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Monday, August 07, 2006

A Great Question

The Richmond Times-Dispatch asks:

Why is it considered a bad thing when people have to pay more for some necessities, such as gasoline, housing, and food -- but a good thing when they are asked to pay more for other necessities, such as schools and roads? (link)
In response, a deafening silence ...

Where Looney Is The Order Of The Day

You gotta wonder what planet the people who write editorials for the Charleston (WV) Gazette live on. Here's today's evidence that they must be from planet Moonbeam. According to these geniuses, George Bush has done nothing for women's rights in either Iraq or Afghanistan. No, it's worse than that. He's set back women's rights in both countries.

First (in an editorial this morning entitled "Human Rights") on Iraq:

America's craving for Mideast oil causes Washington to ignore brutal mistreatment of women in several Muslim nations, argues the cover story in Ms. magazine’s summer issue, titled “Crude Awakening.”

Today, justifications for invading Iraq have vanished, but Washington still wants access to that nation’s giant oil reserves. Therefore, the White House isn’t disrupting Iraq’s social order.

Iraqi women wanted U.S. forces to support a women’s ministry, appoint women to help draft a new constitution, endorse laws to protect women’s rights and make domestic violence illegal. But while George W. Bush talks of “democracy” in Iraq, he routinely ignores pleas from Iraqi women ...

I suppose fault lies in these morons getting their historical data from Ms. magazine.

Still, if they read their own newspaper, they would know that the new Iraqi Constitution was in fact drafted with the active assistance and full participation of Iraqi women, and that it safeguards the rights of women in Iraq's society the likes of which the Muslim world has never seen before. This wasn't brought about by some evolutionary quirk of nature and in spite of our President's most dastardly efforts. It happened because George W. Bush and the 101st Airborne made it so.

And as for our President only "talking" of "democracy" in Iraq, were all those photos of women proudly holding up their purple thumbs after having voted for the first time in their lives actually pictures of Iraqi men in drag? Are these people smoking dope?

Then, more hilariously, there's this on Afghanistan:
Afghanistan is similar. “Violence against women and girls remains rampant, including domestic and sexual abuse and forced marriages ...” More than 300 girls’ schools have been burned or bombed. Nine of every 10 school-age girls do not even go to school in Afghanistan.
"America's craving for Mideast oil" causes George W. Bush to stand by and do nothing in a country that is not in the Mideast and has no oil. Brilliant.

And it's somehow Bush's fault that there are still remnants of the Taliban terrorist network operating in Afghanistan that are blowing up schools.

What these goofs choose to ignore is the fact that George W. Bush, unlike any leader in the history of the world, has overthrown a brutal Afghani political leadership that, for centuries, stoned women for making the capital mistake of being raped, beheaded women for having sex out of wedlock, and cut off the hands of women for stealing food.

This isn't even a matter of perspective. It's sheer stupidity.

What They're Learning In Michigan

We have a mass exodus of employers taking place in Southwest Virginia because the costs of doing business here are just too great. And while we try our best to ignore the problem, other states are now finding that they are in similar circumstances, and are planning accordingly. It is now dawning on economists in Michigan that the Wolverine State is right there with us:
New report faults tax on business
Gary Heinlein and Charlie Cain, Detroit News Lansing Bureau

LANSING -- Key Michigan business taxes are well above the national average and could serve as a detriment to job creation, according to a report from an economist hired by the Republican majority in the House and expected to be released today.

The taxes cited by Patrick Anderson, head of Lansing's Anderson Economic Group, include those on business income and property.

Anderson said the high levels are important because evidence suggests that reducing business taxes improves the economic performance of states. [my emphasis] (
Of course we have problems that Michigan doesn't. In addition to our having a less-than-well-educated work force and a faulty infrastructure here in Southwest Virginia, we face the added burden of being an economically depressed segment of an economically robust state of Virginia. So while we can legitimately claim the need for a reduction of business taxes here in order to attract new employers and to keep the few that remain, folks in Northern Virginia are clamoring for more state taxes in order to fix problems that are unique to that area, problems that have been brought about by staggering economic growth. We're Captain Billy Tyne and the Andrea Gale battling in a powerful sea of prosperity.

Anyway, what's happening in Michigan now that hard times are upon the citizenry there should provide a wake-up call to the powers that be here in Southwest Virginia. The race to recovery is on.

The NY Times Calls For War

The New York Times is calling this morning for the "international community" to go to war with Hezbollah and/or Israel in order to stop the fighting in southern Lebanon:
A Truce for Lebanon

It is now 26 days since Hezbollah and Israel began their latest combat — a very long time for the world to allow such a deadly conflict to rage in the Middle East powder keg. Yet the fighting still continues. Diplomats still dither over cease-fire details. Innocent people still keep dying.

Enough. This is the week that the international community must impose a truce, to be followed, in short order, by a political settlement and the dispatch of a robust international force to patrol Lebanon’s oft-violated border with Israel. [my emphasis] (
Of course, being muddleheaded like these people are, the editorialist calls for the imposition of a truce - which will only come at the point of a gun - and then cites as his or her weapon of choice two U.N. resolutions to which both sides in the conflict need to adhere.

I think, if that tactic was going to work, the Israelis would have used it themselves long ago.

Impose a truce with a handful of resolutions. Only at the New York Times.

History Will Judge

How will President George W. Bush be judged by history? Perhaps we know by this quote:

I am here by the blunders of the Democrats. If, instead of resolving that the war was a failure, they had resolved that I was a failure, and denounced me for not more vigorously prosecuting it, I should not have been reelected.

The author of this quote pursued a savage war that proved to be very unpopular until it was won; he was accused of ineptitude in the manner in which he led the country into war and for the blunders that therein occurred; of having ulterior motives for fighting the war; of undermining the civil liberties of American citizens because he imprisoned people without benefit of a trial; he was even accused of plotting to declare marshal law and of planning an overthrow of the government should he lose his bid for reelection.

And he was often accused of being stupid.

But history looks upon him rather favorably.

The author was Abraham Lincoln.