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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Showcasing The Local Economy

Experts will tell you that tobacco is Virginia's number one cash crop. Those of us who live here in the mountains know better:

Pot patch found in Skeetrock area
Paula Tate, Editor, Coalfield Progress

Dickenson County sheriff’s investigators hauled in about 50 marijuana plants Monday afternoon, found in a wooded area at Skeetrock.

After receiving a tip about the patch’s location, investigators Scott Stanley and John Hall went in search of it. They found it about three quarters of a mile off the hard top. (
Marijuana farming is actually an excellent source of income in Southwest Virginia (I hear) and provides growers their own ancillary rewards. If you don't get 15 to 25 in the Bland Correctional Facility that is ...

I Want This Job

Since my early teen years, I've wanted to be a mammogramologist. Call it an uncontrollable urge. But if I can't do that, I think I could be pretty good at this:

New Wise county litter warden learns the ropes
Jodi Deal, Staff Writer, The Coalfield Progress

WISE — With the hiring of new litter warden Robert Mullins June 19, the Wise County litter control department doubled in size.

Litter Prevention and Recycling Coordinator Greg Cross was bursting with pride during a recent interview about his new, beefed-up force. Doubling the force will cut down on response time, allow the litter control office to be more effective and help with the implementation of new education and enforcement programs that are just on the horizon, he said. (
Wise County doesn't just have one litter police officer. It has a whole department. I'm not sure what that says about ...

Breaking News!

Higher gasoline prices expected
From Staff and Wire Reports, Richmond Times-Dispatch

We Know How To Deal With Lying Governors

Virginia readies electric chair
By Frank Green, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

Send This Thief To The Electric Chair Too!

Transit chief takes wheel
By Shaun Bishop, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

What's Up On Smith Mountain Lake?

Question: What's the big lure that draws NASCAR fans to Bristol?

Answer: Besides the great beer and large-breasted female spectators, it's a high-bank 1/2 mile track that's guaranteed to provide lots of accidents. And it's accidents that thrill the crowd (I don't want to hear from you purists, it's the accidents).

That being understood, should we set up a viewing stand and start charging admission to Smith Mountain Lake?

Two days, two more accidents:
Watercraft operators charged following 2 accidents at lake
Amanda Codispoti, The Roanoke Times

Charges are pending for a Salem man whose runabout collided with a bass boat Friday night on Smith Mountain Lake, said Lt. Karl Martin, a spokesman for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

Two passengers in the bass boat, a pregnant woman and a 9-year-old, suffered minor injuries and were treated and released from Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital, Martin said.

Game wardens also responded to an accident Saturday about 3 p.m. in which two personal watercraft collided near Smith Mountain Lake State Park. (
I shouldn't make light of this. People have actually been killed in horrific accidents on the lake this year. In any case, the authorities need to get a handle on this. A small lake, high-performance vehicles (and lots of 'em), along with the free flow of booze make for tragedy.

Either get it under control or provide helmets and roll cages to the participants and start charging admission to those driven by bloodlust.

Taxes Are Outrageous!

Here's why I like the Fair Tax:
Car tax increase drives debate
Many in Buena Vista say they can't afford the new rate, discovered when their bills were opened.
By Jay Conley, The Roanoke Times

BUENA VISTA -- A day after hundreds of residents appeared at a city council meeting to protest the city's new car tax rate, people came in a few at a time Friday afternoon to meet the deadline to pay their taxes.

Some were still mad from the night before and vowed to make their opinions known during the next council election.

Many of the city's approximately 6,500 residents weren't aware how dramatic the increase would be until late last month when they received their tax bills for the first half of the year.

"I just looked at it and, ooh, it was high," said Rebecca Bess, who with her husband had to pay hundreds of dollars more on the four cars they own.

Shannon Martinez said Friday that using the retail value caused her husband's truck to be valued $6,000 higher this year than last year. (

So what does Virginia's hated car tax have to do with the Fair Tax proposal? Because of federal withholding and the like, 99% of the people living in the USA today couldn't tell you how much they are paying in taxes each year. They, therefore, aren't complaining that 20% to 40% of their earnings are being confiscated by their government(s).

But when you go to buy a mid-sized car and be told you owe $7,000 in tax on it, payable now, you'll raise holy hell (you're paying it now; it's just hidden and dispersed).

You'll then be a whole lot more likely to see all those pitches made by slick politicians who come to you with dire warnings of crisis here and calamity there and tax increases needed to stave off certain disaster differently.

Setting The Boundaries

I made mention yesterday of the manner in which societies throughout history have maintained order by setting boundaries in their laws within which inhabitants must live their lives. You often hear in this day and age that "morality should not play a part in the law" when, in fact, morality has always played a vital role in establishing codes based on the interests - and fears - of citizens. There are laws against murder because killing innocents is bad. There are laws now defining marriage because, although our society is willing to tolerate homsexuality, homosexual behavior is deviant behavior and we will not endorse it.

And to further illustrate the distinctions made to our societal boundaries, there is this:
Virginia man gets 150 years for child porn
Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A Virginia man was sentenced to 150 years in prison for sexually exploiting minors and operating child pornography Web sites.

Gregory John Mitchel, who previously had been convicted of child pornography crimes, pleaded guilty in January to the production, distribution, sale and possession of child pornography. (

150 years. Is there a message being sent in that? I think so.

You don't want morality to be the foundation of the laws enacted in your state or your country? Try separating morality from the child porn issue. When you fail, everything else will then make sense.

Quote of the Day

Europeans have more sympathy with Iran's nuclear program than they do with Israel's attempts at self-defense. But, then, the only thing continental Europeans regret about the Holocaust is that they didn't get to finish the job. Even as Europe suffers its own attacks by Islamist terrorists, Europeans defend the selfsame terrorists against Israeli retribution.

Ralph Peters, "Tragedy of Errors," The New York Post, July 16, 2006 (link)