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Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Upcoming Blog Conference

I'm now officially registered for the Martinsville bloggers conference taking place at the end of the month. It looks like Alton has done a wonderful job putting the program together. It should be a hoot.

If anyone intends to buy rounds for those in attendance, I'll be at the Hampton looking for you.

Those of you who haven't committed to the conference yet, it's shaping up to be a great chance to meet and talk about all those who aren't there ...

Allen Comes To Bland, by God, Virginia

While Jim Webb is rumored to be campaigning in CALIFORNIA, his opponent Senator George Allen comes to little old Bland County, VIRGINIA:

Allen talks Bland progress, international concerns during visit
By Bill Archer, Bluefield Daily Telegraph

[George] Allen, 54, and six staff members traveled through southwestern Virginia Saturday with stops in Bluefield, Va., Bland and Galax for the “Poor Man’s Dinner” at the Fiddlers’ Convention. During his stop at the Bland Library, he received an update from Jonathan Sweet, county administrator.

Allen said it is vital for the U.S. to complete its mission in Iraq and learn from what happened after the U.S. pulled troops from Beruit in 1983 after the U.S. Marine Corps barracks bombing and later the situation in Mogadishu in 1993. He said the nation has to complete its mission in Iraq to maintain a strong foreign policy. (

Amen to that.

This visit was particularly well-received by the folks here in the county. As everyone here knows, Allen didn't need to worry about losing support in Bland County. After all, his West Coast opponent made history by receiving a total of one (1) vote in the county's 1st precinct in the Democratic primary a few months ago and nothing substantive has changed since then.

Jim Webb is hoping to double in November the number of votes he got here in the primary but, according to knowledgeable experts, based on the campaign he's conducted thus far he will be lucky to even reach the level previously achieved.

Klan Leader Gets Boost From MoveOn.org

KKK Grand Dragon Robert Byrd is getting support for his senate re-election campaign from the far-left:

GOP’s Raese activates ‘millionaire’s provision’
By Tom Searls, Charleston (WV) Gazette Staff writer

U.S. Sen. Robert C. Byrd, already far ahead in fundraising in his re-election race, will be able to collect triple what he previously could from donors, after opponent John Raese tripped the Federal Election Commission’s “millionaire’s provision” last week.

“We suppose this allows Byrd to go back and milk his MoveOn.org supporters,” Abernathy said.

The liberal-leaning group focused on helping Byrd raise campaign funds in 2005 after Republicans targeted him for his fierce opposition to the Iraq war. In one two-day period in April 2005, more than 19,000 supporters of MoveOn.org contributed more than $800,000 to Byrd. (
MoveOn.org is a "liberal-leaning group." Only in the Gazette.

This is an interesting twist considering the news that is resurfacing about George Soros, the daddy deeppockets of MoveOn.org, having ties to World War II era nazis and to the confiscation of homes and property belonging to Hungarian Jews who were concentration camp-bound in the 40's.

What we have here is an organization funded in large part by a man who willingly assisted those who sent millions of Jews to the gas chamber joining hands with those in West Virginia who were made famous by their common practice of lynching innocent black men at about the same time.

A match made in hell if there ever was one.

Singin' Our Song

In addition to his stopover in Bland County, Senator George Allen, campaigning for re-election, came to Wise County yesterday and made history. He was the first politician to visit Southwest Virginia in the 21st century who did not talk about tourism.

Allen spoke to an enthusiastic group there and (apparently) didn't offer up the standard blather office seekers are told by their handlers to spew when they make their obligatory visits to Virginia's infernal region.

In fact, Allen hit a home run with this:

Republicans join Allen on Norton visit
Kathy Still, Bristol Herald-Courier Staff Writer

NORTON – America must halt its dependency on foreign energy, and the region’s rich coal reserves can help break the habit, Sen. George Allen, R-Va., said on a visit Friday.

"We are the Saudi Arabia of the world in coal," he said during one of the final legs of his 11th Listening Tour.

"This region of Virginia is part of the solution, he said. (link)

The "Saudi Arabia of the world in coal." I'm not sure that means there's going to be a Rolls Royce in every garage but if advancements in coal technology result in a few more garages in Southwest Virginia, I'd be pleased.

And no mention of another bike trail ... I like this guy.

We Want Some Of This Action

There is one overwhelming reason - well, acually two - why Northern Virginia is so much more prosperous than is the rest of the state.

1) Tens of thousands of people living in Northern Virginia work for the government.

2) This:
Federal Pay: Myth and Realities
By Chris Edwards, The Washington Post

The Bureau of Economic Analysis released data this month showing that the average compensation for the 1.8 million federal civilian workers in 2005 was $106,579 -- exactly twice the average compensation paid in the U.S. private sector: $53,289. If you consider wages without benefits, the average federal civilian worker earned $71,114, 62 percent more than the average private-sector worker, who made $43,917.

... the federal civilian workforce has become an elite island of secure and highly paid workers, separated from the ocean of private-sector American workers who must compete in today's dynamic economy. (
By comparison, per capita income* in Lee County in 1999 (the last census was taken in 2000) was $13,625 with accompanying benefits being grossly substandard. Quite a difference. Yes?

What say we get our worthless congressman to pull some strings and have the Pentagon moved to Jonesville?

* I know. Per capita income is different from average wage. It's the nearest figure I had available to me.

You Don't Want Those Jobs? Send 'Em Here.

While we're on the subject, per capita income in Buena Vista, up in Rockbridge County, is $16,377, about 40% of that in Fairfax County. Which apparently is acceptable to the residents in the former. They prefer to drive off jobs rather than have more drivers in town:
Buena Vista mayor calls MeadWestvaco lawsuit 'frivolous'
By Jay Conley, The Roanoke Times

In a David versus Goliath-like legal battle, [MeadWestvaco,] the Fortune 500 company's $7 million lawsuit alleges city officials agreed to give the company industrial property, then backed out of the deal after the company had spent time and money on plans for the site. The lawsuit asks that Buena Vista pay MeadWestvaco for those costs plus future costs to develop a suitable site somewhere else.

[Buena Vista mayor Todd] Jones said it is true city officials welcomed MeadWestvaco in April 2005. But they had a change of heart when residents complained about the truck traffic and exhaust fumes the 600,000-square-foot facility -- about the size of four Super Wal-Marts -- would bring to the 6,500-population town. (

So how many jobs would MeadWestvaco have created in Buena Vista? How much tax revenue would the company have generated for the city? To what degree would they have contributed to the well-being of BV's social services network and its transportation infrastructure?

It doesn't matter. The people there prefer that their $16,377 per capita income remain just where it is ...

No Justice, No Peace!

What do you know. After all these years, I too can claim minority status. I'm left-handed:
For One Minority, a Bias That's Just So Not Right
By Bill O'Brian, Washington Post Staff Writer

Try opening a can of tuna with a manual can opener using your left hand -- your arms will be crossed, and you're likely to cut yourself on the lid. Try using a grapefruit knife with your left hand -- the blade's contour and serration will be backward until you adjust. Hold a measuring cup with your left hand -- the non-metric fractional amounts will be facing unhelpfully away from you.

Think: circular saws, drill presses, chain saws, surgical instruments, firearms and holsters. All designed primarily for righties. (
Yeah! Now I'm mad!

Think in particular about us lefties who use those semi-auto rifles that automatically eject shell casings after the weapon is fired, sometimes hot shell casings that ricochet off your forearm!

We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!

This is kinda cool. I'm now a repressed minority. I am lefty; hear me ... whine.