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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Time To Decide How Bad You Want It

My weekly Roanoke Times column is up (here). It has to do with the congressional race in the 9th district and whether or not Bill Carrico is going to let Rick Boucher define the terms of the debate or whether he plans on winning.

Quote Of The Day

It's fascinating to watch Anglo-American leftists (those champions of human rights and freedom) welcoming every Taliban attack and fantasizing of a Western defeat. But the rest of us deal with reality. And Afghanistan's reality is that things are going as well as any sane person could expect.

The get-Bush-and-Blair partisans who yearn for Afghanistan (and Iraq) to fail, no matter the human or strategic cost, impose impossible standards for success, then insist we're being defeated when their standards aren't met.

Ralph Peters, "Afghan Reality," The New York Post, August 31, 2006 (link)

And I've Got a Bridge In Brooklyn I'll Sell Ya ...

An "independent" group of partisan Democrats has determined that the balloting in Ohio in 2004 had a number of irregularities. Surprise, Surprise:
Ohio to Delay Destruction of Presidential Ballots
By Ian Urbina, The New York Times

With paper ballots from the 2004 presidential election in Ohio scheduled to be destroyed next week, the secretary of state in Columbus, under pressure from critics, said yesterday that he would move to delay the destruction at least for several months.

Since the election, questions have been raised about how votes were tallied in Ohio, a battleground state that helped deliver the election to President Bush over Senator John Kerry.

The critics, including an independent candidate for governor and a team of statisticians and lawyers, say preliminary results from their ballot inspections show signs of more widespread irregularities than previously known. (
Now why would these honorable and independent, intrepid and independent investigators be so worked up over an election that wasn't even close and has already been certified as having been handled properly? Could it have anything to do with the fact that the fella who was responsible for the process back then - a Republican - is running for governor today? Of course not:
The critics say their sole interest in the question is to improve the voting system.
Right ...

The Times reporter assumes, by the way, that you're too stupid to draw the right inference here so he does it for you:
The planned action of Mr. [Ken] Blackwell [to preserve the ballots], a Republican who is running for governor, and the threatened suit could draw attention to possible irregularities in the election that he supervised.
... and could paint Blackwell as being either incompetent or a crook.

How reprehensible.

All Things Considered ...

There seems to be some controversy brewing over at CBS - again. Apparently the Dan Rather network is catching some heat for photoshopping some tonnage off of the perky Katie Couric when they developed a photo of her for a magazine release. The story:
CBS magazine slims down Couric in photo
Yahoo! News

NEW YORK - No, Katie Couric didn't suddenly lose 20 pounds. The incoming "CBS Evening News" anchor appears significantly thinner in a network promotional magazine photo thanks to digital airbrushing.

The touched-up photo of Couric dressed in a striped business suit appears on the inside of the September issue of Watch! which is distributed at CBS stations and on American Airlines flights. (
I must admit, it's hard to get worked up over this. Once you've seen Katie's colon displayed in living color for all the world to see on morning television, any other visuals just don't register.

Cats, Cats, & More Cats

If you enjoy watching the antics of little kitties, you'll really enjoy these YouTube antics of ... little kitties.

The 8th Of November

Click here for a big and rich Big & Rich YouTube tribute to the 173rd Airborne Brigade. It brings back memories of a war too many have forgotten already.