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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Quote Of The Day

Governor Mark Warner came into office complaining that his predecessor, Jim Gilmore, had not fully disclosed the sad state of the Commonwealth's finances. In his 2002 State of the Commonwealth address, Warner declared: "To ensure the Commonwealth's financial integrity, I will insist on honesty and openness in our budget process." How ironic, then, that Warner's budget chief, John Bennett, evidently kept almost everyone -- including the incoming Kaine administration -- in the dark for months about a $137-million accounting snafu in the school-funding formula. Let's hope the current administration proves more forthright.

Richmond Times-Dispatch Editorial, "In Brief," August 27, 2006 (link)

Quote Of The Day II

Over and over, white guilt turns the disparity in development between Israel and her neighbors into a case of Western bigotry. This despite the fact that Islamic extremism is the most explicit and dangerous expression of human bigotry since the Nazi era. Israel's historical contradiction, her torture, is to be a Western nation whose efforts to survive trap her in the moral mazes of white guilt. Its national defense will forever be white aggression.

But white guilt's most dangerous suppression is to keep from discussion the most conspicuous reality in the Middle East: that the Islamic world long ago fell out of history. Islamic extremism is the saber-rattling of an inferiority complex. America has done a good thing in launching democracy as a new ideal in this region. Here is the possibility--if still quite remote--for the Islamic world to seek power through contribution rather than through menace.

Shelby Steele, "Life And Death," The Wall Street Journal," August 27, 2006 (link)

Worlds Apart

This is what they do with $4 billion up in northern Virginia:
Kaine's Pick Is Said to Be Tunnel For Tysons
Campaign Backers Push Rail Choice
By Alec MacGillis, Washington Post Staff Writer

Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) is close to deciding in favor of building a Metrorail extension to Dulles International Airport below ground through Tysons Corner rather than on an elevated track, sources say, despite critics who say it could imperil the entire project.

With the announcement, expected in the next few days, tunnel supporters would have managed in less than a year to overhaul a $4 billion project that was to begin construction early next year with an elevated track. (
The article skips past the real reason for the move away from an elevated track through Tysons Corner (a heavily populated part of DC metro), saying "its extra cost and time would be worth it because it would benefit Tysons in the long run and cause less traffic disruption during construction." One can presume that the long-run benefit relates exclusively to aesthetics. Elevated trains (a la Chicago's "L") are ugly. So burying the track underground is ... beneficial.

What would $4 billion buy us here in Southwest Virginia where we are still suffering the centuries-old aftereffects of Hurricane Appalachia? We'll never know. Our political leadership feels it necessary to bury unsightly train tracks instead.

And you wonder why your legislators demanded $20 billion for "transportation needs" here in the commonwealth ...

But He Represents The New Democratic Party ...

The Democratic party is trying to clean up its act. A recognition of God's presence still won't be countenanced within the ranks but there is some small evidence of house-cleaning. Holocaust deniers are - for now - unwelcome:
Alabama Dems: Darby Not Welcome in Party
By The Associated Press

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) -- Democratic Party leaders want a former candidate for attorney general who denies the Holocaust occurred to stay out of their future primaries.

The party's executive committee passed a resolution Saturday informing Larry Darby that ''he is not welcome in the Alabama Democratic Party.''

Darby, the founder of the Atheist Law Center, responded by saying the vote shows that the state party's leadership is ''intellectually and morally bankrupt.'' (

It's worth noting, this character wasn't drummed out of the Democratic party for being an atheist. To them, that mindset is perfectly kosher. It was his view, one yet to be adopted by the party, that the Holocaust never really happened that got him in hot water (my view is that Darby just got out ahead of this bunch of leftist malcontents and social deviants and they'll soon catch up and welcome him back with open arms).

Interestingly, Darby is only one of a sizeable bag of nuts with such views in the party of Howard Dean. He may be gone but his ideas will live on ...

The Clock Strikes 11:59 ...

While the U.N. dithers, Iran moves one step closer to destroying the western world:
Iran Opens a Heavy-Water Reactor
By Michael Slackman, The New York Times

TEHRAN, Aug. 26 — Just days before it is supposed to suspend enrichment of uranium or face the prospect of sanctions, Iran continues to project an image of defiance and confidence.

On Saturday, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made a provocative, if symbolic, gesture by formally inaugurating a heavy-water reactor. The Iranians say the plant would be used for peaceful power generation. But nuclear experts note that heavy-water facilities are more useful for weapons because they produce lots of plutonium — the preferred ingredient for missile warheads. (
Time for another U.N. resolution ...

Hezballah Propaganda Machine Takes a Hit

I'm going to try mightily to not make light of this story. After all, five people were reported to have been injured so it wouldn't be cool. But by the same token, the fact that Israel took out one of its/our enemies' lines of communication is to be praised. The story:
Israeli Airstrike Hits Reuters Vehicle
By The Associated Press

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) -- Israeli aircraft fired two missiles early Sunday at an armored car belonging to the Reuters news agency, wounding five people, including two cameramen, Palestinian witnesses and hospital officials said.

The Israeli army said it did not realize the car's passengers were journalists and only attacked because the vehicle was driving in a suspicious manner near Israeli troops in the middle of a combat zone. (
Here's wishing a safe recovery for those who were injured in the attack.

That having been said, I wonder what Reuters' pals in Hezballah are going to do now for editorial support.