trail. It's called the Beaver Dam Trail.

No reason given - for the name or for the trail ...

On Children And Gun Deaths

Here's an interesting set of statistics (from "A False Safety," John R. Lott, The Washington Times) you won't hear any Democrat tout:
Accidental gun deaths among children are, fortunately, much rarer than most people believe. With 40 million children in the United States under the age of 10, there were just 20 accidental gun deaths in 2003, the latest year with data from the Centers for Disease Control. While guns get most of the attention, children are 41 times more likely to die from accidental suffocations, 32 times more likely to accidentally drown and 20 times more likely to die as a result of accidental fires. Looking at all children under 15, there were 56 accidental gun deaths in 2003-- still a fraction of the deaths resulting from these other accidents for only the younger children.

Given that there are over 90 million adults in America who own at least one gun, the overwhelming majority of gun owners must have been extremely careful ...

Despite the image of children firing these guns and killing themselves or other children, the typical person who accidentally fires a gun is an adult male, usually in his 20s. Accidental shooters overwhelmingly have problems with alcoholism and long criminal histories, particularly arrests for violent acts. They are also disproportionately involved in automobile crashes and are much more likely to have had their driver's licenses suspended or revoked.

Remember this next time you hear some Democrat - Hillary! - whine about "the slaughter taking place in our homes" and such drivel. Based on these stats, we should be far more concerned about registering and putting safety locks on pillows.

Democrats. Always Looking Out For You.

This must make the people of New Jersey so glad they voted Democratic in the last election:
Behind Standoff, a Struggle for Party Control
By Laura Mansnerus, The New York Times

TRENTON, July 5 — Much of New Jersey's government has come to a shrieking halt because of a dispute over how to spend a half-cent in sales tax, over a payroll tax that most voters do not even know they pay, and over proposals that would ordinarily slip through the budget committees without discussion.

Yet while the spoken lines in this expensive political theater are about tax policy, conversations in the wings of the State House tell a different story: that this protracted inability on the part of the Democratic Assembly speaker and the Democratic governor to reach a budget agreement is much more about control of the party. (
All you state employees who have been thrown out of work and you vacationers who had intended to spend some happy time at the Atlantic City slots must be pleased to know that the government shutdown isn't about taxes after all. It's an ego thing amongst Democrats.

Remember that next time you go to the polls.